We Honor And Praise Them But We Refuse To Learn From Them

Peace on earth for the conservation of man

Amnesty International

Nobel Peace Prize







Nelson Mandela

We love the peaceful leaders of the world like Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Nelson Mandela, Gandhi,  Martin Luther King Junior, and Lech Walesa, who advocated change without violence and showed us it was possible to win the war against oppression and tyranny. We love these leaders who spoke of no vengeance and retribution for the oppression and crimes against humanity that was suffered. The same leaders who spoke against becoming the oppressor now that you have the power and to forgive is to begin to heal.  We bring them before our government and have them speak; we seek their advice; we heap honors and prizes on them and hold them up as shining beacons on how to lead and live. When we are finished listening to them and praising their efforts we go out and drop bombs, oppress and occupy and commit crimes against humanity in what we call an effort to make the world a better place. Does this make sense to you?

Brother Andre

We love our Mother Teresa, our Pope John Paul the 2nd, our Brother André and call them great humanitarians for their selfless tireless dedication to the betterment of all mankind. We love the way they go about working to make the world a better place without looking for praise , with no strings attached. We make them saints and we say this is the way to practice your love of God. We say this is the way to bring people into the church and to show them that truly our God loves everyone.  Again we heap accolades on them; we have them give speeches and invite them to peak to our people in massive events, but it is all for not.  At the same time the government is praising these peoples work it is busy cutting foreign aid; it is busy putting embargos, and sanctions on any country it feels is a, “threat to world peace“, which more often than not means it refuses to knuckle under and let us tell them what to do. This means that innocent people go without food, water  and medical supplies, not exactly following in the footsteps of our heroes.

Mother Teresa

Then we have the church itself which seems to be plagued with a scandal every other day. Pedophilia, child abuse and the refusal, or  the lack of will to remove these priests and nuns who commit these crimes, is not in the way of their spiritual leaders who the hold in such high esteem. The promotion of these child rapist, the transferring of these criminals to other churches instead of their removal, does little to bring people into the church; the out right denial that the crimes were being committed and the putting of the accusers through al of the trials and the reliving of the horrors when we know they were telling the truth, just to keep the church in a good light was no way to represent the truth and the glory of God, but this is who we are.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu

We are hypocrites and not very nice people at all. We are a people consumed by  things. Things like power, wealth, land. We are consumed with what we envision as progress, democracy and our way of life. So consumed are we that we do not care what we have to do to get these things, how it affects the planet, or who has to be walked on to make it happen. the air that we breathe is getting worse, species of animals are going extinct due to loss of habitat and we soldier on making more cars, building bigger plants and dumping more raw sewage into water. The spilling of oil, the allowing of  companies like Halliburton to contaminate the ground water and just destroying the planet with reckless abandonment makes us crazy. All this goes on while we pretend to care by holding summits costing in the billions of dollars.

Pope John Paul 2nd

At the same time we are having all of these meeting for world peace and talking about making the world a better place for everyone we tighten up our borders and use our immigration laws in a way as to not help refugees, but instead pick and choose who gets to enter our countries based on what we need, be it taxi drivers, maids, doctors, or other professionals.  We try to weed out the non-Christian, because we are afraid that they will breed and increase their religions membership in our country and that some how our religion will slip from its place of dominance that in now enjoys in our culture.  It is as if we feel that population is the key to Christianity and not the religions values and track record that counts. 


 We try to make immigration as a refugee next to impossible for muslims, because we have labeled anyone practicing in that faith a terrorist and we use the threat of danger from within to keep them out. None of these actions even remotely follows the example of the champions of our faith or of our god’s words. We are trapped in a never-ending pursuit of  looking for more.

Martin Luther King Jr.

It is any wonder that half of the world is confused by our message and we of theirs. No one with authority is telling the truth. No one in a position to affect change for the betterment of mankind, or the planet is interested in peace, a healthier cleaner environment, or helping out those less fortunate than themselves unless there is a profit in cash in it for them, because just making the world a better place is not part of the way we think anymore.  




Lech Walesa

The time for G20 and G8 summits has long past, because they are ineffective and costly. We do not practice what we preach so acting collectively does not work.  Considering the staggering cost of the G8 and G20 Summits hosted by  Canada, could we not concede that this money could have been spent more effectively solving problems on the ground instead of yet another round of talks that ended with a promise to meet again and discuss the matters some more. no concrete solutions and ways to deal with increasing problems are ever achieved at these meetings, so why bother?

John Lennon

Some people think that you have to be a heavy weight to do your part for world peace, or tear down some one else who is trying, but not me. I think it is time to stop dreaming and talking about it and start doing it. The realist seeing it not possible without the use of force and think of us that do see it as  unrealistic. They point to terrorism as an example of why it can not be and say that as long as there are people committing these acts we must crush them with all of our combined efforts and  with all of our means.  I say however that the world is in this sorry state because of force and the use of military power.

Liu Xiaobo

I say the powerful nations have made the need, or opening for terrorist and that terrorism. Terrorism is what the powerful nations of the world do best. We have mirror imaged this situation and now call anyone who fights back in kind, with all that they have terrorists. We invade and we bomb, we murder and occupy peoples lands and get angry when they fight back with home-made bombs, or attack us on our home soil. We are the poster children for double standards and this is what makes any dream of world peace just a dream and that dream unable to move to the next step which would be reality. We could start to feed the hungry, provide fresh water to the thirsty, and provide medical care to the sick and dying instead of building bombs and buying bigger jets, but I guess I am not being realistic again and falling back into a dream. 

Barack Obama

 We might be taken seriously if we would do ourselves what we ask others to do. The rest of the other countries might listen to us, if we could be seen as able to make the sacrifices that we ask others to make. Leading by example instead of blockade. Dealing with our own need to keep weapons of mass destruction to use as a deterrent; working seriously on  clean air and water regulations in our own country instead of passing laws exempting certain companies from penalties for violating existing laws may help to show that we mean to change our polluting ways. We could extend religious freedom as a right to all instead of a favor granted by us to some religions, to be taken away at our discretion.  We could lead by example and stop letting our fear of everything stand in the way of peace. None of this is possible however when the world we live in sees profit, world domination and Christianity as its priorities to be achieved by any violent means necessary.  If we the powerful nations do not have faith in our dreams for world peace and a peaceful solution to world problems why should the weak and oppressed nations believe in it?

Marrtti Ahtisaari

Mohamed ElBaradei

Leo Tolstroy






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