If Celibacy Can Be Ignored So Easily What Is Its Raison d’être?

 Reading a little story on the net about the sixty year old guy getting ordained as a catholic priest got me to raise my eyebrow and tweaked my interest in the matter. I wish this elderly nun and her husband well,  but I wonder what they would counsel practicing Catholics about, when they are in violation of one of the most strict Catholic laws for Catholic clergy, laws that make them different from any others who serve God, dispensation from the Pope, or not ?  They have not been ordered to remain celibate and with a little digging I found out that they are not the only couple to have received this special dispensation and as this story said it is not even sure why the dispensation was given, or if they still are living together. My point is if you do not believe, or follow one of the key requirements to becoming a nun, or a priest what other laws of the catholic church could the nuns and priest break and still be considered following the tenants of the  church as long as the Pope okayed it. The question pops into my head why do they put these nuns and priest through the celibacy ordeal if it can pushed to the side for a none member of their church who wishes to join? I would have thought that you would need to agree to follow the tenants of the church to prove yourself worthy of serving it not the other way around. I fail to see how you can teach or even lead by example, if you  do the opposite of what your religion dictates everyday. I think that this weakens the whole foundation of this practice of devoting yourself totally to God and the church free of distraction; the marrying of oneself to God and church. To me it make this law  sort of silly,  if it can be broken jut to make it easier for ministers of other faiths already married to keep their wives and carry on sexually with them as if they never switched to be Catholic priests.

This practice was started in 1950, by Pope Pius XII as a way to allow married clergy from the protestant faiths such as Anglican , Lutheran to convert to Catholicism. Although I believe that the Catholic church needs to go back to the time when their priests and popes could fall in love and marry and have a “normal sex life” I always thought that it would be good for the younger priest not the sixty year old wanting to be ordained and married to a nun. This little gem of an act took a special dispensation from the Pope himself and further shows to me that there is no rhyme or reason to the policy, that the church has imposed on its priests and nuns to be celibate.

That since the 1950’s the  Catholic church has been allowing married protestant ministers to become Catholic priests and remain married with all that marriage entails for the sole purpose of increasing its numbers has caused me great surprise and shocked me almost beyond words and all I can think to say right at this minute, is Wow!   I would have assumed that if one wanted to become a priest, or a nun that they would have taken it into consideration at the time of their entering the process that they would be required to enter a state of celibacy and take all of the other vows and make all of the other required sacrifices that the church would ask of them. I must say that I am dumb founded to find out first that this has happened and for just how long it has been going on. 

If argued that the act of celibacy is an order from God than how and why would a Pope override Gods decision? If it is purely a man-made decision that all priest and nuns be celibate then why does it only rate special dispensation for this particular sixty year old man and his nun wife? I just do not get it I guess, why this is being done. Was the church so desperate in 1950 that it was willing to take into its ranks the services of ministers that did not believe in the Catholic ways? How and when did the need for celibacy become optional and what effect does it have on the other nuns and priests who have to force back their urges and marry the church? Is it possible that one of these married priests could one day rise to Pope and if not why not? Could one of these married nuns become a mother superior and if not why not? All of these questions and more are rushing through my mind and I am not even Catholic.

How long before practicing Catholics think that they too should not have to follow the laws of the church and beg the same sort of intervention from the Pope and do decisions such as this one weaken his ability, or reasoning for not granting them?

It has long been argued that although the Catholic Church requires it priests and nuns to be celibate that there is no actual order from God to do so and that these young woman and men might benefit from being able to marry like the Anglican and Lutheran counter parts. Maybe the priest would leave altar boys alone if they could interact sexually out in the open, I do not know, but it has certainly been argued and sexual misconduct has hurt the church more than anything else.  That makes me wonder what all the fuss is about and wonder how many other dispensations the Catholic Church is giving out and for what? Is celibacy nothing more than a power trip by the church? Is it a way to have people ready at all times to go wherever the church needs them with no children husband or wife to miss? If it is something that can be put aside  by the Pope, should it not be just done away with altogether?

 I hear that and Arch bishop has recently converted to Catholicism and I wonder at this stage in his life and faith, how could he just put aside all that he has believed and taught and the manner in which his faith has directed him all of these years and just hop the fence.  These people profess to have been called into service by God, are they now saying they misinterpreted the direction God told them to go and that it took this long for God to redirect them and that God somehow allowed them to mislead all of his past parishioners and guide them down the wrong path to salvation?  I would love to know if they thought themselves living in sin before the cross over? I guess what and why of it will forever remain a secret because neither the church nor the fence hoppers are talking. It is hush, hush, yet another secret of the church not for the ears of us lowly parishioners.

How does someone who reaches the position of Bishop or that of Archbishop and then suddenly say I want to be a Catholic priest and just switch? Where is the sense of conviction? How could you have taught someone the wrong faith all of those years and just walked away to practice and yes teach through preaching something so ethically and fundamentally different? Catholics believe that you need an intermediary to speak to God, the priest the Pope. Protestants think that anyone can speak directly to God. How do you just walk away from that and start preaching the opposite and way and why would the Catholic Church want you. This reminds me of politics is this what the church has become just anther political arena. Politicians like Jean Charest, change their political stripes for political gain proving that there is no difference really in what party you are in as long as it is politics and I guess that is the name of the game for the Catholic Church as well. 

If they in the church still do not get why we the parishioners are confused and finding it hard to take religion and all of it rules and regulations seriously just look at this practice of celibacy for some and not for others and maybe you might just get it. If the laws of our faith were given to us by God than what right does a high-ranking official of the church have to change them? Is he still not just a man in the eyes of the church and God? Has the Pope now become God now, or God’s equal?

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    • archemdis says:

      I see it as more of a problem, because they are constantly fighting a God given urge and not having much success at it. The act of celibacy actually goes against God’s wishes.


  2. Dion says:

    Really good information and facts! I have been trying to find something similar to this for some time now. With thanks!


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