Homophobia, Canada And The Closet

I find that since gays have come out of the closet, that people in general have become more homophobic. I guess while they remained in the closet we as society felt safe in the fact that we were doing them a favor by allowing them to exist at all. Their behavior is shunned in a lot of countries. Most religions are not  accepting of them in fact use  some pretty strong language and punishment for those to be found gay is almost always isolation and removal of the person; a religious shunning and they have not changed one iota.  Other countries where the gays are not picked on, or bullied do not extend the rights of a married couple to  same-sex couples, because for the most part gays are  not allowed to exist in the open.  When one is trying to blend with the shadows and pretend you do not exist it becomes difficult to ask for anything.  Now out of the closet homosexuals want things that we as heterosexuals feel are rights exclusively for us and we do not like it one bit.

They want the right to marry  and some even want to do it in the  Christian church before God and to have Gods blessing and we as Christians take the stance  that God said that the main purpose of taking a spouse is to go forth and multiply and that the union of two gay people that for obvious reasons could not do that, would violate God’s wishes.  The Christian faith it is said states that God gave Eve to Adam and not Adam to Andre, or Eve to Yvette and if God had wanted gay marriage he could have done so, as the Creator has seen fit to do in other species. Christians claim that they do not object to the union, or marriage of Gays but they will not sanction it in their church, or alter what they believe God wants. Most practicing Christians feel that gays should be married outside of the church,  by the justice of the peace and thereby not violate the sanctity of their church.  (It is interesting to me how most sex crimes committed by the christian clergy are of a same-sex nature.)

On the surface this looks like not a bad plan to have all gays be able to be married by the justice of the peace, if all they are  seeking is the same legal rights as the heterosexual, but in many instances and in my opinion this is not all that the gay couple wants. Most gays want to be seen as loved by their God and their relationships accepted in society as normal behavior, as opposed to a sickness they have, or something to be tolerated within certain guidelines. So in essence  they were born gay not chose to be gay and that there is no mistake that happened that made them gay; God made them gay and if the Creator is as responsible for them being gay as the Creator is for the heterosexual being heterosexual, why would God not give their union blessing? Most gays are brought up in the Christian faith. This is a result of the strict laws of other countries and other religions forbidding their very existence. Many gays from other religions convert to Christianity, because the Christian society is supposed to be more tolerant. We have gay ministers and in our society and people are supposed to be equal. They think that finally they will be free and will be accepted as human beings and not some flawed sub species and it almost works, until they say, ” Will you marry us”. 

I do not profess to know what God wants, or thinks, but I know what I think is right and I do not think that gay people are sick, I think they are just gay. I think that Christians hide behind God when dealing with this issue because it allows them to justify their fear of something that is different from them as they do in issues concerning race, other cultures and even other religions. In God the Christian can say it is not me I would be all for it, but the bible says no; only the bible does not say that at all until man puts his own spin on God’s words. In other words Christians are saying in the end that, “It is not us it is the big guy”. 

I think we as heterosexuals become wrapped up in the idea that we do not want our children becoming gay, or catching that gay disease and that somehow if we allow this unholy joining in our churches that our children will become gay over night. We will be no grandchildren and soon the only way to have children once the world turns gay will be to clone them, or something as ridiculous as that. We are afraid that any action that is not anti gay will lead to our heterosexual way of life being wiped out. It is from this Christian springboard that we leap to all other conclusions and deny gays and same-sex couples all of the rights guaranteed under the   law to heterosexuals and this in my way of thinking is wrong.

I have watched the gay parade in a few cities and must say that the behavior of some of these people and their lack of attire did not impress me. They bill it as a family event not an X-rated spectacle, so I think they could show a little respect and intelligence for the children in their audience and dress appropriately. This event as far as I have seen does little to showcase the positive things, but tends to support the theory that gays are reckless and irresponsible. I feel the every day gay person for the most part is over shadowed by a group of exhibitionists, who choose to showcase how crude and rude they can be as if that symbolizes pride for what you are.  This type of spectacle does little to change and already biased, negative, stereotypical ideology concerning what it is to be gay. I think that it would be in the best interest of the gay cause to tone it down and show a little responsiblity in how much you take off and are exposing to the children.

I was molested by a male when I was just a little boy and it did not turn me gay in fact it made me homophobic for a long time. Being molested by a man left me not being able to enjoy certain type of sex, not craving it. I was also sexually molested by more than one adult woman when I was a child, it made me shy and withdrawn when around them, but it did not force me into the arms of a man. What I am trying to say is that I do not think for the most part sexual orientation is something that is caused, or something that is caught like a cold, or from being in contact with a gay person, or is developed from a rape, or some other experience. I think that you are born that way for the most part and that gays have about as much choice in it as you do about being born male, or female, none. Some events may bring who they are to the surface and to their attention a little quicker, but they were always who they were. 

  Another issue out there is should same-sex partners be allowed to adopt children and is this a healthy environment to raise children in. For years we have speculated that the gay person would somehow pass on their gay tendencies, or would somehow try to convert the children in their care to homosexuality and not allow the child to choose freely and I say that is so much trash talk, founded in fear not reality. A fear based on how we  ourselves behave when explaining homosexuality with our children.  Like in anything else there is good and bad, but no more or less in the same-sex household than any other. When we deny them this right we say that they are not normal. Why should they not be able to say that whatever choice that their child makes will be fine with them? What is the harm in telling their children that being gay is nothing to be ashamed about? Why is it a mortal sin to tell your children that you will love them no matter what choice of sexual orientation they choose?  Why must they follow the heterosexual doctrine of deny it, or  tell their children that it is not normal to be gay? I bet more heterosexuals are guilty of influencing their children one way over the other than a same-sex couple , who have been given a chance to raise children.

In closing I would just like to say that I think that all people deserve to be happy. the church is being hypocritical in its message and the government is no better.  As governments become more based in religion and move to do Gods bidding instead of its peoples, I wonder where any of the minorities will fit in. Our Canadian government advocates equal rights for all Canadians, but is now saying that Canada is a Judaeo Christian nation. What does that say for those who do not practice as we do?  While it does not openly oppose gay marriage Canada has made it as difficult for gays and same-sex  couples to get their rights to inheritance and everything else that heterosexual couples and heterosexuals enjoy. I think this is wrong, I think that this needs to be changed and I think the Canadian government needs to get its head out of the sand and commit more than words to equal rights for all Canadians.

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