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We made a mistake with this sort of behavior

No one seems to want to ask the question in Canada that begs to be asked so I will. What deal and with whom has Prime Minister Harper and his government made that has seen this unprecedented protectionist action from our government of the day.  I am  against racial and religious intolerance, but I am against it for all people living in Canada and throughout the world, but lately this has not been the message from the Prime Minister and his cabinet. It is my opinion that Canada is being turned from a position of equality and freedom and rights for all towards if it does not promote the state of Israel it must go and is not acceptable. We are basing our foreign aid on it, our military aid on it and our international reputation as a fair and just nation on it and I think we are losing our sense of humanity to it.

It is quickly becoming the theme of his party that any negative word or action against Israel will not be tolerated and somehow puts in question the patriotism of any Canadian doing so. they have also decided to punish any group, or person who would dare to voice a negative opinion about anything that the State of Israel does. now when I hear the anti Muslim talk and the anti Palestinian rhetoric somehow our Prime Minister becomes  deaf  and dumb and the justice system shuts down and I wonder is Mr. Harper the Prime Minister of Canada representing all Canadians or is he the Prime Minister of Israel representing the State of Israel?

What is the difference? Or is who builds them that makes it right to do?

I was reading the article from the CBC and I found it a little unsettling that Prime Minister Stephen Harper said Tuesday that ,” International Co-operation Minister Bev Oda was right to deny a church-backed aid group funding even though she ordered a document altered in the process.”  What I hear him saying is, Bev Oda was within her right as a minister to block the funding to this group because of the way they talked about Israel and its right to exist, even if she had o break a few laws of the land to do it. Harper is saying that when it comes to certain things that  need to be done forgery and deceit are acceptable tools to use. votes money both, what is the deal?

The last time that I got a funny feeling in the pit of my stomach was during the Egyptian crisis when it seemed that all our Prime minister was interested in was the State of Israel and said so over and over again. He was not voicing his concerns for Egypt and its people in their hour of need and indeed great change, no he could only muster up concern for Egyptians as it pertained to the State of Israel’s well-being. He kept talking like the blood thirsty Egyptians would somehow now use the void in their leadership to dismantle the support for the State of Israel and start a war. The only thing he did not say was well you know how those people can be.

 I wrote then as I feel now, that I found the behavior of the Canadian government took a position that I found to be insulting, insensitive as well as non diplomatic and one-sided that one country saying that it wanted to help another  country can get and be taken seriously. The Prime Minister and his party stood in  the house of commons and linked what it could and would be willing to do to help Egypt and its people in their hour of need, to how the new Egyptian government dealt with the old treaties with Israel and with who made up their new government. I wondered than what was going on? Getting assurances for Israel in exchange for foreign aid was not the Canadian way of doing things and I got a funny feeling then that some one on the Hill was trying to turn the Egyptian crisis into a political gain for themselves and their party. 

It was also hypocritical in my opinion to back someone in one month and heap praises on them for their role in maintaining the stability of the Middle East and then turn on them. If I were the new Egyptian leader I would certainly take any form of Canadian support with a grain of salt and realise that it is a bribe, a carrot to be used to control his government and his people; a form of support to be withdrawn without notice if the Egyptian people and the Egyptian government do not conform to the wishes of the of the Canadian American Israeli Alliance. If I were the new leader of Egypt I would  be trying  to make allies with countries who can at least look at the Middle East situation with an open mind and are not trying to give the Middle East to Israel on a silver platter. I would try to make allies and put my faith and trust in countries that are not pro anything and do not have a history of backing Israel blindly and whose concerns for the Middle East are founded in and committed to a Middle East where all of the people and countries are equal and no one country is favored above all others.

