Quebec Is Dealing With Its Priorities As It Sees Them In 2011

Ornamental daggers, religious head wear, racist comments and tough talk out of a Quebec which admits it can not even control the corruption in its province. as industry after industry is proven to be overrun by one organized crime faction or another, the provinces leaders move to deflect attention away from their inadequacy in dealing with the problem and real enemy the mob and attack the hard-working, contributing Sikh community and the Muslims in Quebec.  

 Chunks of overpasses built with inferior materials in Montreal are literally falling off these overpasses and killing people traveling to work or home and the governments deny that there is a problem, water mains are literally bursting underground causing flooding in almost every borough in Montreal causing widespread damage, but the Quebec National Assembly believes that its greatest threat to Quebecers is what Sikhs and Muslims are wearing on the street, in school and where they work. 

More and more Montrealers go without heating during the coldest time of the year because of constantly rising heating cost combined with, salary freezes, raising tuitions for students and mismanaged pension funds by companies  leaving seniors with inadequate retirement savings due to no fault of their own making  Hydro Quebec  unaffordable. Unaffordable to the people on fixed incomes such as seniors, students and welfare recipients and people on unemployment insurance, but again what Sikhs and Muslims are wearing seem to be all that the government of Quebec is worrying about and can get all party consensus on.

Everyday there are accusations of racism  whenever certain minority groups come into contact with Montreal police, metro security, bus drivers just to name a few and the chief of police says he knows it is the fault of his officers, but finds that his hands are tied and that there is little he can do except to warn the citizens of Montreal to beware the police are trained to consider certain minorities are the enemy and the government of Quebec feels that what the Sikhs and the Muslims are wearing is their major problem?

The Mayor of Montreal has admitted that organized crime has taken over the construction industry in the city and there is little he can do about it and in fact he feels that his family and himself are easy targets for mob retaliation and fears for his life and Quebec still hunts humiliates and treats the Sikhs and muslims as though they  are public enemy number one.

Quebec politics has made the province of Quebec a laughing-stock to the rest of the world. Quebec is seen a naive, backward and even childish when it comes to the world stage. We are the people, that people whisper about in the corridors of power and at world water fountains, as people not to get involved with and to avoid getting into too much serious business with, because our political climate is too volatile and our language laws too expensive to follow when it comes to employment and advertizing. Quebec is no longer taken seriously even from their one time supporters, because they have proven time and time again, that no one wants what they are selling politically, or that they are incapable of bringing their political aspirations to life. Except for crippling the province financially, opting out of agreements that could have been good for the people of Quebec and oppressing the English-speaking people, or anyone that is different from them in any way, what have the leaders of Quebec done for Quebecers lately?

Women are still not being taken seriously in Quebec when it come to abuse in the home, or at work, whether it is sexual physical, or mental abuse they are suffering. The police, the courts, and the government are all guilty of in action and simply not giving a damn. I know this because as I have stated in other posts, my daughter was beaten by her husband in public, with the whole beating and strangling caught on camera, more than five witnesses showed up in court and testified and in the end he was found not guilty. He was found not guilty, because the video tape somehow got lost during the over ten postponement and he walked out of the court free to abuse again. Over the years the police have refused to uphold court restraining orders and have threatened my daughter and accused her of being a trouble maker when she notified them that her husband was not following the restraining order. There have been numerous other cases of men with restraining orders killing their soon to be ex wives after police ignored complaints from women claiming that they were being threatened by mates. No new get tough laws for them though, no new all party emergency sessions to deal with this atrocity, because the most urgent issue for Quebec is what to do with the turban, kirpan wearing Sikhs and those damn Niqab, or Hijab wearing Muslim women. 

The crosses and prayer beads seem to be okay to wear at least for now, I guess no one is afraid to be stabbed by a cross, or strangled by a string of rosary beads, in the Quebec National Assembly. I guess Jewish religious head wear is safe because Harper and the federal government would come down hard on any one, or any province that went against anything Jewish, because that would be totally non Canadian as he and his government have stated over and over again. Oda proved just the other day with her altering of a document and cutting the funding because of an opinion that might or might not have been publicly stated by a certain group and her subsequent lie about it, when trying to cover up what she had done. Harper backed her up on and praised her, proving to all,  just how far he is willing to go to punish anyone, or any organisation that does not believe in the right of Israel to exist, or voices its displeasure of Israels Zionists aspirations. I believe it is right for Israel to exist, but it should not be Canada’s position to punish people  organizations, or people who think, or express a different of opinion. Or are we practicing different rights and freedoms now in Canada based on, where you come from, what religion you practice, what the color of your skin is, or what your political views are? I mean really in the case of Quebec no on seems to be worried that by the wearing of Yarmulkes, Shteimels, Kolpiks and even the Kippas, (symbolizing religious Zionism) as a threat to french culture in Quebec. I do not either, but why when faced with so many other pressing problems in Quebec have we embarked on a witch hunt of only certain minorities. It does not look good for the leaders of Quebec, who in my opinion do not only hold the honor of  governing the most corrupt province in the country but in my opinion are also proving to be governing  the most racist province in the country as well.

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