Canada Set To Enter It’s Own Time Of McCarthyism (Harperism)

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Three cheers for the three stooges of Parliament Hill and the group in charge of reviewing the cases of the  Sri Lankan refugees. Harper, Toews, Kenney and all of the Conservative Federal Party, I believe with this latest action you have revealed yourselves to be the racist bigots that you are, who will stop at nothing to humiliate, torture and imprison these people.  I feel that you will be considered for crimes against humanity when the people you are deporting against the court of Canada’s objections start showing up dead back in Sri Lanka.

We are following a certain path to glory

You will be responsible for the death of this fellow you are deporting without due process of law.  Is this the best you can do, one fellow who used to be in the navy of the Tamil Tigers, was in one battle, that sank one Sri Lankan ship, more than 16 years ago and although he never fought for them again, you are declaring that he is a terrorist and a danger to Canada? The fact that he never formally canceled his membership makes him guilty of abetting a terrorist group? We all know that sometimes in these countries in the throes of civil war that what side you are on is not always your choice if you want you and your family to go on living. we know that who side you end up fighting for often depends on who is in control of your area at the time and if you are to go on living you have no choice but to support the group in charge. The Prime Minister and his idiots find everything to be either black or white and this situation is  a prime example.  How many of the 600 refugees does the Harper government  plan to have deported to a country to be killed, or tortured. I say shame to all who have done this vile thing, you have the blood of this man and all others you send back to Sri Lanka on your hands and it will never wash clean.

We do so believe in the religious right!

Harper, Kenney, Toews,  why not say by extension that his wife and children are terrorists too, if they are here? His wife for still sleeping with him and allowing him shelter, cooking for him and loving him despite his service to the Tamil Tigers over 16 years ago.  While you are deporting her let us deport their children for  keeping his secret and not turning him in; making them guilty of protecting a known terrorist. Of course you can do it, you are the Conservative Party Of Canada and you need not prove that they are guilty of anything. You have brought this country back in time and have started our very own age of McCarthyismMcCarthy saw a communist behind door and around every corner; Harper and his Conservatives see a terrorist and a terrorist threat. 

Does anti Harper, anti Conservative Party of Canada = Anti Canadian?

Why stop there Larry Curly and Moe? Why not go after his family, friends and loved ones here who have supported him and are fighting for him?  By your asinine way of thinking  they must have known of his connection 16 years ago to the Tamil Tigers and that makes them guilty as well in the supporting of a person with a known connection to the Tamil Tigers and that is against the law is it not? Guys rack your brains  and search laws that have not been used in centuries, there must be some law to get them all and if not you guys can go into our bag of tricks and create one. You need not worry they will not live long once back in Sri Lanka and will probably not live long enough to cause you anymore problems, the Sri Lankan government has assured probably assured you of that already.  This way of thinking is so non Canadian, but is so Harper Conservative and it is so wrong. The callous disregard to human life and  human suffering shown by Harper, Kenney and Toews coupled with their political party’s willingness to follow along like good soldiers, just following orders is scary and reminiscent of another time in history when a group of people were singled out for special treatment from a government leader and the rest of the country and the world stood by and watched. Millions of one type of people died that time before something was done about it, how many will Harper and his government get to kill before something is done?

Harper, Toews, Kenney you will have only one more thing to do after you deport these undesirables and that is to punish anyone who took the side of these refugees/terrorists. Those blog writers, protestors, lawyers, judges and politicians who took the sides of suspected terrorists. I guess you will get to them in any way you can, remembering that you are the Conservative Party Of Canada and as such are above the law.  Get them fired from their jobs if you can not fire them directly; make a new anti government speech law, making it against the law to speak ill of a Conservative member of parliament; make a new law making it legal to spy on people on the net, or in their homes; finally give the government the right to close down any web site that is considered anti Harper, or anti Conservative party. Dig down deep into you never-ending supply of dirty tricks and you will find a way to accomplish your goals; you always do.


In all fairness I must include the rest of the brood

Let the chips fall where they may tomorrow and get the killing that needs to be done today done today. Your friends to the south have shown your party the way to have a Canada for real Canadians,  and all you guys have got to do is close down our borders to those that are different from us by, faith, color and ethnicity. I can see that you are following an immigration and refugee policy that says that, Canada, need not keep on adding to these ethnic and cultural minorities flocking to our country, whose numbers in certain areas are greater in your view than that of real Canadians.  You feel that you must ensure that Canada is not overrun by these people and that real Canadians are not made an extinct people, wiped out of their own country, right Mr. Prime Minister?  Kenney, Toews, Harper, you are not prejudice, you are just scared Conservatives; scared that you will cease to exist if these people keep arriving by boat loads, 400-600 persons strong seeking asylum and safety on our shores. How dare these immigrants think to hold this government  to an ancient Canadian promise, to take in all refugees that make it to our shores and make them feel welcome; times have changed and we are no longer honoring these claims. There is a new king in town and Harperism, does not allow for this sentiment. The new immigration law governing the refugee is a simple one and it states,”If you can not afford to wait the 10 years it now takes to get your case heard where you are, or in some foreign land in a refugee camp designed for just your type of person, than you do not have what it takes to be a Canadian.  If you manage to get here, we as a country will punish you and make you long for the country and horrors you ran from. We do not want your type of person here!”

These people in my opinion are dangerous, they either do not think things out, or they just do not care who gets hurt.

Do not misunderstand Harper , Kenney and Toews and the rest of the Conservative Party of Canada’s meaning, in my opinion they do not care if you are in danger of losing your lives, they do not care if you have never done anything wrong, they are willing to break the laws of Canada and the international world, to break you. The Conservatives as a government do not want your type of refugee in Canada. The Conservative Government of Canada has sacrificed too much to back down now and they mean to make an example of you Sri Lankan refugees, come hell or high water.

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