Libyan People Need Real Support Not More Tough Speeches

I will cleanse the country of western ideology, influence and corruption

Libyan leader Maummar al  Gaddafi is fit to be tied and we in the west are about to act indignant because he does not roll over and quit. Our focus has shifted and we are confused and unable to agree on  what to do next.  The Harper government has sucked every drop of political  credit it could get as sovereign nations and governments we didn’t favor fell due to the protest of its people, with very little loss of life, violence, or  the need for our intervention besides words and threats.

I hope that we will deliver on this promise

We have encouraged the worlds people who are  not governed by democratic processes to resort to civil disobedience without taking seriously into consideration, or not caring about what would happen to these people when they ran into a leader who would not be removed from power by strikes and civil disobedience and harsh words from the west.  As the people in countries of more extremist and radical regimes saw the successful overthrows of  Tunisia and Egypt and became emboldened by the results, the  propaganda from the news media and the encouraging words from western leaders urging them to seek the same results for themselves by the same means as they witnessed  in Tunisia and Egypt all looked good for the west as protest sprung up all over the place, and then things got ugly.  People are now dying, being mowed down in the streets by leaders not impressed by western threats of embargos and blockades and the west hurls words in defense of these dying civilians. They are killing their people in the streets and our press has begun to lose interest, our political leaders need victories not defeats and so they are going forward by ordering evacuations of our people. We know by past experience that this is how the west withdraws from situations like this that it has encouraged and abetted and leaves the people to fend for themselves. fending for themselves usually means they die and suffer mercilessly until their dictator or king decides that he has taught his people not to trust the west and for the west to not meddle in their countries business.

They want to know what is next, or what is the plan?

Canada has all but moved onto other things or rather back to where it sees itself getting the most political benefit for its support and that is the middle east. At two different press conferences, one held by the Prime Minister it was clear by the answers he gave to reporters questions that Canada was backing away from the type of support it gives Israel and taking a weaker stance in dealing with the Arab and Iranian fight for the right to live in peace and not be oppressed. The question is if we in the west are not going to follow through with the needed support that we promise when we encourage these people to stand up to these oppressive regimes, should we be getting evolved in the first place? Gaddafi has stated that he will go house to house to root out the criminal protestors, if the leaders of the protestors do not turn themselves in for punishment.  He said he would cleanse the country of the influence of the west. He means to kill until he gets what he wants and  Canada is willing to offer in terms of support more words and a promise to observe. I guess we are waiting for the Americans to tell us what our mission should be and until we get our marching orders, people will continue to die. They will continue to die until they understand that we are not coming and  that any value their struggle had to our leaders was lost, when they started to die.

I said when this trend started of us  pretending with words that we would be there for these people when they needed us and we would stand behind them no matter what was a very dangerous political game to play with their lives and at best an underestimation of their leaders willingness to use violence to stay in power. It was also shows the typically arrogant western way ignoring the history of a country,its ways and customs, the power and fierceness that these dictators exhibited and utilised to gain their power, the amount of blood that was spilt and how much blood they are willing to spill to hold on to the power and life style that their position affords them and their families, friends and allies.

Full of pride

When we in the west took our first bows and the first back patting sessions were happening in Canada over our role in the successful over throwing of the governments of Tunisia and Egypt, I cautioned  that this celebration was a bit premature and had deadly consequences attached to them. Well as they say the proof is in the pudding and now every people that has a king, or government they do not like is tying to get free in a manner that we say is acceptable to get them our support and they are doing it all at once.  Our resources can not support such a volume of insurrection and the stress that such support would put on our economies. The influx of muslim refugees alone would be enough to get the good citizens of the west upset and protesting against their governments.

Our leaders have proved in Canada by our actions and the making of new laws that we do not want these people in our country

  We in the west do not want them in our countries, we are afraid of them; we say and think that they are evil.  We already deny them their religious beliefs and the right to keep their culture and I believe in so doing, we have made it clear to these people, that they are not welcome in our land.  Tony Blair, has said as much when talking about multi culturalism and  how  it may not be a good for Great Britain; Germany’s Chancellor said it and  Quebec’s, Parti Québécois used his statement as an example to convince the Quebec National Assembly to deny muslims certain rights and freedoms that other nationalities living in Quebec and Canada enjoy. Canada’s Prime Minister and cabinet work at little else with such purpose, like  how to stop the influx of muslim refugees that flee to Canada seeking shelter from such regimes They are making movies about how France is isolating and denying Muslims and other  ethnic minorities their rights and freedoms. People we are not talking about a few isolated cases, or a few prejudice people; we are talking about  the whole European Union, Canada, the USA. Now this being true, how could we be better for them, then where they  to come from?

 Is it just another spy that we need in the region, or another landing-place for our bombers to attack from, that we seek? If this were a chess match, which it is not, the west is about  to find themselves in a checkmate politically, diplomatically and morally, if it isn’t already. How long can west be this egotistical, single-minded in our views of what is best for the world and fanatically stubborn in our perception on what the world should look like, act like, pray like and be governed like, before it backfires; how long before we are indeed responsible for the deaths that occur when the peoples of the world seek to be like us, using methods and strategies that are good for the west, but do not work in their part of the world and are getting slaughtered doing it. 

That their countries are unable to provide for them  and that they are starving and economically without resources, is really what the west has done to them, is it not? Our ideas of progress, our ideas on trade, our ideas on what it is to have attained success, is what has these people  upset with their governments about is it not?  That we have convinced the worlds people that buying from others, what you used to grow is better for both you and the world, when we know it to be a lie is why they have nothing is it not? Now that we have either taken all that they had naturally, or manage to buy up all of their natural resources such as, minerals, land and fresh water it appears we have to own their people too.  We have created welfare states with these practices where once prosperous countries flourished and called it our good business  practices and their loss. That they have nothing is really the fault of the west, but we will not admit it and continue to encourage yet another revolution and they continue to die.

"I think the old expression is: ‘They're not going to put the toothpaste back in the tube on this one,'" he said.

Yes we have entered these  people into the New World  Order, implanted the seeds of anarchy in the minds, hearts and souls of their children, but the question now is what do we do with these people that are our responsibility the people we do not want near us, because they are just to different? We have changed who they are and what their core values were and even what made them happy.   They are looking for the support that we so cavalierly told them we would give if they stood their ground and they have. Harper and Obama were right there is no going back to who they used to be, or their way of doing things and they need support and a plan to go on living. We need to make sure that all of the things that we promise to do for them will happen and that their life is indeed improved like we have promised. This can not just be another disaster that we in the west have run to for the photo opportunity and have no intention on following up with the money, or any other support we have pledged, which has become the habit and practice of our foreign policy of late. 

We are indeed changing the face world to resemble our image and our trying to play God has people on the move and dying to be like us , but being God has its own unique set of responsibilities and I hope our resources are deep enough to handle the new stresses and our hearts and minds are big enough to do what is right and fair by these people. I hope that our combined message to these people is not that,” It is better to be oppressed and abused by us, then your own”.

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