Is What’s Good For The Goose Of Egypt Good For The Gander Of The West?

I hear all of these world leaders of the so-called democratic states and it makes me smile to myself. All these great leaders who are cheering for something they deny the people of the own countries. In whose countries they pass laws that hinder the right of people to dress as they see fit, or as their religion dictates that they should, if they are to practice their religious worship correctly; all of these so-called democratic countries that squash freedom of expression and peaceful protest with police and army action arresting hundreds at a time; all of these so-called democratic countries that use water cannons, sonic air blasters, attack dogs, riot police, fences, barriers and barbed wire to keep protesters from being heard in their own countries, all standing up to applaud the overthrowing of a sovereign government by the people of a nation; just makes me smile at the total hypocrisy of them all. I think that the people of Egypt did the right thing and so did Hosni Mubarak, by leaving when there was no other alternative than to start slaughtering his own people. He displayed an inner strength and common sense, that I do not think our Harper could muster.

I wonder does this mean that we have seen an end to the brutality to which Canadians have grown accustom to facing when protesting peacefully? Will this put and end to the type of brutality that police engaged indurring the G8 and G20 summits in Toronto with the authority given to them by the local and federal governments? Will this see the end of the denial of the language, educational and a whole bunch of other rights to the minorities of these countries. As the supposedly democratic States move away from individual rights in favor of everybody being the same with one culture , one language and one religion if any, will they turn the army on us or just leave like the Egyptian leader did?

I think not, that takes courage and a sense of honesty that I do not think that the democratic countries of the world are practicing right now. Some people would say that the situation is not the same; the Hosni guy in Egypt was a dictator who did nothing but harm and oppress his people; sounds like Prime Minister Harper and the Conservative Party of Canada to me on the federal level and Pauline Marois and her Parti Québécois on a provincial level.  What I am getting at is that it would appear that the governments have adopted the position of,”Do as I say, not as I do” when it comes to their other countries. I remember when colleges and universities were places of learning where new ideas flourished and the next generation of politicians honed their craft. Students challenged everything and protested even more. Debates, boycotts, peace and love sit ins could be found everywhere, but now the voice of the people is usually beaten down with the local police and the RCMP.  Places for world meetings are getting more remote and demonstrators are not allowed near them, so what is the point of the demonstration, but Canada for one acknowledges that everyone should have the right to peacefully demonstrate and be heard. What a crock, what a hypocrite we have become as a nation.

Here goes our Harper again reducing everything that happens in the region to a fight for Israel’s right to exist. The Christians of Egypt have been persecuted for years and if what is happening to their homes since the coup is any indication of the feelings of the majority, things are going to get a lot worse for them, before they get better and all the Prime Minster can talk about is Israel. What is happening to these Christians of Egypt are of little concern for the PM as long as whoever takes power respects the treaties of the last government concerning the Middle East. This one-sided approach to the Middle East conflict is not going to win us any friends, or make us any allies in the Arab world, be it Christian, or Muslim. I feel that all of our efforts should be put on what the Egyptian people need to get through this time, not what they can do for us and others. Helping them out should not have strings attached and the State of Israel should not be used as a bargaining chip. 

It brings to mind when us democrats insisted that there be fair and open elections in another part of the Middle East. They complied we sent in our observers and the election was held. To our surprise the people voted in a political party we did not approve of. Did we accept that this was what the people of that country wanted and work with the new government? Absolutely not, we did everything in our power to say and prove that the election was not honest and when that did not work we simply stated that we did not recognise this fairly elected government of its people as a legitimate government and would not deal with them on any level diplomatically. So I ask you, what is the urgency, or the benefit of Egypt doing what is asked of them, from a singular minded and motivated Western Alliance?  Why bother with the farce of allowing them to vote, why not just appoint a person to be a figure-head and get it over with? Then we would not have to blackmail them and threaten them with embargos and the withdrawal of much-needed foreign aid.

I will shout it to the heavens every chance I get that as Israel has the right to exist in this war-torn region in peaceful harmony, so does every other nation and people in this region. Our message should be that we will lend our support to those who are living in peace and will withdraw our support to any country that does not choose to do so, be it Israel, Palestine, Jordan, or Egypt. Right now we have elevated one country to the diplomatic status of above the law and it has weakened the chance for peace in the area. This country has become the oppressor and aggressor, where once it was the oppressed and the meek. This dominance and aggressive nature is direct result of our raising this country above the law;  the giving of them a blank check to buy all the military weapons it needs to,”defend itself” and the get out of jail free card, that is always good, no matter how many crimes against humanity it commits.  If there is to be a change in Egypt for the good of the region we must learn to deal with this country as not an extension of what is good for Israel, but as what is good for them. With our attitude, we may be the cause of the resentment felt and acted out on Israel. It maybe through a sense of frustration of us always throwing Israel in their faces that fuels the fire of their discontent. I am not them so I do not know, but if someone was beating me over the head with Israel I might grow to resent them; just a thought.

No I do not think what is good for the goose is good for the gander, Western politicians love their power way too much and would mow their people down in the streets with tanks and machine gun fire before giving it up , because of anti government sentiment and protestations from their population. So do not cheer too loudly for what has happened in Egypt, Harper, Obama and the rest of you so-called democratic leaders, he paid a price you would never have the heart, or the guts to pay. 

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