You Can’t Find A Job Because You Are Just About Obsolete

I know that it is no fun to have made it through University, only to end up having to take a job out of your field, or that you feel is beneath you. If you do not wish to live on welfare you must work. This is what you have been told since the time you were born. Chances are that unless you are from a wealthy family, your family can not afford to support you while you find your perfect dream job, because unless it is in computers, research and development, or bio technologies, it is just not there anymore.  The world is not letting you choose what you want to be anymore, it is telling you what it needs and if you choose to study something else then you will need to be very lucky if you get hired after you complete your studies.

Part of the reasons for this is that the people on the top right now need to be served, not competed with and with this thought in their minds the people running the show can wait and take only the highest scoring people to fill the few positions that are still open for human beings for now. People tend to stay on in the plush dream  jobs, because they are in the know and realize that after they leave their jobs will be no more. The positions that still require a human touch are filled from promotions from within, or by swapping personnel from other companies. These people are already trained and ready to work, unlike yourself. This saves the company money and the expense of training you and anything that saves money they go for.

The year off that you think that you are entitled to because you have done nothing but study, only serves to let the next years graduates into the competition for your dream job, or any job at all. The need for you to pay off you student loans, pay rent and bills, eat and so forth will force you to take any job that comes along and this is exactly what these pressures are meant to do. All of this pressure placed on you by your government is time sensitive and does not afford you a lot of time to wait for the perfect job. To compound the issue the government will start putting interest on your student loan if you’re delinquent for too long. The government is real good at tracking down students and ordinary people and taking all that they have to live on, but the corporations that default on loans are given more money.

 School is meant to keep you busy for a certain amount of years and really in terms of society being able to  function, serves little other purpose. The knowledge that you amass is obsolete before you leave school. Most companies require that you have on the job experience, but few companies will hire an inexperienced person, so where does that leave you? Job while going to school waitress, McDonald’s employee guess who is going to hire you with that lovely degree?

 About now you must be saying that this can not be true, because just the other day you heard the Prime Minister say that he created owned and operated. It is no surprise to me that you can not find a job; you can not find work, if there is none out there.

Putting people to work is no longer necessary, or a priority to keep the country going. They have machines and computers to do that. What they can’t figure out is what to do with the next generation of people. If you do not work what will you do, what is your purpose, how will they tell you that you have become obsothousands of new jobs and he will keep on creating more jobs that will help Canadians get back on their feet. Did you ever think to ask yourself what that meant? Does the government think that creating a million jobs say in the telemarketing sector in India is beneficial to Canadians in the long run, so that it can make the claim that it has created a million jobs that will benefit Canadians? When the government has a project that runs for a specific amount of time, say a couple of months or the summer, like fixing a road and it hires contractors locally is that what is meant when they say they have created jobs that will benefit Canadians? I would put it to you that the only real jobs that your government of the day and any for a long while have created for Canadians in Canada are short-term and have been gained by the selling of our local industry and natural resources and at the there are no guarantees attached that will force these corporations to keep the work here if they find it cheaper to do abroad.

Why this is happening, is because it does not matter anymore where something originates, the world is automated and the world has taken on a new priority and that is the New World Order, the harnessing of all of the worlds resources and the controlling of it by the few. I would love to lay this problem at the feet of Stephen Harper, but the selling out off Canada’s industries and natural resources has been going on for many a year. I remember hearing about the problem when I was just a little boy. From what we eat to what we wear we sold our resources cheap and bought back the finish product expensive and sold it to our people. We denied ourselves an automotive industry and instead were contented to allow every other country in the world to sell our people cars for a chance at being able to supply the parts in Canada. Think of every industry, every major company in any field that operates in Canada and tell me how many of them are truly Canadian lete. They your governments have answered the labor problem and like a bad movie they discovered that all that needed to be removed from the labor market to make it work was the human element. computers will never ask for a 4 day week or vacation or dental and health. They keep you going to school while they figure out how to break the news to you and more importantly what to do with you. take a look around, farms, plants mines, fisheries, maintenance, medicine are all using more and more machines and computers to do the things that you used to do.

You will only see human beings where they feel that the human needs to see another human being and soon the will phase this out too. They tried for example to make most of banking automated, but it did not work only because there were some elderly people with lots of money who did not trust or like dehumanizing banking and required the human contact to feel secure and they could not get the hang of the technology. Slowly but surely as they die the banks have begun to take away the amount of personnel available to you  and in doing so forcing you to interact with automated tellers, customer service machines and the like. Everything you need to do as a human being, or have answered can be done, or found by machine(computer) and this is really where your jobs have gone for the most part. Everything else is just a matter of phasing you out and getting you used to the idea that you are no longer required.

We have been working so long and told for so long that we are the backbone of society, the driving force behind the economy of our respective countries and in fact that neither our country. or the world could survive without us doing the hard work that we do, that the thought of our not working does not even enter the minds of the majority of people in the world.  We have been taught that the world would collapse without our hourly contribution and our taxes, so how does the powers that be now tell a world of people that the once dominant creatures on it are now obsolete and no longer needed, without causing world-wide chaos and hysteria? I contend that the government won’t tell you this sad fact yet and will continue does not it continues the lie and phases you out slowly like it is doing right now.

We are now entering the time when what you do will be for your pleasure much like what you watched in Star Treck. The pursuit of higher learning will be for self-gratification. the last time we caught up to technology was the difference between radio and television. Everyone laughed when Buck Rogers predicted we would be having space travel, but it came to pass and so will our passing into a time where the new dominant force in the world becomes a machine that does not sleep, thirst, hunger, grow tired, require praise begins to take over the everyday functions of man and man becomes obsolete.  Good luck with your job search, but do not feel like you are the failure when you do not find a job in your field; you have been fed misinformation, with no other purpose than to keep you busy and the blame deflected from where it belongs your government and big business.

We could go back to the way we were, but that would not be cost-effective and government has become just another big business and would never allow it. Just remember this computers do not require fresh water, clean air, food to eat. They do not need to be loved, take vacations, or see the sunrise or set. They do not need sex, to have a child and ask for neither raises, or benefits. Now tell me why would they hire you when they can get all of this from a computer?

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    • archemdis says:

      Good day to you and thank you for reading my post with an open mind. Have a great evening and be well. I so ljust sharing thoughts and Ideology.


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    • archemdis says:

      I thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul. That was such a beautiful thing that you shared with me. May God keep and bless you! Wow thank you so much for sharing this. I will treasure it always.


  3. Perhaps the most interesting line (at least to me) in this entire article is when you state: “The world is not letting you choose what you want to be anymore, it is telling you what it needs”. Wow…how very true. I don’t believe that I’ve ever thought of it in those terms before.

    Thanks for the insight!


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