Weed, Cannabis No Matter What Name Is Used It Still Stinks

Cannabis, weed, pot ,  I feel is one of the most addictive drugs and is made easy to use by our government. I have watched more people lives go down the toilette as the consume more and more of the pay cheques getting stoned on weed.  The social acceptability of this drug makes it more dangerous than any other.  Kids think it is cool an Canada even soften its laws to accommodate its use when jean Chretien then Prime Minister of Canada went on record stating that he agreed that the consequences of people smoking weed was not that great and that we should not be so hard on people who do it as long as they were not carrying it around in too large quantities, growing, or selling it. In other words it is almost legal to smoke  Cannabis, but it is still illegal to grow or sell it. Does this make any sense to anyone because it does not to me? Let us encourage a demand for a product then try to kill the supply and jail the supplier. Now this is a purely Canadian solution to worldwide problem. In a country the mimics the United States in every other issue, we have decided to get soft when it comes to the use of illegal drugs. (Zero tolerance in the United States).

Not addictive you say well tell that to the people that I know that smoke and claim not to really get high anymore; tell it to the people who can not get through the day without smoking a joint. I have heard all the arguments about its medicinal attributes and how it has a calming effect on some people in stressful conditions and all sorts of other benefits of smoking clean weed, or weed that has no additives, or that has not been sprayed with halucenagenic drugs.

 I can state for a fact that most of the weed is not straight out of the ground and has indeed been made stronger, people do not buy drugs that do not get them high and so organized crime gives it a little boost. Every once and a while things go bad and we get clean weed again. The pushers run around talking about having clean weed; now why do you think that they would need to do that if all weed was clean in the first place?

What I do not hear anymore is the bad side effects of smoking weed, or cannabis over a prolonged period of time, like memory loss for example. the progressive nature of the drug. Weed is usually the 1st step, or an introduction if you will into the world of drugs, alcohol and all of the horrors and penalties for people and represents far more than a good feeling and being in a nice place. 

I think that the use of Cannabis should be talked about truthfully and that it should not be glorified and the effects after taking it marginalized by our government.  Memory loss, dependency, paranoia and mood swings are nothing to laugh at.  Did you know that smoking one joint of weed is the same as smoking 5 cigars? How about that take it to reduce the pain and effects of kemmo therapy, but smoke it and get cancer quicker? One cause , one medical benefit all in the same drug. People walking around in the fog seeing the world through a drug induced state is not my idea of a healthy Canadians.

 I married a girl who used weed casually then stopped smoking for me. After the wedding she started smoking again. This woman in the end smoked all day long and was never sober again. The girl I married was lost to smoke and never to be seen again, without being under the influence of Cannabis.  There were times when money was short, but we had to make sure she hade her ounce a month, her 28 grams, her gram a day no matter what.  Then grass got very expensive, but we had to keep getting it and she felt nervous and anxious if she did not have it. 

The problem is the woman did not think and still to this day does not think she has a problem.   People like her and there are many, putting Cannabis in the family budget at $200 and ounce for the good stuff does not represent a problem. People on welfare are buying it and smoking it because it is the cheaper of the highs in the long run, but they can ill afford this high either, but no one says anything because it is socially acceptable. They will fore go new clothes, vacations and a nicer place to live as long as they can smoke their weed. If this is not addiction what is and why has Cannabis been allowed to slip under the radar of drugs that will ruin your life.  When is the last time you heard of a program to treat weed addiction. 

 You can smell as you walk by schools a recess, lunch, or stand by bus stops where the congregate, but no one moves to end the practice. you can smell it being smoked as you are walking into all metros and not one person complains. At shows, outside of night clubs and all along the routes to parades you can smell people smoking weed and the police do nothing, because the use of this illegal drug has been marginalized by the law of this country to the point where it is not worth the hassle by police to arrest these people.

Cannabis is regarded as such a cool drug that along with a alcohol and a cigarette, a joint is considered safe and okay for children and parents to share. I have seen it done in all types of home from the rich to the poor and in the homes of just about every nationality.

 I think we have done a disservice to our children, ourselves and our country by making it seem that Cannabis is okay and that it is not really that addictive, or bad for you to use. I think that we have made a niche for it in our Canadian society, like it was a specialty food, or something. I think that in this case our need to stop the overcrowding in our jails and put and end to the backlog in the courts that we have made a mistake when we decriminalize the use of weed.  Try being the parent who tells their child not to smoke weed when the Canadian government tells them that they will only have to pay a fine for having it as long as they are not carrying it in quantities that are considered selling amount.  In my humle opinion Prime minister Chretien and all the other politicians that voted in favor of this law must have been smoking Cannabis when they thought of this law and when they passed it.

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    • archemdis says:

      Not trying to call anyone to the carpet here except the people and politicians I think are being irresponsible in their message to Canadians about the long term effects of using weed. I think that it is too often spoken of as a healing drug, a plant given to us by God in some cultures to be consumed. If getting high on drugs is your thing, continue to get high. I am just saying keep it in mind, that there are serious consequences attached to smoking weed. Have a nice night and thank you for taking the time to acknowlege that you read the post.


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