King Harper’s Five Year Reign Of Terror

If I were Prime Minister Steven Harper I would have stayed away from giving interviews and hoped that the Canadian people would have forgotten at least some of the problems, scandals , lack of transparency, stupid spending, my putting in political allies into the senate, a senate that I claim to want to abolish and  the  unprecedented social cuts that my government is responsible for, but alas the man who would be king could not resist taking a cheap shot at the opposition parties ( A trait that is quickly becoming his legacy) and so it was off to tv land for King Steven. Now the fact that he is not very charismatic, or that he comes off sounding as phony as a $3 bill does not deter Stephen Harper one bit. He has to get his party message out there and it goes like this, “It wasn’t me”.   If you have accomplished nothing positive, or good for Canadians in the five years that you have been in power then you can not toot your own party horn, so you must resort to personal attacks on your opponents. If you have no new ideas on how best to govern Canada except to say we will be our neighbors to the south ( The Americans), to see what they are going to do and of course we will be working with them closely and doing as they do then of course all you can do is run your attack ads and hope for the best. If the Harper government has no idea in which direction the country should be going until it hears from Washington then of course the Prime Minister would get on tv and say nothing about how intends to lead Canada in the future, or what direction would be best for all Canadians; Prime Minister harper is not being coy, Prime Minister Harper does not know because the Americans have not told him yet. 

Staged for perfection, but lacks the warmth of a family at Christmas time

I found his demeanor to be as staged as his family Christmas card and his words devoid of compassion and sounding rehearsed, read, but not felt. He has been since the time of his first campaign been seen as a man devoid of compassion.  A man driven by a lust to hold power, but with no empathy for the people who he is supposed to represent and want to help. They say that his image had to be remade to make him look like he is a warm human being, but it did not work. Stephen Harper looks stressed when he is around children, seniors or is doing anything that normal people find fun. His lack of compassion shines through his mask and shows his contempt for the poor, aged and suffering. He sings at his party functions and he plays the piano; the words are perfect the piano is played well, but his voice shows that he has no feeling for what he is singing there is no emotional content, because the man does not know how to show his feelings. A leopard can not change its spots and neither can he be what he is not.

Stephen Harper has talked a lot, but done nothing of any good for Canada, or Canadians, let us review his record.

  1. Harper was no sooner elected when he  settled the soft wood lumber dispute which we won legally with the United States for less than we were awarded by the court. Called it a great deal for Canada and Canadians.
  2. Harper said he would make government smaller, but his cabinet is actually bigger than the Liberals.
  3. Harper said he would be transparent and have and open government, but Harper has refused to hand over documents when it comes to just about everything and stamps what he does not want learned as classified.
  4. Harper said he would not waste tax payer dollars, but we had the G8 and the G20 which are considered 2 of the most wasteful spending ever to befall the Canadian tax payer to the tune of billions of dollars for Photo opportunities, fake lakes. Were you surprised when he refused to alow Sheila Fraser to audit the government? I was not in the least. It was just another example of the Harper government‘s double standard way of doing things and proof that they are always hiding something, or feel the need to hide something from the Canadian people. 
  5. Harper started to get rid of the GST, but reversed his thinking and we are now paying more in taxes when the GST and PST are combined.
  6. Harper has chosen to give big tax cuts to companies and banks, it is Christmas for big Corporations and the Canadian tax payer is footing the bill.
  7. Harper has prorogued parliament three times in three years and twice within one year,  Prime Minister Harper took this extraordinary step to muzzle Parliament. This proves to me how little he values democracy and how despotic and what an egomaniac he is.
  8.  Padding the ridings of his failing MPs with expensive gifts that had nothing to do with either summit and refusing to answer for it has become the harper way.
  9. Harper has followed the United States down the bully path and has made Canada one of the most laughed at and disrespected countries in the world. Our track record for peaceful solutions fairness and our humanitarian efforts is so low that we lost our bid to be on the United Nations Security Council  something that had never happened before. Our response was  the same response the United States gives when being rejected by the United Nation, or is berated by them and that is, ” The United Nations is obsolete and over run with nations, who are not working for peaceful solutions”.
  10. Harper has promised if elected again we are in for more of the same kind of leadership. In his talk to the canadian people this was the only hint of what he has planned in the future for Canada. I don’t know about you, but more of the same frightens the hell out of me.  

