A New Political Direction Needed For Canada, Or Are We Getting What We Asked For?

Time to move on says, Stockwell Day. My sentiments exactly.

I think it is time for a change in who is representing us as Canadians and it needs to be now!  This government of liars, racists and fascists needs to be removed from   office.  They have laughed in the face of democratic procedures and spit  on the poor, women, minorities and immigrants, from their lofty positions on the hill.  That this is a negative government comes shining through every time it introduces a new policy like cutting funding to social programs.  This government practices a version of politically acceptable racism and  encourages a form of hatred based in fear mongering that divides one canadian against another. This government  thwarts democracy by ignoring laws it does not like, ignoring court decisions not in its favor and ignoring the Canadian people.  This government led by Steven Harper is way out of control.  The Conservative  vision for what a progressive Canada  is and should look like is regressive. Our past, our present and our future is of no interest to this government; all that matters to Mr. Harper is his agenda for staying in power.

Retiring Chuck has no comment on why he is retiring except that it is not health related.

I remember a time when our country was so well-respected and our people were welcomed with open arms in countries that many other countries such as the USA were not welcomed to go to or went to with a fear of being targets of revenge due hostile feeling that were felt against their governments. We may have had our differences with other countries, but we were on nobodies hit list and our citizens could travel the globe without fear that we were being targeted for assassination or ransom.  we were a respected country and a respected people, but that is all in the past, now we are a feared country and a despised  people.  The weaker countries of the world counted on Canada to help them and stay fair and we sold them out for the promise of power.  Our government led by Stephen Harper has managed to accomplish this in just 5 years, imagine what he could accomplish if given another 5 years.   

All from British Columbia is there a hidden message here?

High ranking Conservatives are retiring and leaving active duty, like rats on a  sinking ship,(Stockwell Day,  Chuck Strahl,  John Cummins and Jay Hill.); the Bev Oda affair, the jet fighter business; the in and out election fraud decision by the courts; the multiple prorogation of parliament to avoid facing consequences for bad decisions; the pot ash bungling; the G8, G20 tab that they refused to explain;  the TSE deal; the handling Somali refugees; the firing of arms length agencies directors that did not agree with their

Accused of changing official document illegally Ms. Bev Oda says," It wasn't me, then says ok you got me it was me all along, but I have the right as the "Minister" to screw with those people, it was my call and it was, it is my job and it is what I thought was right in the long run"

policies; their being found in contempt of parliamentary procedure by the speaker of the House; the increasing of the number of Conservatives in the non elected Senate, instead of getting rid of it as he swore to do;  but the broken promise of transparency to the people of Canada was by far his  breach of faith, a promise he has not only failed to keep, but has managed to  make every issue a matter of national security effectively shutting out the majority of Canadians from what is going on  in the government, just to name a few tells me that this government is not of the people or for the people, but for itself.

Ms. Ouimet says,"The investigation of me was totally unjust and unprecedented. The Auditor General, Sheila Fraser's findings were all wrong and that she received death threats." Another example of the Conservative Party of Canada MP saying," Do you believe me or your lying eyes?"

Pay offs to silence officials dressed up to look like severance packages with  no comment clauses attached to them, ( Christiane Ouimet, the former federal integrity commissioner, a day before she was to appear before the Commons public accounts committee got a golden parachute worth more than $500,000, but the circumstances surrounding her sudden “retirement” are subject to a non-disclosure agreement.);

 Is this charlatan the type of leader we want we want leading the country and speaking for us as Canadians? Can we trust a liar and a thief with our future and the future of our children and grandchildren?  Even if we do some how see to trust him do you really think that the other leaders of the world will put much stock in what he says, or trust him? I think not.

When Jay Hill said he would not run again, he cautioned all parties to behave themselves.

I have written this article because I have seen the new Conservative Party of Canada’s, American style attack ads painting the picture that it is good to detain refugees,(woman, children) as well as men in detention centers/ jail without due process of law. Actions that the Canadian courts have clearly ruled illegal as well as prejudicial. I have seen the ad that implies that the Liberals and the NDP were somehow trying to separate Canada by working with the Bloc Québécois on certain issues or by forming a coalition with them to get rid of his government and I say who is it or was it that courts the french vote in Quebec?  Who is it that has allowed The Parti Québécois to commit  genocide on the English Canadians of Quebec just to stay in power in Ottawa? If you guessed Stephen Harper and his Conservative Party you guessed correctly.   Then we have that letter where they are targeting the Jewish and ethnic and really ethnic blocks of voters in certain areas, what a flagrant attempt to buy votes and I could go on all night with examples of this governments snide, arrogant mean-spirited ways of politicking, but I think you see my point even if you do not agree with me totally. I mean how hypocritical can a government and its leader be? 

This says it all for me

I also write this because it has been suggested that we Canadians respond favourably to this type of dirty underhanded intentionally false type of propaganda and that we like to be led through the nose by lying, cheating politicians like the Conservatives have become in the last 5 years while under the leadership of Stephen Harper. It was suggested that Micheal Ignatief  and Jack Layton could never win an election in Canada because they don’t play dirty enough and dirty politics is what Canadians respond too best. Our voting record and the polls certainly indicate that this is true and it is indeed a sad day for Canada and Canadians.  

 An accusation has also been leveled that the main stream media is just not interested in covering the human interest side of the story anymore. If our true feelings are going to be heard about how this country is being governed then it will have to be told by us the bloggers, 10, 25, 50, 100 people at a time until at least all Canadians get to hear and see the truth about these politicians at least once.  As we get ready to have an election remember that,”There is nothing worse than a thief  but a liar” and the Conservative Party of Canada led by Prime Minister Harper  just happens to be both.

Remember according to Stephen Harper and his government,  The Auditor General is wrong, except when she finds negatively about the opposition; the courts are wrong on its immigration opinion as well as its decision on the in and out scheme; Elections Canada is wrong also; opposition parties are wrong always; the RCMP is wrong; everyone is wrong with the exception of them. This is their record and this is what they stand by; this is how they govern. Does this sound or look like democracy to you? If this is not how you wish to be governed it is time to stand up and say no to Harper and his goons!

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