Canada Has Its Own Guantanamo Bay Mentallity Going On (Sri Lankan Boat Refugees)

Can we go back to when this was the symbol of a respected and loved people throughout the world?

It is very hard for me to fly the patriotic banner when we are in other countries fighting for their people,”to have democratic rule and all that it is supposed to entail, ie. freedom of religious practices, rights of equality under the law for all, freedom from persecution and the right for all to be governed under the same law with the same consequences for all that break the rules, or need to get a ruling from it … when your government does not apply any of it in your own democratically governed country.

Should we leave them to the sea? Would it be more humane them then the treatment afforded them under Canadian immigration law?

I decided to find out what was happening with the Sri Lankan boat refugees since arriving in Canada and was amazed at the unacceptable, undemocratic way these people who needed our help are being treated and it is all an abuse the law says the courts of this fair land.  As soon as we took the Sri Lankan refugees into our custody they were entitled to the same laws that all Canadians live by and under and to write a new law to get around this fact does little to mask what is really gong on.  Stephen Harper – Prime Minister , Jason Kenney – Minister of Immigration  and Citizenship and Vic Toews Public Safety Minister, may think they are smarter than those who came before them, who originally set up the immigration laws to protect fleeing people from the racist personal feelings that may be lying inert in all of us,  especially in officials with the power to make life a living hell for those they feel less than themselves, or not worth the effort, or for whom they have little tolerance, but the world will let them know in short order just how ugly they find their actions of late.

When a country’s’ leaders go against the courts and the core values upon which its country was founded, no good can come from it.   When leaders of a government decide to put in place laws that persecute a certain people and punish them in an unfair manner whether or not it is a standard practice, or morally acceptable practice for that nation, have we not said that this is wrong and not only wrong, but is deserving of world intervention? We are making loud noises all over the globe denouncing other nations and leaders for throwing people into jail for nothing and keeping them their without benefit of legal help, or a speedy trial, yet we do the same thing to these people because they arrived by boat and in too great a number; because they are from Sri Lanka and undesirable to certain politicians as new citizens to this land.

It would seem that we have now gone into the American way of handling such legal dilemmas and that is to simply ignore any legality that does not suit our purposes, or create a new set of laws to do and end run around the legal system.   I can not believe that the government of this country has stooped to trying to create its own Guantanamo Bay, for people that it suspects may have had been in contact with the Tamil Tigers.  Our leaders have taken the position that they do not need to prove anything anymore, because the manner in which they arrived on a ship, the share number of them and the fact that they seek to jump ahead of other immigrating people, proves it all. Proof or justification for this over the top, prejudicial non Canadian way of dealing with people is that, “one of the refugees from a total of 492 refugees could have worked for a year as a mechanic to someone in an insurgent group.”  This is the reason  that the government of Canada is using to justify dealing with all of these men, women and children as a terrorist threat. This is the reason the government of Canada is using to  keep 492 innocent refugees in jail, when a court ruled that they should be set free.  Not only is the government ignoring the courts, but they are publicly stating that they are not sorry for their actions and plan to go further in the mistreatment of these refugees. What a signal to send to your people,”If you do not like the law ignore it, abuse it, or twist it until it does what you want.  It is okay to be a racist if it keeps your country pure for real Canadians. If they ain’t like us we simply label them a threat. If we put enough of them in jail, the word will get back and they will stop coming here seeking refugee status. “

By: … Date: Sunday Feb. 20, 2011 7:10 PM PT

Justice Edmond Blanchard said it was unacceptable for Department of Justice lawyers to file multiple, concurrent judicial reviews of release orders — especially after the court has already upheld a decision to release a migrant.  “In my view, this would result in nothing short of an abuse of process,” the judge wrote in a decision released last week.

Taken from an article written by…  By: Jon Woodward, …Date: Monday Feb. 21, 2011 8:17 PM PT

Canada’s immigration minister says he will not apologize for tactics that have kept Tamil refugee claimants in prison despite court orders for their release.  Minister Jason Kenney said he would tell government lawyers to continue using a tactic a Federal Court judge said went too far. “We make no apologies about this.  That’s what Canadians expect — us to enforce immigration law and make sure people who may constitute a security risk are not released.”

This will be their legacy should they continue along their chosen path

Our leaders have become evil in their thought processing and lost their sense of morality and have become those we are seeking to rid the world of; I think we called those other leaders,”The lawless”.  If our rules do not apply to us when they are inconvenient then why in the world would a country’s leader  who has never  used them want to inconvenience himself with them on our say so.  Are we going to hide behind the terrorist threat  as the justification for laws being ignored and the brutality in which people are being treated in this country? What is happening in this country scares me, because, if a government does not obey its own laws, than why would its people. If and when a government becomes above the law of the land, it is not long before its people take on the same approach. One only need look at what is going on along the American/Mexican border to realize what happens when people take the law into their own hands and become vigilantes.   How long will it take before it will be okay to meet these people at sea by vigilantes instead of coast guard, or the navy, or maybe we could make a Sri Lankan ghetto and wall it in?  Maybe we could just put them all on a penal island until we decide what to do with them, or just let them drown at sea like they did off the coast of Australia, all solutions and tactics used by our allies and our Prime Minister, Vic
Toews and Jason Kenney considered. Maybe we could go back to acting like Canadians and follow Canadian law that says, ” A person is innocent until proved guilty in a court of law and that all people seeking shelter and protection from tyranny, oppression and in fear for their lives need only to reach our shores and we will do the rest to ensure that their suffering is over?”

Jason Kenney has it all figured out!

492, refugees are sitting in a Canadian prison with their rights taken away, or ,”suspended” from them as we get set to impose sanctions and embargos on other countries who believe as we do that its citizens should be seen but not heard and when they rise up in protest should be put down using the every policing agency and if necessary the army as well. After the behavior of the  government in the Toronto giving the police special powers to put down the peaceful protest of the summit, I do not see how Prime Minister Harper and his thugs can talk about freedoms or the lack of them anywhere else in the world   Besides the lies that we tell ourselves about security and upholding immigration laws what is so different about us and them except that we have the bigger stick and are using it.  Only certain people have religious freedom, we are anti multi cultural, we do not provide safe harbor for some refugees, some of our people are forced to sleep in the streets, a lot of our people can not afford to live at a decent level even if they work and our politicians could careless; so what is this all about.

They who put themselves above the law usually fall hard

Prime minister Harper should be careful when putting him and his government above the law as history shows daily what happens to people who flaunt their supposedly unstoppable power. Leaders tend to get over-confident and start to make mistakes and  do not win another election, or they get removed from power. The worst thing though is that Harper and Kenney and Toews will have to live with the deaths and pain they have caused these people and so many others. They will have to live with the fact that they will be remembered as the persecutors and jailers of innocent people, refugees, many of whom are young children and women. They will have to live with the legacy of being violators of court orders and therefore Canadian law and if things do not change the first openly racist federal government to hold office in Canada in modern times.

 As another blogger put it, “Canada’s immigration legislation permits immigration officials to hold the Tamil refugee claimants in a state of indefinite detention without charge based only on a mere suspicion of unproven so-called security grounds. This form of arbitrary and indefinite immigration detention has previously been condemned internationally as a breach of fundamental human rights.”

We used to be a country that did things because they were right and if there was a bad law we changed that law, not created it, or hid behind it like we do today.

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