Canada Am I Wrong About The Harper Government?

This group acts as if they are above the law! I think that it is time for them to go!

Is it wrong of me to want to be governed by the government that was elected to do so by the citizens of this country and not by another country such as the United States of America? Is it wrong of me to think that not only has the government sold out every natural resource that this country had and with them every industry to foreign interests and that the majority of the sales were not good for Canada? Am I wrong that this government has targeted a certain ethnic group for special negative treatment when arriving in this county as refugees? Am I wrong that this government has broken parliamentary privilege and has with held information from the house  concerning its actions, impeding the work of parliament on more than one occasion?  Am I  wrong that his government has prorogued the federal government on 3 or more occasions to avoid a non confidence vote, or to avoid answering  questions about the legality of its actions? Am I wrong that this government has taken a 13 billion dollar surplus that it inherited from the Liberals and turned it into a 5 billion dollar deficit, while managing to cut more social spending and programs than any other government in the history of Canada?  Am I wrong that this government finds itself with 4 of its top officials in legal hot water over certain election illegalities and refuses to take any action other than the sacrificing of yet another junior official? Am I wrong in thinking that this Prime Minister and his cabinet ministers think that they are above the law? Am I wrong that the only defense that this government ever offers for any of its wrong doing is that “The opposition parties are guilty of doing the same thing”, as though this  government feels that the more political opposition members found  guilty of doing the same thing as them, the more legal it becomes, or the more justified it becomes? 

Is this what we can expect next from the Harper government?


Am I right in thinking that you are tired of hearing me ask the question, “Am I wrong in thinking that this government thinks, or feels this or that?” If so then answer them and you will come to the conclusion that this Prime Minister and his whole government are  drunk with power, have lost respect for the people of Canada, parliament and is procedures, the courts and their rulings and consider themselves above the law. You must agree with me that because some one else is guilty of committing the same crime as you are being accused of, or may have broken the law and gotten away with it, does not make it okay for you to try the same thing.   If  and when you get caught you will still have to face up to your actions and take your medicine.  (These are life lessons that most Canadians learn as children. How is it then that this life lesson has escaped every cabinet minister in  this tough on crime and criminals, government?) When will  Prime Minister Harper understand as we do that pointing the finger at the other guy does not absolve him and his cabinet of wrong doing? If I were these members of parliament who will have to face a judge, I would be thinking about all that getting tough on criminals crap that they have been spewing and the minimum sentencing laws that they have been instrumental in forcing through the legislature and imposing on the non violent offenders; now that the non violent offender is them.

I am sure that the rest of the world that used to respect us for our values, and the  treatment of our people, must be shaking their collective heads in bewilderment, wondering  how this could have been allowed to happen to a country like Canada and why. I think that question period should be part of the Canadian school curriculum, so that every student growing up from a child into adulthood could see 1st hand how they are being represented by their government leaders, so that when it is time for them to cast their vote, they will be able to make an informed decision based on  what they have learned watching these politicians live on television. To see which party lies, cheats and know which political parties have a history of honoring the promises they made at election time and those who do not 1st hand.  Maybe these politicians faced with daily exposure to an up  coming electorate may change how they act. I say this because, I watched John Baird and Pierre Poilievre, stand up in the House of Commons and hurl accusations and insults at the opposition as if this act made them less guilty and I was disgusted by it.  I listened and watched them make fun and marginalize their continued undermining of the Canadian democratic process and felt betrayed. I watched as they just about boasted about their ability to ignore the law and get away with it and started to get angry.  They openly laughed at the charges and said, “so what to them”; admitted to them and made fun of those who thought that they had a responsiblity to try and do something about it and I knew that it was time for this political machine to be pulled from active duty. I for one am weary of this stain on our country’s, reputation that the Harper government has become and I think it is time for a change, don’t you?

In  closing I will offer up this little tidbit of information, (In the end, Elections Canada ruled the Conservative candidates couldn’t claim the invoices as expenses, and refused to issue the more than $800,000 in total rebates.  The Conservatives sued to get their cash, arguing in part that Elections Canada had no business verifying expense claims, or even checking to ensure the documents were authentic.)  The whole Conservative case to the court was not that they were innocent of any wrong doing, but that Elections Canada had no right to check them out; how sad is that for Canada?

Along the lines of bad election strategy is the foiled attempt of the Conservative Party of Canada to target what it calls the very ethnic vote in secret. I was amazed at their arrogance to actually say that they were going to use an ethnic community to help them win and go into such detail. All parties have targeted minorities,  immigrants and the poor at election time and forgotten the shortly after, but none have been by the minster responsible for helping them before like in this instance, “Federal immigration minister Jason Kenney,  has come under fire for using his official MP letterhead to solicit funds for the ethnic ad campaign”.   I think the practice is obscene, but not new. This is not even the 1st time the Conservatives have  done this type of thing. They have pretended to be in favor gay rights; they are guilty of  anti Islamic fear mongering to get the pro-Israeli, Jewish vote; when they needed the french vote in Quebec they pretended to be on the side of a more french Quebec. I believe that the only thing that this Prime Minister and his party are loyal to and work for is themselves and all they care about is staying in power. I believe to this end the Prime minister and his party are capable of saying and doing anything and to me this makes them dangerous. I believe that the Conservative Party of Canada, led by Prime Minister Harper has divided this county in just about every way possible and turned one Canadian against another for the sole purpose of staying in power and this scares the hell out of me.

Think he is trying to target a specific ethnic vote? I wonder why he is saying that to them and ignoring all others?



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