Nothing Sticks To Prime Minister Harper / The Teflon PM

Nothing sticks Jack, but it sure is hot here!

 Just when you think that this man is finally going to get his up pops the Bloc, the Liberals or the NDP to pull his butt out of the fire. The Bloc supports him on keeping prisoners of non violent crimes in jail with no possibility of early parole, not surprising since he allows them to punish the english speaking population of Quebec and through them he has managed to keep 11 seats in Quebec. Small price to be allowed to act like you are a sovereign nation. Then we have the NDP headed by Jack Layton a political mouse playing politics with the budget with a snake,(Steven Harper) that will swallow him whole as soon as he decides he has played enough and gets hungry or is in need of a little snack.

The Liberals are busy making what sounds like war speeches about our foreign policy issues, Tunisia, Egypt, and even Israel, but we know from past experience that this will lead to a vote of non confidence and the Liberals will back down as usual and we will be stuck with the PM again. What we need for this snake is a mongoose.

Winter olympics, G20, G8, Omar Khadr, scandal after scandal domestic or international nothing sticks to the PM. He remains squeaky clean. The man fought for 2 years to change the color of an air plane which the defense minister, the staff and brass of the armed forces, who used the plane said that the change of color the PM wanted would put the troops that use it on missions, in danger and in the end is going to do anyway and no one said anything; their was no price for him to pay, because like everything else it would not stick to him. Imagine a leader putting his troops in danger for purely vain reasons and getting away with.

Planes and  helicopters costing billions of dollars and over 2 to 3 times the original estimate; his refusal to hold bids for the contracts saying that the USA based company was the best, so no need for tenders did not seem to tarnish his image as a good negotiator. The loss of our usually automatic seat on United Nations Security Council, the need for a vote usually a formality in past years,  slid off of Harper’s shoulders and landed squarely on the shoulders of Ignatief.

No money for veterans, no money for seniors, no money for tuitions, no money for Medic Care, no money fo foreign aid, no money for refugees, but money for the banks, tax breaks for multi million dollar corporations and despite this Harper is still riding high in the polls. nothing tarnishes or sticks to the teflon PM.

His party has been involved in one scandal of another since coming to power and he seems unable to bring himself to punish them, or even acknowledge that have done something wrong. Belinda Stronach  showed Canada and the world how the teflon PM deals with anything that remotely challenges, or puts into question his authority in short anyone who questions his decisions is punished. 

No arms length corporations, or organizations are safe if you disagree publicly with Prime Minister Harper your budgets will be cut services ended and the head of your corporation, or organization fired.  All of it barely inside the law, but way outside the scope of  democratically functioning governmental practices. As long as Governor General Micheal Jean, did as she was asked and prorogued parliament when the PM asked her to she was allowed to remain at her post; the minute she let it be known that she would no longer even consider doing it again and blocking the democratic process, she was replaced by Prime Minister Harper and was replaced by someone I would hazard to guess the PM thinks he can get ht he wants from in terms of support.  Yet the country seems not to notice and there is only a momentary outrage and them the stink and the dirt slide off of the Teflon PM and he once again sees his number begin to rise in the polls. 

 Canadians seem to be trapped in a never-ending reality show. Where the Prime Minister and his party, especially the ministers in his cabinet try to see how far they can push the opposition and the people of the country before they will take action against him and vote his butt out of office. The polls are our call in telephone voting and all parties vie to  take the government of the days place. Each political party tells as many lies as they can, mixed in with a little truth with the sole purpose of winning power. They form alliances and try to out manoeuver their opponents.  The only problem with this reality game is that they are playing with real lives, yours and mine and our families. 

Our PM is the reigning champion; his talent for manipulation is supreme. His ability to sacrifice a comrade to further his aspirations is legendary. It is whispered on the Hill  that ice water runs through his veins and that no one plays the game of zero transparency better than he does. His ability to form alliance even though his would be partners know his words can never be trusted, is nothing short of a miracle. His promises of compromises will never be realised, because he is only playing a game where staying in power is the only goal and how you get there and how you manage to stay in power is of little consequence. 

 Guergis and Jaffer show this side of his nature best.,  when complaints were mentioned on the floor of the house about her questionable behavior and the calls for her to punished were loudest the PM refused to acknowledge any wrong doing on her part and in fact suggested that she was guilty of nothing.  This did not stop him from removing Guergis from his cabinet and sacrificing her and her husband to the wolves to deflect attention away from other more serious issues he and his party found themselves in at the time. The PM has refused to discuss with her, the house, or the Canadian public, why he took the measures he did instead of waiting for the RCMP investigation to say if her and her husband  were guilty of anything. This kind of over the top for no reason firing has become his trade mark. Although she has and her husband have been cleared of any wrong doing, by the RCMP, the PM has refused to reinstate, refused to meet with her and tell her why he fired her and Helen Guergis remains sitting as an independent.

Our Prime Minister, believes in  one thing and that is that we are incapable of survival without the protection and good will of the USA. To this end he has embarked on a USA butt kissing agenda that has never been seen before in this country and is never likely to be seen again once we rid ourselves of this egomaniac. He has sold this country out at every opportunity and seems to follow where the Americans lead.  Our economic, social, domestic and foreign policies are those of the United States of America. Every second word when asked why we are adopting something is, “Well of course we are working closely with our friend, neighbor, and greatest trading partner the United States of America, because if we are to grow we must align our trading policies and everything else we do with how our friends to the south do things or we will not be in a position to compete.”With even this selling out he remains unsoiled and the blame slips from him and sticks to is foes, like he was coated in teflon and they are not. 

The PM’s real power lies with the realization that his opposition is willing to score little points against each other rather than focusing on him and his ability to use them against each other. Duceppe, Layton and Ignatief have all sided with Harper and kept him in office, when he was close to being brought down by the other two. This is the source of Harper’s power and it is also his Achilles heel. Before he can be defeated,  first he needs an opponent  that is not afraid  to fight. An opponent that has courage and vision and is willing to take the country from him and not be content with being the official opposition and just playing the game.

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