Is this what we represent today? Is this what we call winning? (USA's fence to keep the Mexican out)

Few people took notice, or even cared when the Harper government stated that Canada was a Judeao Christian country. We at this point were sending one of the most significant messages to ever come out of this country to the non-Jewish, non Christian people of our country and to the non-Jewish non-Christian people and countries of the world as to what our position was concerning the State of Israel and whose side we were on and nobody in Canada even blinked. The opposition parties all fell in line like good soldiers and our people save a few did not even notice, or know the significance of the statement. At the same time there was a sentiment voiced on the Hill that anything that was said negative about the State of Israel or the United States of America, or Canada that could adversely affect the State of Israel should be considered a hate crime. Not much room for comment left for Muslim Canadians or Muslim countries, or aid organizations now is there? What I want to know is what is the deal that Harper has going , should we be looking to see if his political party donations take a sudden spike, or if the members of his party become a certain bloc of voters? I want to know why the sudden public display of the kind of favoritism we are witnessing these days, but I do know that it can bring no good to our credibility as a neutral unbiased interest, only looking for the best solution in this troubled region for everyone. Is it simply orders from Washington, the Prime Minister did just return from there? I am not sure yet, but that there is something going on that has sparked this sudden shift in Canada’s diplomatic attitude, sentiment and way of acting in the international community I am sure of.  that our government has become secretive about things that we used to brag about and the world used to envy us for is a fact. Todays answer to transparency amounts to edited out transcripts and blackened out documents and what amounts to taking the 5th on all sensitive questions(“I can not answer why we told the police in Toronto to take special powers. It is a matter of national security).

I can only hope that this time in our history passes fast and we once again find ourselves, able to look in the mirror of the world without feeling guilt, or shame for our part in spreading of fear and hate mongering throughout the world and causing the needless  deaths and suffering not only of our own innocent citizens, but of other nations citizens, who simply do not belive as we do.  What the United States, Canada and Israel are doing to Muslims is nothing new and this is what makes it so sad;  Germany under Hitler did it to the Jews of Europe, Milosevic, aka “The butcher of The Balkans” was found guilty of it by the world court in the Hague and countless others have engaged in it, or are engaging in it right now.

We did not allow this to go unpunished

First step of all of these nations and their leaders, was to deny the authority of the United Nations and its effectiveness; sound familiar? Second step take away the rights and privileges afforded to all others from the people you wish gone,(start with small things first that will like religious symbols and practices, language etc. and work your way up from there); does this sound familiar? Third and final step, convince the rest of the population to see them as evil, (make them an enemy of the state) so that the rest of the population backs you up and begin to cleanse; does this sound familiar? The practice has many names eg. genocide, ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity, just to name a few. Are you even a little concerned right about now for your country, our ideals, our values. No one is saying that it is bad to support the State of Israel, but it is wrong to support anything, or anyone that commits crimes against humanity bar none.


At on time a refugee could feel safe and welcomed when they reached our shores, but that is but a distant memory now. Canada has ordered them to steer clear of our shores or be punished!

Canada was once a champion of the victims of this type of persecution and murder, where now we seem willing to turn a blind eye to the atrocities that our friendly neighbors commit and in fact condone with our silence, military aid and agreement and participation in joint embargos and blockades. We further help  nations participating in this type of activity by the closing of our borders to certain refugees seeking asylum from tyranny and oppression. We muffle the cries of anguish and deny the right of protest by their relatives living in our country. There will be no aid for these oppressed people from their families living here either, because we have passed laws forbidding it and branded the terrorists. Our citizens will be forced to watch in silence and helplessness, the suffering of their families still trapped in their former homelands. 

 This type of bigotry and heavy-handedness never is allowed to win in the end and it will be no different now, because this time it is us doing the hating and the hurting to others, instead of others doing it to us, or somebody else. We have learned very little from the mistakes of the past and this is indeed very sad. What began as a good thing, (The creation of the State of Israel), has turned into a symbol for abuse of power, ethnic cleansing,  and crimes against humanity; with most of the world either denying it is happening, turning a blind eye to it, or actively participating in it. My feeling is that the Judaeo/Christian governments of the world have decided to cleanse themselves of  the Muslims, or at least gain control over them and bring the to heel once and for all wherever they live, and it will get a lot worse, before it gets any better.

Why are we supporting this?


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  1. Actually in Israel, not only Muslim who are suppress. Christian also being suppressed. If we refer to statistic of Israel/ Palestine Christian’s population. The number is decreasing even worse that Muslim. It was a normal act for Jewish spitting to Christian priest/cleric.

    What I can’t understand is, how churches can’t see this is their problem and some churches supporting Zionist action to occupy Israel state. Who is controlling Westerner today? Israel?


    • archemdis says:

      The church does not always represent Christianity, or the doctrines of Christ. Like all intitutions that seek power and influence they can be bought.


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