Does The End Ever Justify The Means When The Means Is Always A Lie?

Maybe it is just a strong sense of being Canadian that gets my dander up when I hear our politicians talking as if we must do what the United States does or wishes, because we can’t afford not to.  Maybe it is something that we all are taught as children and live by as adults about friendships and the need to play fair, that the United Sates  has not learned yet and does not play by that bugs me. Maybe it is because I know that a lasting real friendship must have trust in it and the United States trusts no one. How can we be friends if there is no trust and a reasonable sense of fair play?  Maybe it is that the United States is friends with no one except the bottom line,($) and that we their neighbors are just another commodity it buys and sells depending on how much is on the table.  Maybe it is that the United States has proven time after time that it will kill to get what it wants first and then create the facts to justify it later. Maybe it is that Canada is becoming just like them and adopting the attitude of,” if the ends justify the means go for it”. Maybe it is that the United States government has chosen to take terrorism and turn it into big business for big profits. If you have any kind of criminal record now you must apply to the homeland security office for a special visa, or permit to enter the United States; pay the fees required in advance with the understanding that it is non refundable and there is no guarantee that you will get the permit, or visa.  These fees run  $500.00 and up and have to be paid with every request. Tell me how does them charging and you paying fees make you less of a terrorist threat?

For years now the United States has blamed Canadians for everything negative  threat, or action real, or imagined  that happens as a result of our two countries sharing border crossings. Nothing is ever their fault, all of the trouble starts somewhere else. The United States had to build a wall and fences to keep out the Mexicans,(their other border sharing neighbor trading partner and friend) claiming it was necessary for their security after 9/11, but everyone knows that was another lie.  There has not been one Mexican arrested to anyones knowledge for having done anything remotely similar to a terrorist act, or threat. There to this date has not been a known terrorists caught, or found to have entered via Mexico, yet the fence went up under the guise of national security. Is this the actions of a friend, valued trading partner, or good neighbor?  Once again this is all about money for the Americans and they are willing to shoot, let drown trying to swim a river, or die of thirst in the desert, hundreds to thousands of men women and children.these people are no threat to American security, they are just people looking for a better life who are being enticed by Americans with promises of jobs,  work and a better life for their families if they can only get here.

Now we as Canadians are expected to disclose all of our criminal history and other personal information, crimes etc whether they are a matter of national security, or not when flying through their airspace, or access to their airspace will be denied to our airlines and I say return the favor and see who suffers the most. I say enough is enough. If they stop our flights stop theirs. We allow their mobsters, their gangbangers into this country because we do not have access to their criminal records, and they ship more illegal drugs through our borders than we do theirs, but still they blame us for sticking it to them.

When it came to 9/11 they told one deliberate lie after another. Not willing to admit to their people that they failed to protect them, they told the first lie and said the terrorist entered through a Canadian border crossing. They knew all along that the attack was coming and that the attackers were trained in the United states and entered the United States from an American border crossing. The Americans began to send out  misinformation and blamed their favorite fall guy the Canadians.They that made us responsible, saying it was our slack border regulations that allowed the terrorist to enter Canada and then their trust of Canadians that allowed them into the United States and that somehow we needed more control to prevent them from being attacked in the future. They can not take it back and so we continue their border enhancing nonsense in an effort to make them not look like inept bungling bunch of liars that the United Sates government seems to be.  Just for the record the 9/11 terrorist did not come from Canada, they entered via Miami and the Americans knew it. 

After the 9/11 attack, Bush blamed and attack the wrong people and country for 9/11; the Americans knew that it was a lie and did it anyway and everything that has happened since security , killing of innocent people, bombing, kidnapping world unrest is a direct result of Americans doing what they want based on lies and a way of thinking that says that the ends justify the means. Is this friendship and more importantly is this a government that we want to be friends with.

American’s hire illegal immigrants all of the time, for gardening  farming and sweat shop labor and this is why the illegal immigrants flock in from Mexico, but the USA does not even recognise that  is they that are the problem. Do they arrest , fine, or punish in any meaningful way the farmer, business man, or house wife who hires illegals? I do not think so, they just harass and raid, capture and deport, ( all too  often after the season, or the need for them to remain is passed) the illegal migrant workers, put them on anything heading back to Mexico and the illegal movement of Mexicans continues. The Americans do television programs telling of all of the people dying in the desert, like they are congratulating themselves on a job well done. They have a bunch of red neck vigilantes running around with guns claiming to be protecting America from being overrun by illegal migrant workers, and in doing so claim they are responsible for saving America from an economic downfall; more garbage the migrants come because the people who use them are too cheap to pay an American what the job is worth and seeks to keep a larger part of the profits for themselves. When a business pops up there is always a buyer and a seller and it is no different for the business of illegal migrant workers. maybe if they tried taking away the demand than the problem would right itself, but I do not see it happening because the United States Government is never wrong about anything in it’s not so humble opinion. The United states will make a case even if it has to lie to support any action it choose to take on anything.

Egypt‘s, Hosni Mubarak a one time ally, now finds out what you get for trusting in the United States and its allies. Yes he has been there in power for over 30 years, but up until the riots no one seemed to care politically at least. He was praised by all the two-faced politicians who now call for his departure. I am not saying he should not go, but I do question why the western governments who once championed him as a stabilizing factor in the region, who are now deserting him in his hour of need. As time passes and the next leader takes power in Egypt I wonder how they will view Western leaders who do about faces and withdraw political support when the going gets tough. If Mubarak manages some how to out last the resistance  , or quells the unrest, what will Washington and Harper do, say sorry we screwed up? We were only kidding?

Through all of this Prime minister Harper could only state that what ever the government in Egypt chooses for itself, that government  must remain committed to the State of Israel‘s right to exist. People are dying in Egypt, political unrest everywhere and all we as a government can say is that the new government better support Israel, or they will be made to suffer? I think that they should support the right of both Israel and Palestine to exist but that was not the statement of the Canadian government.  Harper did say that the Egyptian people should protest and bring down their government with peaceful demonstration and that it was their right to do so. If demonstrating in the street in order to bring down a government is okay now, why during the g20 and G8 summits did police get special privileges to stop those demonstrations? Why did the police take away rights of 900 Canadians by illegally arresting and detaining them. Why does the Canadian Prime ministers afford citizens in other countries the right to peaceful protest to achieve their goals to other country while denying the same rights to his own people? I wonder what would happen if Canadians took to the streets to demonstrate for his removal? Would he be so generous with the right to protest as he is with the Egyptians?

If the Egyptians want Mubarak gone so be it, but who is the west to play politic with such a dangerous and volatile situation? I found Canada’s and the United States’ actions up to now to be politically suicidal, un-diplomatic, self-serving and smelling of an underlying plot to shape the region the way they see fit. They are kids at a bomb fire with a can of gasoline. They’ve already thrown a little on and the fire, it got high, but no one got hurt and they were able to control it, so now they are going to throw on the whole can and every adult knows what will happen when they do that. The potential for mass destruction of property, the imminent threat of danger to their lives and everyone around them and the promise of things getting way out of hand and uncontrollable is resting on whether they throw the can in or walk away. I see the can leaving their hand and exploding in the fire, what do you see? My mother once told me that friendship was a leaky ship to go to sea on. I did not know what she meant then, but now seeing how the united States and Canada treat their friends, I know exactly what she meant.

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