Cave Days Or 21st Century? I,ll Take The Cave Please

If what I see of the 21st century is any indication of how the world has become better I would gladly go back to being a cave person fighting off dinosaurs and other natural hardships. Hunting, fishing and foraging for food.  In these times it was a leaders and wise ones responsibility to see their people followed the rules of the tribe and their Gods, to ensure that there was enough to eat, drink, so that their was harmony and peace in their village, territory and land.

 I think I could give up my apartment and its rising rent and landlord who refuses to do repairs, to live out under the stars, a cave, or in a tent or maybe a shack, or a lean – to that suited its purpose of protecting me from the worst of   natures  elements, predators and foes. A place that’s main purpose was not intended to show how rich, or how much better off  I was than my neighbor. A time before soaring gas prices, heating costs and ghettos, homeless people, prostitution squeegee kid. Back to a time when children were considered assets not liabilities and when they were treasured and the responsiblity of the whole tribe.

I could go back to  a time when children grew up knowing the heritage, their lineage and the clan, or tribal history, from village elders, their parents.A time when what they were being taught mattered, had real life value and made them responsible contributing members of their community. A time when children felt safe and had nothing to fear from any member of their tribe.  A time before prejudice, genocide and religious wars. I could give up the language police, terrorists, polluting automation, computers, for a return to a more peaceful, a more people and nature friendly time. A time before the big media hype, political spin and 24 hour a day 7 days a week news bombardment.

 I think that I could go back to the day when a leader of the tribe was a respected person of the village and loved  by their people and could be challenged for his position when his leadership ability was in question by the tribal council, elders of the tribe, or by any person who thought they could do the job better. A time when elders were respected for their knowledge and life experience. A time when they told the history of your clan and passed on what it was to be your people to the young. A time when the only education you needed was where to find the things you needed and what to avoid if you wanted to go on living. A time before progress,  a time of simple tools, a time when there was respect for nature. A time when God, the water we drank, the land that gave us what we needed to eat, were one and the same; be it meat, fruit, vegetable, grain, and our medicinal herbs were one and so they were all cherished, respected and never fouled.

I think that I could go back to a time when men and women fought only to protect their villages and loved ones; not for gold, oil, diamonds and power.  I could go back to the days when if you took a prisoner in battle they became your responsibility and after a time of service to your tribe and people were made members of your tribe, or set free to reconnect with their own people, not tortured, raped, imprisoned, or constantly humiliated. A time when leaders understood that the prisoner they held captive was only doing what they would have done if they were defending their homes from unwelcome invaders, or another tribe who was putting his people in danger by straining the resources that his tribe needed to survive by trespassing in his tribes territory.  Tribal leaders understood the need to defend the territory, but also understood that the other tribe and leader had no choice, but to look for food and water when famine and drought ravaged their land  if his people were to survive. People of this era never went to war for things  such as gold, or precious stones that had nothing to do with the survival and their people’s happiness. War was only used when there was no choice, a matter of life and death.

All over the world the ability for us to force our will on one another, starve out, deny medicine, deploy vast armies and bomb from, 800 miles out at sea is what we have gained by technology. We can kill quicker and more efficiently and indiscriminately and the world need never know untill we have accomplished what it is we went to war for. The ability to embed reporters and block out all other news from a war zone via satellite directly from the war zone and slant the coverage is ours by technology. The ability to destroy the whole world with the push of a button is ours through technology. The ability to reach out and influence millions of people all over the world and spread our fears, bigotry, hatred, is our thanks to technology. What used to take years to manifest into anti this and anti that, now takes minutes, what used to be personal is now automated.  Weapons that used to kill one person at a time now kill hundreds and thousands at a time, is ours through technology. Pollution, hatred, war, death  are how we have chosen to use the achievements in technology that could be used to help others and ourselves to help and really make the world a better place.

Wars used to end because war was and is a dirty business.   Something about walking over the dead bodies of young men,women and children you are responsible for killing weakens the toughest soldiers resolve. Looking into the dying  eyes of the child  that you will be responsible for killing has sent the most battle ready soldier to the shrink and wondering if this is all worth it. Finally getting uncensored reports of the atrocities that their country is responsible for engaging in usually get the demonstrations for the war to end going back home and for the killing stop. Today you have the governments responsible for war crying about the death of one, or two soilders as though their was supposed to be no death on our side. We are angry when our enemies fight back, and we are constantly looking to keep the reason for the war in the first place a secret from our people.   We go to war for all of the wrong reasons, we do not fight anymore, we kill from afar and force the enemy to clean up their dead, so that our people do not have to see the horrors that they are committing from 20,000 feet in the air and thereby not begin to rethink what they are doing. They must be able to maintain the ideology that they are doing something good for the world even saving the people they are murdering and so remain heroes in wars that are not wars and should not even be fought.

 I could go back to the day when every warrior and member of the tribe knew what the war was about and the decision to go to war was a joint one where everyone knew that war was a dirty business and ended it as quickly as possible. A time when there was a military code of honor. a time when warrior faced warrior and did not hide in the skies, or at sea like cowards afraid to get bloodied and afraid to see the blood that they are shedding.

I would gladly go live in those days, not that there were no hardships and that there was no cruelty, or wars, but because the people of that time understood that whatever you did had consequences. Killing of anything was done for survival not pleasure. I would go back and lie in this time because you knew who the enemy was and you knew why you were going to have to kill another human being; there were no national security issues that prevented the leader from telling their people what was happening. Mostly though I would go back to this time because in this time you were truly responsible for your family’s survival and had to take into consideration who would hunt and forage for your family if you were killed in some war. It made you less of an eager beaver soldier setting out to save the world when you knew that your family would most likely starve to death with you not there to provide for them.  Well I do not think there are any caves left that I could go and live in and the government would probably find a way to make me living off te land illegal anyway so I guess that I am just stuck here in the 21st century untill technology can send me back.(smile) 

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