Quebec’s Distinct Society

Quebec is in truth a distinct society and they should not be taking any bows, it is not a compliment. We as a province have betrayed our country, the people of Quebec and are the private joke of the world.  We are the only place in the world where a leader said and I quote, ” We will make Quebec so poor so ugly, so politically undesirable for the English that they will leave and the English government of Canada will have no choice but to let us separate.”

I remember hearing on an english talk show just after the establishment and installation of the language police and the changing of all of the signs leading to the highways as well as on ramps and off ramps all the signs on the highways and all the signs indicating where the highways were.  the discussion covered the need to change al of the signs, the expense of changing all of the signs and the danger to everyone with some peoples ability to read and understand what the signs were saying. The person being interviewed was an up and coming Parti Québécois female politician. When confronted by the interviewer  about the dangers to english tourist who did not understand the french only road signs and the dangers the changes to the signage could create their was a pause and I was just shocked at her response on the air and to the English  tourist, Quebecer and the rest of Canada.

The host ask the politician, “What if an American say for the sake of argument did not understand that the sign on the ramp said exit only and proceeded up the ramp and collided with a vehicle leaving the highway, would you not agree that this is dangerous and totally avoidable by keeping the signs in the two official languages of Canada? I found her response to be arrogant and characteristic of the way the Parti Québécois deals with all things. The lady simply responded,” they will only make that mistake once. People who are thinking about visiting , passing through Quebec, or living in Quebec should learn the language. The tourist who does not wish to learn french, or finds it too difficult and chooses not to come back will in time be replaced by the French-speaking tourist, happy to have a place to go that is French.” Truly a distinct way to deal with the problem of encouraging road safety and teaching non Francophone people how to speak and read french. You could say they made it a matter of life and death.

Well the numbers of visitors to Quebec not related to business, from  English Canada, the United States and the English world did decline and the French tourist numbers did not raise and we lost a valuable source of income. The attitude of our police, service industry and their refusal overnight to speak any English all helped to keep English tourists away from Quebec, ruining what was once a booming, vibrant industry . Waitresses refusing to talk to clients in restaurants English, sales people in stores refusing to speak English to clients, bus drivers, taxi drivers all refusing to speak English because the Party Québécois told them that they did not have to speak English and more than that it was their right to refuse to speak English. People refused to spend their money with this theme being the prevailing one and the shops and restaurants began to die.  Truly a distinct way to encourage tourism and rake in the billions of dollars that could be used to do so many good things for your people.

We have had a class of welfare recipient in Quebec that is found nowhere else is Canada. These people are not too lazy to work, but they have become unemployable in Quebec and unlike what the Québécois thought would happen they are not going elsewhere. They are remaining in their place of origin and becoming a tax burden on Quebec and the rest  Canada. We have people also who do not want to work migrating from English Canada to take advantage of the easiest way to get on welfare and stay on it for life with nothing wrong with you. No doctors note required, no examinations,  just walk into any Quebec welfare office and say I need a check, can’t find a job because I do not speak french and presto you are a ward of the Quebec government. This was definitely a distinct approach to getting the people of this province to work and keeping the cost of such social programs to a minimum tax burden on the rest of Quebecers and Canadians.

Forcing english and French parents to send their children to French schools caused quite a stir in both communities. No parent want to be forced by the government to do anything concerning their children and this issue was no different. French parents raised hell, they liked that their children were bilingual giving them a distinct advantage to getting a job outside of the province of Quebec where most people were unilingual and did not speak both official languages of Canada. The English parents grew angry as English schools began to close and their options and rights were taking from them and despite court victories the Parti Québécois changed law after law to make what was once illegal now legal with the stoke of a pen.

  This approach did little to make the transition from one language to another easy, or did it accomplish its goal, which was to change what language people used as a first language. This approach  got peoples back up against the wall and feathers ruffled and out-of-place. Protestations were heard from both, French and English, court cases to this day are still being decided on when it came to Quebec violating the charter of rights and freedoms of it English and French citizens, with some like me thinking that the Parti Québécois would not be satisfied until they had committed genocide on the English of Quebec.  It was also a distinct approach at getting the English citizens of Quebec to want to speak french and there by making the transition from English-speaking to French-speaking constituents a little easier.

Then we had our politicians trying to get recognized as a country instead of a province and the world laughed and Quebec stamped it’s feet in frustration. The Parti Québécois really expected the leaders of French-speaking nations to actually make trade deals with them as though they were a sovereign country and not a province. Some leaders of the Bloc Québécois and the Parti Québécois wrote to the head of France scolding him for not taking Quebec’s side as and lending support to Quebec’s call for separation from the rest of Canada. Offending a head of state, because he thinks that Canada is at its strongest and best together I do not thing is the best way to get that government on your side should you get the separation you are trying to get. What a distinct way to show your diplomatic skills off and your ability to obey the laws of the world once you do become a nation.  The Bloc Québécois and the Parti Québécois did this as opposition parties in Quebec and Ottawa. They were not even a governing body. A truly distinct and unacceptable approach to politics.

