It Only Takes One Rotten Apple To Spoil The Whole Bunch (Islamophobia)

I 2nd these emotions

This picture says it all

What is it about the word Muslim that turns the blood in our veins to ice and causes our brain to stop functioning properly and our heart to turn to ice?  There has always been animosity between Muslims, Jews and Christians ever since the Christians of Europe decided that there was no room on this planet for any other religion and decided to conquer the world for their church and the glory of their God, but the hatred and the almost total acceptance by people on a global level that all Muslims are inherently evil and need to be expunged from this planet is the work of one bitter man with enough power to see it through. It is a testament to our new age of communication and technology; it is a testament to our ability to use computers and satellites to send propaganda and misinformation around the world and into the computers of everyone on this planet who owns one and make a whole race of people who have done nothing, but follow their religious beliefs into terrorist in a matter of minutes and as far as I am concerned one man did exactly that. ” Never underestimate the power of one. It is that underestimation that gives the power of one its true power. Ignored the power of one will plant its seed, dig its roots in, take hold and multiply” this can be a good thing, but in this instance one person started a war that still rages on and is responsible for the persecution of an innocent people; a persecution that will out live him and his grandchildren and it was all started with a lie to gain revenge.

He has been quoted since leaving office as saying if he had it all to do all over again, that he would lie all over again, because that was the right thing to do.

Could the hatred of a race of people be brought about  by one white male who did not finish school? Could the hatred of a race of people be brought about  by one white male whose political party drug him out of a bar?  Could the hatred of a race of people be brought about  by one white male whose military record shows that he seemed unwilling to serve his obligatory stint in the  armed forces?; Could the hatred of a race of people be brought about  by one white male  pretending to be a Christian? Could the hatred of a race of people be brought about  by one white male who had to steal the presidency of the United States of America? Could this person be  in any way responsible for the situation the muslims find themselves in today? Could this one man who was seeking vengeance on a race of people, for his fathers bloody nose and failures, manage to convince the rest of the far right Christians that it was time to march again for God and country? Could this one man convince Christians, that it was finally time to wipe out a race of Muslim worshipers for the actions of a few who just happen to be Muslims; could this one man be responsible for rekindling the flames of bigotry and starting the Christian  Crusades all over again? Was it possible for one man in a high enough position to convince the democratic world,  the Christian world  that it was okay to desire all Muslims wiped from the face of the earth, simply for being muslims? To these questions I would say yes it was possible. He is responsible for the lies that got this mess started and the perpetuation of the lies and the denial of the truth long after we the ordinary folk knew it was all a lie and he did not do it because of 9 /11; he used 9/11 to do it and for no other reason, but to avenge his Daddy’s loss in the gulf; for no other reason than personal revenge. Your children and their children are dying because a little boy wanted to prove that his father could have won and that he was going to prove it when he got the chance and right after stealing the election he got the chance and ran with it.

Charismatic and very dangerous

It is a fact that Muslims have been fighting Jews and Christians forever all over this world, but never before has the anti anything that is muslim, or wears a turban, or worships in a mosque been more visible and all right to the government, than after , or before George W Bush.  The anti Muslim sentiment is politically backed and governmentally sponsored and religiously supported and all Muslims are paying the price for the actions of a few.


Just crazy no need for new laws

Oklahoma City bombing

It is so funny that there was no hatred of all white people, or USA army personnel when Timothy McVeigh  a white male, a once member of the army, committed his acts of terrorism, or did I miss something, is there a reason that I do not know about that makes what McVeigh did not an act of home-grown terrorism?aaaaQ  No new laws , no forced jailing without trial of suspicious army personnel, no new traveling  rules and regulations for suspicious ex army types, no new army screening for such persons entering, or leaving the armed forces, none of the things we are living post George W. Bush and 9/11 were every instituted;  so what are we to make of that? He was not even branded a home-grown terrorist, he was just a nut, a very sick person like the Muslims who were responsible for 9/11 were.

ABCs of George W. Bush

Facts are facts we were hustled, played and hustled some more by a charlatan and con man and now we can’t seem to stop the hating and the fear mongering and it is spreading like wild-fire. We bomb them, they bomb us. We say we are saving them from themselves and they say go home and mind your own business. We become what we say we are saving them from and they threaten to hit us on our own ground and the fight goes on and on and people keep on dying and all for a lie.  A lie started by one man. It should teach us all to remember the power of  one.  Muslims are not perfect, no one is, but all of them did not crash the planes on 9/11 and all of them do not hate and promote hatred. We must stop using 9/11 and acts of other muslim fanatics to justify this witch hunt. We can not expect them to turn over, or hunt down these crazies anymore than we would expect our people to hunt down ours, this is a job for trained professionals. The last leader that asked his people to turn in their fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters, friends and loved ones, was Adolf Hitler.

Here is something else we must understand; It is us that is trespassing on their soil and all we have to do is pack up and go home to end the killing. They already are home and have nowhere to go. As long as we are on their home ground occupying their country, we are the aggressor, we are the terrorist invaders not them and all that they do in retaliation is self-defence, no matter what language, or name we give it.

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