Do We Have The Legal Right To Interfere With The Governing Of Sovereign Nations? eg. Lybia

Can there be a lasting peace if it is not legal?

 Looking at Lybia and the suffering that is happening to the people of that country I wonder how Canada’s part in this situation will play out in the days and years to come.  Our government knows full well that imposing embargos and sanctions on  countries, only serve to further hurt the innocent people of the country who are already suffering.  The poor suffer not the leaders, medicine, food and the other basic needs will betaken away from them not the rich of he county and the powerful, yet we continue along these lines content on punishing rather than changing like an abusive parent.

 Neither Gaddafi, his family, his political allies, or military backers will ever go to bed hungry; will ever go without medical attention and will certainly never be forced to sleep in the street because of our governments actions, so what is the point?  We freeze Gaddafi’s assets  and pretend that this means something and that somehow he does have access to more, or that he can not get more, by leaning on his already oppressed and impoverished people, so I ask again what is the point? Has the useless suffering of millions in Gaza because of blockades and embargos, really taught us nothing at all?  Did the boarding of a ship in international waters and the  senseless killing of innocent people by Israel   trying to enforce a stupid blockade, teach us nothing?

By what legal authority have we been doing all of this interference in other countries sovereign affairs and now that we have stirred and heated up the pot are we prepared to eat the stew? Our appetite for this type of thing seems to be growing every minute. I listened to a professor ask the question ,” can their be a lasting peace if the peace is attained illegally?”  In other words when is it legal to interfere in the internal running of a sovereign country by its government  and aid in the bringing down of a government and is it legal to recognise a government that comes to power using illegal  methods? Does people have the right to violently remove a democratically elected government because they do not like a policy and do we have a right as outsiders to aid them, or encourage them to do so? What are the legal grounds for our actions and does this approach not lead to another revolution, or civil war shortly down the road when the people, or army disagrees with the new government.

It would seem that Gaddafi does have some supporters by the looks of things  and that a lot of blood will have been shed in vain as the rebelling Libyan people wait for their not so silent western backers to engage and answer the question they have been asking,”what now?”  These western backers that sit out at sea and offer little more than words of encouragement and hurl threats at their leaders, while they are being hunted down imprisoned, tortured and killed. Canada that can not  even rescue its own people from danger has the absolute nerve to be rushing a frigate to Lybia to help with blockades. I am sure Gaddafi is really scared of that, like when Harper said Canada was sending a plane to take Canadians to safety and Gaddafi told him no, not once but twice and every other county yes, choosing to make Harper look stupid and our planes leaving empty with our tail tucked firmly between our legs.

Do we have the legal right to say that there can be no more countries run by kings, queens and yes even dictators? I think like the professor, that there can be no lasting peace if the peace is not based in the law and legal and that barring a sovereign government and country committing crimes against humanity against their on people or their neighbors, that we in the west must learn to let countries work things out for themselves. We in the west must learn to obey the law even when that law does not suit our political agenda. What has our meddling got us and the counties we meddle in so far? What good have we achieved for the people of these countries. In every case the leaders we help to over throw are replaced by other leaders who are just as bad, but we are forced to deal with them, because we have legitimized  them, are  no longer able to squander resources on their problem, or our people back home are tired of going without while having to support a civil war that they feel has nothing to do with them and finally the people back home are tired of seeing their children killed in what seems like a never-ending war and want their children and love ones home. No matter what the reason for the withdrawal before the job is done it still means that the people of the country will get very little besides a new thumb pressing on them, because no guarantees in law  can be secured for them from  an illegal position

Looks like the victory was a short one for Egypt, people are back in the street once again rioting in some places waiting for the speedy change that they were  promised. Generals will argue and we will give our input and try to make deals that are good for us politically and commercially and the people of Egypt will keep on waiting, just like they are waiting in Tunisia where the press no longer covers the story front page even though the struggle continues and people continue to die. 

Whatever secret deals are made behind close doors in these war-torn nations we the ordinary citizens whose family and loved ones are dying for a lie, will never know the truth until years, or even decades later, because this is the safety net by which governments now give themselves not to have their involvement in corrupt activities discovered  by its population. The reason given for the secrecy is, ” That the subject matter must remain secret for reasons of national security.”  We do however know from past experiences that the deals will have  nothing to do with the welfare of the oppressed people, or the entrenching of civil rights and democracy for these people, or even the garnering of insurances  of  that the new regime will adhere to the rule of law when dealing with its people; we will instead  settle for something more tangible, a trophy to bring back to our people, like a landing strip for use in attacking their neighbors in the future, or their water rights, mineral rights or anything else that could turn us a quick profit before this government is brought down and all deals are again off.

If it is not done in a lawful manner I think that the only thing that we are doing is clearing th way for another dictator and paving the way for more non ending civil wars. I do not think we have the right to help, or encourage the over throwing of legitimately elected, or autocratic government and the test to do so must always follow and adhere strictly to the law and take into consideration the law of the land, if any country’s claim to sovereignty is to be taken seriously. 

Gadhafi forces break 

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