Sailing By My Own Moral Compass Means Taking Responsibility For My Actions, But That Is Who I am

The World We Choose To Live In

Audacity of Hope

I would rather be wrong and have to start all over again a thousand times then be led down the wrong path by a corrupt government official, or a  sinful clergyman. The creator in his infinite wisdom gave us ears to hear with, eyes to see with, a mouth to talk with and a brain, conscience and a heart to make decisions with. The creator also gave us arms to help build things with and legs to stand up with. It was no mistake that the creator made us all different and gave us the tools to think and do for ourselves. The mistake is that we so easily give up these gifts from the creator and are content with letting other people who taught us that they are better at the thinking business than we are tell us what to think, how to act and how to live. It is a lie as you can see by the shape that the world is in, but some habits are hard to break and this one is proving to be no different, but we do know that all habits can be broken and so can this one and there in lies our hope.

 Okay, that being said, I know by now some of you good people think that I am pro Muslim and anti everything else, but you have the wrong impression of me and I will try to explain to you, who I am and why I say and do the things I do. I am a simple person who believes in one  set of rules for all people, which  embody fair and honest life practices for all.  I think that we as people do not think enough for ourselves and concentrate too much on facts and truths as we receive them from another person, or source. I think as I have stated many times before that we do not trust our own judgement about anything anymore and are too reliant on other peoples gut feelings, opinions and reasoning; for loving hating sharing, or the way they see the world.

I hate bullies and I  despise peoples intolerance of others and for  things that are different from them, just because they are different, but I loathe even more than that the reasons, or excuses that we come up with to persecute and abuse other people. I am disgusted at how easily we as people cheapen and trivialize the traditions, beliefs and customs of others, because they are different, or because a church leader, or  government official says it is okay. I am weary of people using God to justify doing the work of the evil people, saying that is what is right and that God wants it that way. I guess I am tired of how people are always trying to complicate how easy it is to do the right thing. eg. It  is not  hard to tell the truth, it is hard to face what telling the truth makes us, so we as people allow some one else to give us the justification for doing what we know is morally wrong. ie.  the taking of land that we  know belongs to somebody else, because the church says that God said it was okay. We know that taking something that does not belong to us is wrong, but the land is what we want so we will ignore our heart and let ourselves believe that if God says it and the government agrees and says go to it then it must be okay.   Once started down this slippery slope, we can and will justify every immoral act in the very same manner; the lie through repetitive practice will become the truth and the truth will become the lie. Welcome to the to the world we live in, welcome to the 21st century. A world where it is  not only okay to covet what is thy neighbors, but a world where it is okay to take what is thy neighbors, enslave, or kill him to get it and call him the evil one if he dare resist physically, or in peaceful protests.  The world is in chaos today, because we have allowed our leaders to convince us that it is okay to live a lie, because our survival is more important  than that of anyone else’s, or anything else in the world. We are now  trying to take this lie into outer space and I can only wonder how this philosophy will be met and played out, if others truly do inhabit this new frontier.

We all know that the media lies and should not be trusted to relay a story and that they have been making the story instead of reporting it for some time now. The media in all of its forms has become little more than a cheap whore, selling her ass for whatever client, or power that has the price and yet we continue to quote them and offer them up as proof, or evidence when we are challenged. They are the means  by which the people of power convince us that they are right and that our instincts, morals, and codes of ethics are all wrong. The media have become the voice, the propaganda machine of government and big business, which in my opinion are the same entity.

Everyone wants the same things, but we can't agree on the right method or road that will lead us there

We have chosen to ignore again what we know to be true once again and pretend to ourselves that they, the press, the news station and those on radio, are still the protector of the little guy and the conscience of the powers that be, when we know in fact that they work for them. We do it because it gives us a visible okay, a hard copy if you will, to put alongside our verbal okay, making our proof of righteousness almost irrefutable.  I say almost, because every once in a while some idiot like me will get on the internet with the pin of conscience and burst that bubble, destroy the illusion and take away your I did not know excuse, or I never heard that before reason for not doing anything and even the it is not my fault excuse and  you will be forever unable to crawl back into the bubble. That bubble that ensured your peace of mind, that kept you free of blood, the blood of others sacrificed to allow you your way of life, your sense of freedom, your sense of justice and allowed you to see your hands as clean.

This is my mission, my goal. Where ever I feel the injustice is and the rules are different for some, I will speak out. I talk and write about many things, that I feel need to be said and you will only read the ones that interest you, or pertain to you and this might make it seem that my focus is narrow, but I have written posts dealing with the loss of habitat for wildlife, unfair custody issues, environmental concerns, bad government and mans in humanity to man. If I think something is wrong I will say it, but I think that until we deal with how we interact with each other, it is harder to deal with the rest. This is who I am and this is what I feel is right to do and is my right to do.

Ralph Nader said and I believe it to true, ”  When it comes right down to it everyone cares about access to clean water, clean air, adequate medical and health coverage; we all care about conservation, finding a job that allows us to live and provide for our families and our rights and freedoms, no matter who we are, or in who, or what God we believe in;  but what we can’t agree on  is the best way to achieve our goals. He said that this was because we allow the government to tell us that all of these things can wait and that everything will work itself out if we just do nothing and allow nature to take its course. He said we must stop lying to ourselves, and start doing what we know to be right in our hearts, mind and soul. It is then and only then, that we will live in peace and harmony with our neighbors and the planet and find peace within ourselves.”

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  1. t can name as Atheism, Communism, Liberalism, nazi, but all will go to one objective. Individual freedom and let see what we get in near future. This may too extreme, but it happen in real world. It not start with big thing, it was start with small wrong doing and develop in society, society started to accept as a good thing until it can not bear it. When it expose, and it was hard to cure it. Its already too late.


    • archemdis says:

      This is true but we can not give up we must try to do better, be better and in doing so do our part to make the world we live in better by our own personal effortf


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