God Confuse Our Language So That We May Again Find Peace

Is it just me or does the shadow cast by the new “Burj Khalifa” Tower in Dubai look like the pictures of the Tower of Babel I used to see in Sunday School as a kid. Interesting that Dubai’s economy is collapsing just as they finish this “Modern Day Tower of Babel”. Just wondering.

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As we tremble in our democratic boots we are now  realizing the problems that are being created by the rhetoric we have been shoving down the throats of people living under regimes that are not politically, religiously, or fundamentally the same as ours. We have been calling for the over throwing of legitimately seated   Kings ,  elected governments, as well as dictatorships, because we no longer like them and because  they no longer pretend to like us. They refuse to honor the deals they made when they needed our help in the past, to either stay in power or rise to power.  In some cases they were the price we charged them for our support in overthrowing their country’s government of their day. The very support that was instrumental in getting them the power that they now have the temerity to turn against us. We want them gone, because once again we find ourselves being double crossed. Each time they pull this off they get more sophisticated weaponry, greater knowledge of our strengths and weakness and obtain great intel to sell to a country say like China, or Russia for favors. We have been out manoeuvred once again by a people we thought inferior to us, not too bright and with less or no resources of their own. The bullets hitting our soldiers will be our own, the bombs blowing them up ours too, the intel used to hurt our soldiers on other fields of battle will be given up because we used it to train our “enemy”.   I think the world would better of in a time before weapons of mass destruction. rapid transit, instant news worldwide, the computer and the satellite. I think the world would be a better place if we all closed our borders and left each other alone and recognised the sovereign rights of others. If God would answer just one of my prayers I would have us all living in a time before we talked too much, thought we understood too much and enjoyed killing too much.

We said we would like to see these leaders gone, because, they were cruel, mean and did not listen to their people, but if you took a poll today that is how most people in Canada would describe Prime Minister Harper, every Premier and every mayor in Canada, so I will not buy that argument and I do not think that anyone with half of a brain is buying it either. So what we are promoting really is our own agenda our own views on how to rule the world to satisfy our own need to dominate the world. We are doin all of this using their peoples natural dislike for their legitimate governments to cause distention and hopefully the total downfall of a sovereign government and we would like some one to thank us for doing it too.  I wonder how thankful we would be if they turn the table on us?

We have become so smug and so sure that we have all of the answers to all of the world problems that we do not care if they want to come over to our side or not. We will bend them to our will and ways now and they will thank us for it later is our Philosophy as shown in the War Against Terror Stratagem demonstrated by none other than  George W. Bush and Tony Blair.  Well democracy by gunpoint is proving useless and unsustainable. The people get tired of fighting and drift back to their religion, back to their tribal chiefs, back to the life we convinced them that they did not want and begin remember their history and of the first visitors from across the ocean to change them. Once their history lesson is complete they begin  to unite, with the sole purpose of removing you the infidel the occupier of lands, the evil one who has come to steal their souls and the souls of their children; to remove what has no business there and that means you, USA, Russia, France, Canada, Germany, England, just to name a few who have raped, plundered and pillaged this land in the name of Christ and strategic gain. You same countries that are guilty of raping,  violating and torturing women and children for the fun of it and to get intel. God if I had, but one wish we would all be back where we originated from having lost the desire to look beyond our shores thereby assuring that all people of the world could run their countries as they see fit by their laws, praying, dressing and speaking the languages they saw fit.

For decades now the United States and the rest of the so-called democratic world has been directly meddling in the sovereignty of small countries by funding one  coup de tat, or another throughout the world. We have changed  the face of governments by giving military support and financial support to insurgents who promise to give us what we want when they over throw the government that is in power with our help.  Of course these rebels agree to just about anything, because without the help of the west they could not persuade their people to follow them. They need our greatest propaganda machine, the western press to convince everyone that they are what is best for the world and that their coup de tat is more than just good for the would be ruler and that they are not just a flea that dared.

This is considered stealing water

The price tag for western support is high with the west often asking to control the countries mining , oil, water rights and land grants, but it does not bother the guy seeking power, because he has no intention of honoring the deal once he is in power and if he does in the beginning he knows that he will be able to soften the deal and the west will be forced to renegotiate, or be exposed  for their part  in the aiding and abetting of insurgents for the sole purpose of  bringing down a legitimate government to secure a good deal for its ever-expanding businesses and ever-increasing demand for new sources of fuels water and minerals that it squandered and whose very existence can not survive without. God grant just one prayer fo me and return us to a time before all this was possible and when our greatest enemy was progress.

