We Are Bombing You For Your Own Good, So Shut Up And Let Us Save You

Is God finally going to rid this planet of us so that his other creations might live?

How long can we keep this up all over the worldat the same time?

Here they go again setting no fly zones over other peoples sovereign air space, strangling a sovereign nation by instituting trade embargos, cutting them off at sea by military blockades and bombing them from thousands of feet in the air and from hundreds of miles out to sea. We will kill hundreds of civilians with this method of attack, but I guess to Obama‘s broad-based collation these people are just collateral damage and considered an acceptable loss of life.

The new diplomacy of the New World Order

I wonder how many Omar Khadrs will there will be from this action to save the Libyans from themselves?  I wonder how many people will be whisked off to places like Guantanamo Bay? I wonder how long it will take to make it illegal for the government of Libya to fight back. If they now bombed the USA, or any of its allies on their soil would this be considered terrorism, or a reaction to the bombing of them and justified under the articles of war which seems to have been declared on them?

Interestingly enough is the absence of a ground attack which is less likely to kill the innocent. I wonder how many of these wars the economies of the warrior nations can sustain and for how long? The cost of the Afghanistan and Iraq war on terror fiasco, set the world into a recession and now not fully recovered the USA has decided to throw the world into another crusade, by interfering in the internal goings on of yet another country.

So much for hope!!!

I do not contend that nothing should be done for the Libyan  people, but using verbal threats is not the same as negotiating peace to me. This attempt by the Obama, “Broad Based Coalition to poke its nose in another countries business by encouraging its people to over throw its government was bad enough, but to actually take action against that government for trying to quell the rebellion is not only illegal, but sends a dangerous message that might come back to bite them in the butt.  Imagine if we in the west decide to depose our governments by civil war every time we find ourselves being unjustly treated? How will this “Broad Based Coalition” deal with its own people and would they see military attack from an outside source helpful, or acceptable?

Think for a moment good people of the world not yet corrupted by fear, lies and power, what is the difference in what Kadaffi is doing to his people and what this “Broad Based Coalition”, is doing? Kadaffi is said to be keeping his people in a state of unacceptable poverty; The Coalition has blockaded them and sanctioned them this will not improve the plight of these people .  Kadaffi is said to be killing his own people with guns and bombs and since last night so is the Coalition.  The difference is that Kadaffi is in his own country and we are again invading; the difference is that he has never been a democratic leader, or promised to govern democratically; we are supposed to be democrats and better than him, but  democracy and diplomacy practiced with a gun pointed at peoples heads is no different from how he rules. We need to find a legal and moral solution quickly, or get ready to fight a never-ending unwinnable war untill we finally end time and space forever. 

This is our new way of negotiating and I think it sucks!

Obama  is now suggesting that the more broad the coalition the more legal it is and we all should know that this reasoning is a load of crap. Canada led by bozo Harper, the clown has sent our jets to join in on the killing, but as in the failed rescue attempts our equipment was not ready to go. How important Harper must feel now. Harper thought Canada should have supported the USA the first time when the USA told us to march and a not so perfect Canadian Prime Minister (Jean Chretien), told them to go stuff , that killing people and violating the law was not the Canadian way;  now he gets his chance to be a war-time Prime Minister and off he goes like a shark circling in a chum induced frenzy ready to kill everything and anything to satiate its blood lust. 

The press has joined in the propaganda and the headlines read:

  •  US…allies launch air attacks on Libya,
  • US, European missiles pound Libya

I thought that the press had possibly learned something about reporting the truth about what is happening and not glorifying insane murder, but I guess not. this political, military type of bombing and missile tossing turns a people who trusted you to help them into people who hate you for killing more of their families than their hated ruler did.  With every death of a child from starving, or lack of medical attention and supplies brought on by your blockades and embargo’s the tide shifts from screaming your name in adulation to anti everything that is remotely,”Broad Based Coalition” orientated. 

What about the innocent people living and working and walking around these areas when they are bombed without warning?

With every missile and bomb related civilian death the people in your home countries whose families you are murdering will turn against you and you will again be faced with fighting terrorists from within your own borders.   It does not matter what the press reports on how glorious your mission is, because there are honest bloggers and family members with computers and the truth is told with every bomb that drops and kill the innocent as well as the guilty. These people asked for help to ease their oppression, not just to change who is oppressing them, (Kadaffi to the Coalition).   

The roads out of towns, villages and cities are slowed to a crawl as war ravaged people flee to get to safety.  They are not trying to get away from Kadaffi, they are trying to flee from the “Coalition’s” bombs and missiles falling out of the night sky and killing them and their children in their sleep and making them easy targets for Kadaffi and the coalition forces to mistakenly hit, or get caught up in the cross fire.

Have you told them what you will do to them if the seek refugee status in your countries "Broad Based Coalition"?

What are these nations who do not want anymore Muslim immigrants going to do when refugees start ending up on our shores seeking asylum like the Shri Lankans? these countries in the Broad Based Coalition who have stated openly to the world that they are against multiculturalism and think that it is dangerous for a country to allow immigrants to keep their own cultures and traditions once they have been permitted to immigrate. France, Italy, Germany, Canada, USA, Britain, Australia, just to name a few have a poor record when it comes to dealing with its Muslim population and have either passed very anti Muslim laws lately making it very difficult to claim refugee status, or if lucky enough to get in made it next to impossible to dress or practice their faith freely.

This is where we are headed. Is this truly what we want?

As we take one step closer to Armageddon in our futile attempt to make the world a better place by killing anything different from us whether it be a life or an ideology, I fear that the end is not far away and I am sad for my children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren who I now know will never see a world without war, a world without refugees a world without senseless killing.  Diplomacy has replaced by military might and all lessons learned from the cold war to this time have been pushed aside by the bullies in the school yards and now a street mentality of gang warfare , or coalitions if that term makes you feel better has begun the process of destabilising the world in an attempt to recreate it in its own image, in other words certain countries have formed a military alliance, a “Broad Based Coalition” and decided to play God.     

This strategy of bomb now and talk later can not succeed. There will never be peace found at the end of a gun.  We have turned a corner in time and are rushing head long into an era of mistrust, anger, bigotry, hatred and a need for violence that the world has never before witnessed and it is being done in the name of peace, compassion and God. If we say that God gives us the right to do these cruel things and they say that God gives them the right to do what they do, how can mere mortals stop the inevitable ending of total world destruction, the path we claim that God has chosen for all of us?

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