I have said it before and I will say it again Quebec is not ready to be a sovereign nation. As a province Quebec throws temper tantrums like a baby that can’t have its way and needs to be taught that you can not always get what you want and temper tantrums is not the best way to go about getting what it is you want from others.  Quebec acts just like an angry child instead of a province trying to get worldwide recognition and support for its cause. Any political party that would try to destroy its province and it’s people to force out of its province its English-speaking citizens and get itself tossed from Confederation, is no better than the non democratic and oppressive regimes the world is ridding itself of today.  The end result in all of this is not even the French people of Quebec take the Bloc, or the Parti Québécois seriously anymore. They can no longer  win an election and their call to separate is now falling on deaf ears. They have won some battles, but would  appear that they have lost the war.

Yes they have made Quebec a distinct society, but I think in this case distinct is not a very good thing for Quebec, it is merely different.

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4 Responses to Quebec’s Distinct Society

  1. D.I.D. says:

    “They can no longer win an election and their call to separate is now falling on deaf ears. They have won some battles, but would appear that they have lost the war.”

    If that is so, then why does the Bloc still garner 2/3 of Québec’s seats? This is my major grievence with Québec: separatism may be moribound, but many Québecois still vote for a party that uses the sheer threat of separation to drain Canada’s treasury dry, whether or not they be separatists. Under any other circumstance, that is called blackmail and constitutes a felony.


    • archemdis says:

      The Party Quebecois does its damage from the position of opposition in Quebec and not from a governing position; the Bloc Quebecois also does its damage from the position as an opposition party not as even an official opposition party. The Bloc gets these seats because the French are still the majority in Quebec and because in truth there really is no alternative for them when it comes to voting time. Both the Liberals and the Conservatives practice a slash and burn type of politics, leaving the Bloc and the Party Quebecois looking like the saviors of Quebec. I would ask you this though why when it comes to an election neither the Bloc nor the Party Quebecois can win the right to govern? When you consider that the Party Quebecois actually had at one time enough votes to lead Quebec and their ultimate goal has always been to separate Quebec from Canada. I think that they have won some pretty well fought battles but lost the war.

      As for the Bloc when you consider that they rose to the hieght of the official opposition party for Canada and held the position from 1993- 1997, which means that they got voted for outside of Quebec at one time and today the only place in Canada that they could elect an MP is in Quebec, I would suggest that they have won a few battles also, but are no real threat to the governance of Canada anymore.

      I do however agree with you that a group of people, hard liners mostly, are still holding on to the dream of one day seeing a French only Quebec, but that does not constitute a reality, or a victory. Yes it does constitute a crime in my book too, but this is a federal government problem that no government wants to deal with. They feel that leaving the problem alone keeps the Party Quebecois and the Bloc from being able to muster their troops and in a way I must agree with them. Yes I think that these 2 parties are a disgrace and should be dealt with, but that would not be the democracy that we live in.


      • D.I.D. says:

        The fact that the Parti Québecois cannot obtain a government except out of voter frustration with the former government just makes me more pissed off about the Bloc. The way the Bloc treats the “Undermenschen” Canadian nation, as a source of loot and tribute for the “Master Race” Québecois, and I use these Nazi terms only very seriously, is perhaps the greatest swindle in Canadian history. What gets me angry is the fact that soft nationalists who normally would not vote for secession in a referendum vote for the Bloc on the grounds that they “protect Québec’s interests” – by highway robbery of their co-citizens.

        The stupidity of the “federalist” parties notwithstanding, if the true separatists or even the soft nationalists had any moral compass whatsoever, they would demand Ottawa relinquish more powers to the Québec government thus actually paving the way to independence rather than sacking the Canadian treasury just because the selfish bastards can get away with it.

        I thought that the Bloc had always been a Québec only “federal” party; it was my understanding that the only reason they ever became the Opposition was due to them being the second-largest party in the House, with the Liberals as a majority government and the Conservatives divided and in shambles.

        It is okay for these parties to exist, like you said, this is a democracy, after all, but when 40% of Québecois consistantly vote for a party that seems less about separatism and more about blackmailing other Canadians that has a lot of us angry.


      • archemdis says:

        You have my vote my friend, I agree with you 100%. The why is a simple one, “all politicians lie there is not one honest one out there”. What they say and what they do are always different. Until all of the provinces are forced to pledge their alligance to Canada with no opting out, or no funding we will always have this problem. I hear you, I am angry too as are a lot of
        Quebecers, but unless something changes and we get some help from the federal end we English and sane French still are a minority.


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