Buy all the water you cn afford

 No countries people are all content so sowing the seeds of discontent is not difficult and goes easy; tell the poor they should be rich, convince the uneducated that they should be scholars, appeal to every dream, desire they ever had and tell them the lie that all of them will get whatever they desire if they take to the streets and support the flea and we have a coup de tat in the making. All this we do because we want to open mining companies in countries that say no; we want to get oil at a price that we want and they say no; we want their fresh water rights for our companies and they have the audacity to say no. These guys that are saying no are the same guys we helped overthrow the government we did not like before and the vicious circle keeps right on going and we keep on chasing and biting our own tail like a stubborn puppy that can not reason it out that it is he to blame for the hurting and that the tail indeed belongs to him..  Does not Coca Cola own most of the fresh water rights in North Africa Are we not selling bottle water to the Haitians and a host of what are considered third world countries instead of giving them the water filtration expertise, the necessary equipment and technology and the financial help needed for them to do it for themselves? Is this what our humanitarian aid has been reduced to?  Does not Coca cola sell Africans their only source of drinking water in bottles? Is this right , is this moral, is this what is in store for all of the people who stand up and come over to our way? If God would answer just one of my prayers we would be back to a time when these people had no need of the west and where they ate drank and worshipped the land.

It is no secret if you want to stage a coup de tat, or just get weapons and money all you have to do is call the CIA and be willing to sell out your country, or at least be a good enough liar to make some guy on the other end of the phone believe you and then sit back and watch what you need come rolling in.This is why Americans keep finding themselves dying by their own guns and armaments. This is why Russia was first driven into bankruptcy trying to bring Afghanistan to heel. The people do not want us they do not mind playing the game to get the new technology and weapons ,so that they can fight you on your terms. They are willing to let you train them to kill you and they line up tribe after tribe for their training sessions and await the order to kill you. They are prepared to fight to the last man, woman and child to drive out the infidel, that is you, from occupying their lands.  We have national tv shows and mass mourning ceremonies when one soldier is killed and it all happens because we want the world to do as we say and the kings of the word to give up their way of life and get in line to serve us and they are refusing.   The time for the lying is over, or we shall all die. The world can no longer stand the stresses we have put on it and it is ready break the excuses we make for taking what is not ours, the reasons we give that make pollution okay, the world no longer understands and can no longer tolerate. The world has swallowed up our garbage that smelled and tasted like sweet meat, like a greedy child, but she is ready to vomit what it has been fed back out of her system because what it was fed was not good it was tainted and its presence within her sickens her. God please grant me this prayer and take us back to the day when progress was just talk and the world was pure and peace was everywhere.

 The war on drugs is a joke.  What is meant by that is that the Americans lost control of that lucrative market and decided to oust the leaders that they helped put into power to safe guard their monopoly when they decided to keep all of the money for themselves and turn on the United States as well as the Europeans. During the cold war we and our allies made friendly with certain countries and put in place leaders friendly with us  the Russians and eastern Block along with the Chinese backing their countries; coup des tats were happening all over the place and the were being paid for by outside sources manipulating the bringing down of legitimate governments and interfering with the sovereignty of sovereign nations.  What we are seeing now in the world is what happens when greed and interference get together and conspire to rule the world, or bend it to its will.  The war on terror is the second biggest joke and here is why; “WE ARE THE AGGRESSOR”   The terrorist we hunt are in their homeland and we are aggressively bombing, turning their people against them, stealing everything we can steal and laughing about it openly over every media source available.  Look what we have done to the world to catch one man, Bin Laden are the people of Afghanistan supposed to thank us for what we have done to their country and their people? God to go back to a time of peace for all who inhabit this planet is to be my only prayer until the day I die.

The same can be said for Iraq we destroyed a nation to kill a man and we are still doing what we do best killing looting and pillaging and occupying in the name of God.  We do not have the right under any law to change regimes of sovereign nations because we think it is the right thing to do. We must learn that all nations do not have to resemble our way of life or need our approval for the way they chose to govern their people.  The truth is that everywhere we go in the world the stench of death is not far behind. Death follows us  and the people of these countries are now suffering while we in the west and the communist bloc point fingers and proclaim innocence of the trouble we have caused.

God made it so they could not communicate with each other and so drifted off in groups that did

High speed communication networks, the computer, satellite, the ability to travel great distances in hours that used to take several months; all of these things that make it possible to send trash throughout the world and reach millions of people and our inability to mind our own business and practice a live and let live approach to life  is what is causing the world to be so angry.  To expect kings whose families have ruled a country for thousands of years to just step aside because we say so is as dumb an idea as ever was and should never have been asked of  them by us. Harper and Obama, Blair three heads of the Hydra, hooting and making sanction noises when all they have to do is shut off the propaganda talk and work for a peaceful solution rather the antagonistic one they encouraged.

 Canada can not get its own fleeing people out of the area again, but Harper says he is ready to assist in any action against Libya what a joke try coordinating getting your endangered citizens out of Libya before you start a war . Yet again our government can not keep its people safe abroad showing that they need to rely on others to get our people out of harms way.  Seems they used the same words before when they failed to get our people to safety another time. What good is our system our plan as they call it, if it keeps proving time after time that it does not work.

The first time God needed to intervene and send us different ways

 I would gladly blow up all communications, satellites and computer networks and go back to the horse and buggy and just the mail  service and only two channel television, to stop this lunacy.  Maybe blocking all fast communications and travel through some catastrophe will be Gods way of recreating the Tower of Babel, so that in the end we will not understand each other enough to argue and fight and we will go our separate ways and once again find a simple way to live and do it in peace.

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