No Bottomless Aid Cup For Haiti

What is about Haiti that was not worth the extension the extra time, money, or effort by the Canadian government to help put that country back on its feet after all of the destruction that it faced through no fault of its own? Haiti was hit by debilitating natural disaster after disaster and no matter who was doing asking, or pleading   for it Prime Minister Harper said no our committment had been realized and we were pulling out?  Why does only the our committment to war and destruction  get this any time, any where, any cost,  just ask us, approach for everything?

I just do not get it how we can justify our committment to one and deny it to another. What is the criteria that makes it an all out necessity for us to by fighter jets and help rebuild war-torn Afghanistan, train their military for years and our commitment to help countries ravished by nature less important. Could it be that we are once again complying the request of The United States and their need to do something positive in Afghanistan and have once again allowed ourselves to be the vehicle by which the United States can remedy their total flattening and destruction of this country and its people? The United States has no priority in the Haiti situation, so Canada has had to shift its focus and commitment to where the United States of America can best utilize our military and financial resources.

Over and over again it is becoming clear that Canadian politicians are adopting an anti help policy when dealing with aid to 3rd world countries such as Haiti.  The Canadian government gets itself into the news claiming to be  helping a third world country in trouble, promises to help rebuild and give financial assistance and even does a little of it, but keeps the level of commitment down to the barest minimum which is good for a couple of photo opts as in the case of Haiti. Then it only promises to match the donations raised by the Canadian people as if that money is not the tax payers as well. This action really forces the Canadian people to come up with the money out of their pockets twice, at a time when all Canadians were already feeling the burden of this economic crisis we are still in.  Only matching those donations, says that if no one from the public sector can or will donate Haiti is on their own and giving the army a 6 week time limit to repair and put the country’s infrastructure back in place, says we do not care if you get on your feet we just care about looking like we ar doing the right thing.

 At the end of the 6 weeks what happened despite the pleading of the people of Haiti, the government of Haiti and the United Nations, Canada says too bad , sorry we did what we could for you and the rest lies in your hands.  What amounts to an all out pull out of Canadian army personnel and equipment takes place and we begin to publicly pat ourselves on the back and claim to still be there and that the rest of the world is telling a lie if they say anything different.

The government is not stingy when it comes to thanking the Canadians people for all that they have done and praising the ordinary Canadians, as we the voters are called, for our  effort in helping to put Haiti back on its feet.  In this way we the Canadians fall into step with our government and feel satisfied that we have done all we can as a country and as individuals and are less likely to make a fuss that the job was left for the most part undone.

I did however come across some thought-provoking, mean-spirited, racist  comments, where 9 out of ten people and I use the word people lightly, made comments like, 

AMork 2:59 PM on January 11, 2011

The people there need to learn to help themselves. As of now they are still like the rest of them in Affrecka that demand the rest of the world do everything for them and it is a right that everything be given to them.

 Don the Man! 11:44 AM on January 11, 2011

Maybe she’s related to some of the corrupt politicians who took the cash to rebuild. Needs her share now.

Jimme Brown 11:17 AM on January 11, 2011

If she wants to help them. She can stay there and get her hands dirty by rebuilding see how she was never Canadian anyways.

Edmon Ton 11:37 AM on January 11, 2011

Does Haiti really need her visit?

First an earthquake, then a cholera outbreak and now it looks like a parasite infestation will be the next misfortune to befall Haiti.

Doesn’t Canada have a policy in place for the expulsion of “refugees” of convenience who return to the homeland that they are supposed to be seeking refuge from?

Well there you have it, I think that these people have answered my question for me. They represent 9 out of ten comments on the subject in a Calgary paper. All of you who told me I was just being paranoid when I talked about our new immigration laws and the harm they will do, do you wish to rethink your position?  All of you who said that Canada welcomes it refugees and that the prejudices in Canada were not as bad in the rest of the world do you wish to reconsider your position? All of you who think that any Canadian is welcome in any province of this country and can live and work in peace no matter their religion, race, color or country of origin, do you wish to reconsider your opinion?

I think that Canada has become a snob when it comes to economics, foreign aid, trade in general and matters of world safety. We have moved from a country that used to ask what can we do to help you; to a country that asks, if we help you what can you do for us and if your answer is nothing then we ask, how can you repay us and how long will it take for you to do so. Sometimes we act like the mob and say we will do this for you, but know that you will be called upon to do us a small favor in the future and we will expect you to do it without hesitation and without question. nothing much, let us use your air space to bomb our enemies, your neighbors. Give us your fresh water rights.

When the world and Canada looks at third world countries and the sad state of their affairs it is easy to forget their part in making those countries what they are. In most cases the countries were raped  pillaged and plundered by the countries that are now being asked to support them. In Haiti and Africa and most of the Third World it is the need to enslave people to get ahead in their own countries  for Europe and the United States that made these impoverished nations. Europe and the United States grew fat and rich, off of forced labor, free labor and the selling of people for over three hundred years, denying people even the basic of human rights like an education and now they are asked why can’t they take care of themselves. Taking every resource that these countries had is another way that these greedy nations are responsible for what is going on over there, above and beyond the horrific tragedies of mother nature.

It saddened me deeply that in Canada in this day and age would be capable still of such a show of hatred and loathing for other Canadians and other races around the world. Once again the Canadian government shows that racist comments and actions and the total denial of the tragedies that were inflicted on a people, can and will be tolerated against certain races and not on others. It is small wonder then that certain countries have a bottomless cup when it comes to aid and others do not.

To the Canadians that gave from their hearts and you were many, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. To the people who made those rather vicious, hateful statements understand that you are the people who divide this nation and make it look dirty. People of color, muslims and many other not like you will continue to come to Canada and settle in your provinces and in your communities, no matter what you do to them and no matter how you threaten them. You can not escape this and remain in Canada and they will not go away. They will be your neighbors and as their numbers grow they will indeed want to help their love ones form their home land, much like your ancestors wanted to do and did when they immigrated here, bringing over more and more of your families until you were the majority of the population.   Try not to be so quick to say who is Canadian and who is not your family roots definitely can be traced to another land. None of us were originally from here, so stop being so high and mighty.

Perhaps we should all go back to where we come from and leave this country to its orignal inhabitants. I think they would be glad to see us go and take all of our prejudices, greed and cruelty with us. Our ignorance of nature and our desire to destroy our own planet probably sickens them. We are all immigrants and peoples of once impoverished nations at one time, or another during the course of history. That is why some of us sailed the seas looking for what belonged to others and when they would not give us what we wanted, we took it from them and made them the Third World Countries that they are today.

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