Boss it would help if I could give this to the people of my riding

Stephen Harper becomes worse than any other Prime Minister we have ever had, because he really wants to be in charge, in control and feel important, more than he wants what is good for Canada. Harper has no sense of honor, fair play, or loyalty when it comes his party, or cabinet, opposition parties. This sense of being the all-powerful spiteful leader shows up in his dealings with  non elected government staff, arms length corporations,  or social aid foreign, or domestic; he will turn on everyone and everything save one, the United States of America to whom he has proven time after time that he is an obedient and loyal figure-head. In no other time in Canadian history has any Prime Minister of Canada gotten so close to the United States and allowed American policy and decision-making determine what we need to do in this country.  Washington is now determining what is good for Canada and what is in our best interest and that is not a good scenario. The United States is driven by profit and profit only and Canada up to now had a soul and cared about the state of its people and that of the people of the world.

Who really made this choice?

There is not one decision, not one law, not one piece of policy that has come out of  the federal government since Harper took power that does not take into consideration how the United States will feel about it, or  how it will impact the United States and Canada relations.  We have gone from being a good neighbor with their own family that comes first, to a child in their family that must do what we are told, or else we will be punished, or kicked out  to fend for ourselves; this idea seems to terrify Stephen Harper and so we follow the United States into war, we cut back on our foreign aid, we shrug off the need for conservation and protection of the planets air and fresh water supply, we deny proven science and we push for an American right,( the right to bear arms ). Stephen Harper calls it ridding the country of the gun registry, but I say it is just another attempt to be like the United States of America.

Watch out King Stephen, Americans play rough

Stephen Harper has even sold out Medic Care and our minimum wage in an effort to bring our country in line and minimize the stresses that Canadian benefits put on the United States ability to compete on the world stage. The United States has said  and still says it cannot afford to give benefits to its workers and keep its competitive edge and has asked several Prime Ministers in the past to short change our people in order to save the United states from losing its advantage it has gained on the world market by denying its workers a high minimum wage and medical insurance and every Prime Minister up to Harper has always said no, that this was not how Canadians were, or what Canadians were about.  This is not the first time that the Americans have tried to bring our level of comfort down to their standard of living; it is just the first time that a Canadian Prime Minister has sold his country and the Canadian people out to them.

This says it all

As I have said before you can not keep blaming someone else for your short comings. I do not trust a person who is unwilling to say that they have made a mistake. If you never do anything wrong, how and why would you change things? If the other person is always to blame, or responsible for your failures as a leader, then are you really leading at all? If you are not leading, or responsible for anything why are you there in the leaders chair? If I were Stephen Harper I would stop slinging mud and start apologizing to the Canadian people for all of his errors in judgement and start acting like a father of the Canadian people, rather than the son of the United States.

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2 Responses to King Harper’s Five Year Reign Of Terror

  1. D.I.D. says:

    1. Just ’cause we won it legally doesn’t mean the United States had any intention of honouring it. Remember, they are a prime military power and we are barely a sovereign state. Equality of nations before international law is sadly a bad farce.

    2. Given. I would be more concerned about the “hither swarms” of Conservative public servants now in office since Harper imported the spoils system and applied it without mercy.

    3. Given. He would have no choice in the matter, however, if the Liberals, NDP, and Bloc Québecois actually possesed a spine.

    4. Given. But once again, the Opposition wrote him a blank check and did nothing to protect the taxpayers from El Presidente’s arrogant extravagence.

    5. Given.

    6. Given. Although the Conservatives’ logic seems to revolve around ‘job creation’ and ‘competitiveness’, this is countered by the reality that Harper is selling out Canadian employees and small employers by signing a host a free-trade agreements with third-world countries that we cannot possibly compete with due to their slave-wages.

    7. Once it was just a routine prorogation. Also the reaction of the opposition was arguably as bad and disrespectful as Harper’s action. Other than that, given.

    8. Never heard of that one before… care to provide some examples?

    9. Given. But the Liberal Party’s platform on foreign policy is sadly a near-copy of the Conservatives, so I think it wouldn’t have mattered who was in charge. We are a pariah and a laughingstock, period. Harper is just more bullish with it.

    10. Everytime Parliament is out of session, the Conservatives start to loudly daydream, and they reveal more and more of their most cherished and coveted legislation. So yeah, it scares the hell out of me too.


    • archemdis says:

      I have always said that Harper is not the only one who acts like an idiot and is hurting Canada, but that he is the only one who promised to do differently and seems to sling mud and do little else. Harper appears to have forgotten the other people, the little people and I think that it is time fo him to go.
      One only has to look to what Toni Clement gave to the people of his riding, leading up to and following the G8 and G20 summits to see that he was definitely trying to buy votes and that the gifts had nothing to do with the summits use and should not have been given as a legacy gift. Have a great day! As always god to hear from you and share a thought.


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