Where Are All Of Our Canadian States Persons Hiding?

 Definitions of States Person

1. A person who is a leader in national or international affairs.

2. A person political leader regarded as a disinterested promoter of the public good

3. A states person is someone who can work with others toward the common good.

When the world of politics and the world of international affairs was an all male domain we had statesmen, but in today’s world we must say states person, so it is this light that I will refer to these individuals as states persons, or to the lack of these persons in our Canadian society and indeed the world. 

In the 1st definition of a states person: A person who is a leader in national, or international affairs. I think we have people who are knowledgable , in national and international affairs, but are not leaders in national and international affairs and there fore fail the test of states persons. Our politicians seem to want to adopt the laws, the ways and leadership of other countries and their leaders and their states persons. Our national defense, economic strategy, health care system are all based, or changing to reflect what other world leaders have decided works in their countries and how it would be best for us to adopt and become more like them.

Our leaders have stopped doing their own learning and deciding. Our leaders make decisions for the most part based on the decisions of other  world leaders.  Their successes, or failures,  their knowledge and statistics, determine our policies and the way we live, work and play. Adopting Australia’s immigration strategy is one example and moving to a 2 tier medical care system; one for the rich and one for the poor is another.  This makes us merely knowledgable in the way other people do things and not what is good for us in terms of dealing with our own unique circumstances, nor in how they work in conjunction with the rest of the world. This does not make our politicians states persons, it make them followers.

In the 2nd definition: A person, or a  political leader regarded as a disinterested promoter of the public good; I think that not one politician in Canada fits the criteria and not one can  even remotely be considered a states person. In every decision taken by Canadian politicians there is only the political gain of the party, or the leader that is important.  All sides in every issue could careless what is good for Canada, or Canadians and are hell-bent in doing what will get them elected, or reelected. The banks gouge us with charges that do not make sense, but no one in government does anything. Gas prices and heating prices are through the roof with more and more Canadians not being able to afford to keep warm, or drive their cars and no one in government does anything. There is a shortage of affordable housing in this country and no one does anything. People are dying in the waiting rooms of hospitals and no one in government  does anything. Increases to your pay have been halted for the time being, but rents, food prices, bus passes and just about everything else you need to survive have sky rocketed and no one in government does anything. All these things none of our politicians do anything about, because they do not want to lose their political financiers, their political machine. The people who hold you down and say that they can not afford to pay you more are the governments financiers.  Canadian politicians watch your children go to bed hungry; watch as people sleep in the streets in the dead of winter, watch as the sick die in hospital waiting rooms, or waiting for life saving operations, just to name a few,  because the climate is not politically correct to do anything about them. This inability to pu the Canadian people and Canada first in my opinion makes the Canadian politician fail the states person test as stated in the 2nd definition.

 Now in the 3rd and final definition of a states person: A states person is someone who can work with others toward the common good. I think we need look no further than our own House of Commons, committee discussions and senate to know that we have failed terribly when it comes to the states man test. When our politicians behave so badly that our children can not sit in on a debate, or that the rules of democracy are so twisted out of shape that we appear anything but democratic speaks volumes. When our politicians have failed so badly at the first two definitions how could they possibly be seen as being able to work together for the common good.  When our politicians seem more interested in who other politicians are having coffee with and spend most of their time trying to find dirt on the other politicians instead of working to make Canada a better place for all Canadians, I think that they fail the states person test as stated in definition three.

Now unless we have redefined Statesman, or states person, I will ask again where are all the Canadian state persons hiding?

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