Leaders Who Prorogue The Government (Charest, Harper) Want Our Vote / I Say We Give Them The Moon

Do not give them your vote; give them the moon

22 Feb 2011 Premier Jean Charest prorogues National Assembly Charest says his government needs a fresh direction.

What idiots we have here governing us. these politicians really think that this is all about them and how they see things and that the priority of the day is them staying in power. The cost of his new direction will be high and all the work that was being worked on will need to be done again; what a shame, what a waste of time and effort. noticeably silent are those female warriors, those lionesses from the Parti Québécois, guess you can not say too much when your party was guilty of utilizing the same tactics when it was in power.

What do you think this means? Do you think you have my vote?

No one is willing to take it to the voters anymore and I do not see why we bother to vote at all. What would happen if absolutely no one showed up to vote on election day. Like we all just gave them the finger, or mooned them? What if we prorogued the election? It simply does not matter to the little guy anymore which idiot is in power. They all stand for the same thing and that is how much power can we get and once we get it how much can we get away with before the people rise up against us and when they do how often can we avoid being removed by avoiding the election or will of democracy through methods such a prorogueing the legislature?

Be careful they will come after you if you take my suggestions and start mooning them. (smile)

I do not feel this is right and we are allowing our politicians to become the dictators that they are wishing to removed from political office in other countries.  maybe if a political party leader could only serve two terms in office like in the United States the need to thwart democracy would not be so appealing. I think it is time to put and end to these politicians using prorogueing as a method to stay in power without dealing with growing non confidence in the way they are handling things, or to out run a scandal. This is not in keeping with the spirit for which prorogueing was intended. Prorogueing the government was obviously meant to be a last-ditch effort, in the case of the most extreme necessity to give the parties a chance to rethink what is best for the country, in a time when it would not be advantageous for the country, not the politician to have an election. It seems now that its only purpose now is to buy some power-hungry cheat, louse and all around dumb politician and his party enough time for the storm of voter protest and concern to blow out or over.  A, 2nd and 3rd,  time if you will  to try and get it reasonably right; not a bad thing if they indeed came back with something new and actually made it worth while, but usually it just accomplishes the true reason politicians do it and that is to wipe out everything on the legislature table that is giving them trouble and delay the inevitable. 

 Perhaps if all party leaders knew that if they were they are the Prime Minister, or the Premiere in any part of the country that the longest they could be in power was 8 years they would actually get down to doing what the country needed and leave a positive legacy for themselves instead of thinking that they have all the time in the world to do something good that will be remembered in history. I doubt it , but at least we might not see all of this  prorogation of parliament and legislatures from desperate politicians trying to stay in power instead of doing what is good for their governments and their country and provinces.  I know that this is an American strategy to governing and elections, but seriously, we copy everything that the Americans do anyway, so why not this too?

If prorogation did anything but delay the inevitable it would not be so bad, but with the time it takes to pass a good law wiping out all of the progress on all work seems a huge price to pay to hide from telling the truth.

Whatever happened to if  no compromise can be met than we bring it to the people and allow them to decide by-election, as it is them that we represent in the first place? If prorogation can be argued and it has as just another strategy open to the government of the day to try to reach some kind of understanding with the opposition parties, when it finds itself in a non confidence situation; and in fact a slick tool used by savvy governments to hold on to the power duly given to them by the people, if minority then it should at the very least be taken seriously that the decision to find the government of the day in non confidence is also representative of the people and should not so easily be pushed aside.  Does the practice of prorogation actually save the Canadian tax payer money when everything has to be redone that was tabled in the legislature, committees and House of Commons? Is it worth it to not have a premature election and opt for prorogation, when an election does not delay or force the process of all of the laws and bills that are on the table  in the same manner that prorogation does that are there to help Canadians? If prorogation is truly a method by which the Governor General grants the ruling party of the day to prove that they have tried to compromise and have in fact exhausted all other means at making the government work, then I think that stricter guidelines need to be put in place; dealing with  the why and how of it and it should take an all party consensus committee to do it.

mooning is considered a form of non violent protest

  I think that non confidence votes are also in place for a reason and it is to protect us from politicians and government parties who do not have a majority in the government and refuse to recognise that they must compromise and explain their plans for the country. Leaders of political machines that do not have, or have not earned the right through the voting process to ram their mandate, or their wishes for the country down the voters throats, as we have seen too often on all levels of government.  Again I say we should have an election day in which no one goes to the voting booths, but instead maybe out into the street and at specified time face the capital of the country, pull down our pants and show these politicians a moon;  literally telling them to kiss our butts.

Be careful when mooning, all political types do not share our sense of humor

So not to give up the reins of power things important to Quebecers will have to start all over again while Jean Charest gives his party a face lift at tax payers expense. With people literally dying in their homes from asphyxiation, because they are not able to afford the price of Hydro, shortages in low-income housing, the mob taking over the construction industry, shortages in senior residences and a whole list of real problems for Quebec this fool politician prorogues the legislature to stay in power? I just do not get it!

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