Looking Tough In A Cowardly Way

What a bloody mess the west has made of things.  Our saving the world from itself is about to start the next world war and that is only if we are lucky and no one hits the red button. Our Presidents, Prime ministers and assorted heads of state who wish to play God have decided to launch a holy war, another Christian Crusade. This time the boats do not take years to arrive on the foreign soil and are not armed with soldiers in armor armed with swords; this time the Christians arrive in days and instead of cannon fire they are shooting missiles from 800 miles out at sea.  They are using jets that can not be heard or seen by the enemy until it is too late. These cowardly attacks from the sky are becoming the signature of the western style of fighting a war that really isn’t a war. These air assaults prove the unwillingness of the west to fight a fair fight and face their opponents on the ground face to face.  Our troops are soft and when confronted with death face to face develop mental break downs, and war related stress issues.  They believe that they are not to die and that the people they are killing are really happy to have them kill their brothers and fathers, women and children so that they the oppressed  Muslim can one day realize and live the American dream.

The coalition has done Kadaffi a favor they have closed off his country so that he can kill whoever he chooses and he is doing that. Russia and china have spoken and they were not supportive of the west. The African Nations have spoken and they are not supportive of the air strikes, so what is the point and for whom is all this bombing being done for? The slaughter on the ground has intensified so what is the bombing of buildings really doing besides making the western alliance look tough and helping ruin an already struggling people.

Not to play the race card, but all these white guys getting together to beat up on the non whites is getting droll, not new, been done before. Obama is on his main mission right now to prove that he can  be as white and as christian as the rest of the young bucks running the world today and I don’t think he cares anymore if he has to kill every Muslim to do it.  Is it just me or has the world changed since the younger politician has come to run most of the powerful nations of the world. I found the world’s approach to diplomacy a hell of a lot more aggressive and a lot more threatening then it used to be. There is only on problem with the New World order and it is that it is not new. It has been tried by the Greeks, Great Britain, Germany, Rome, just to name a few and it just dies not work. as your empire grows it gets harder and harder to control. The United States and its coalition will learn the same thing that the Russians did in Afghanistan, these people will not roll over and you will bankrupt your self in a never-ending battle, or you will have to kill every last one of them in their country as well as yours, or look over your shoulder and hide in fear in your own homes from what you call the home-grown threat. 

Over how many countries can we fly no fly zones. At see how many blockades can we enforce properly and efficiently. How many trade embargos can our economies driven by trade realistically afford, before we are the ones feeling the monetary impact. this unholy coalition is already doomed to fail as all of Africa’s and the middle east’s want to be rulers take our actions and response to revolt as a signal to launch their cup des tats all at once.  We have set a dangerous tone of revolt and anarchy throughout these war-torn parts of the world. People are dying because we have encouraged them to depose of governments they do not like in a non democratic fashion that our leaders would put down in our country by any means necessary even if it meant turning the army on our people like Kadaffi is doing to his. 

We have done it for less,” G8 and G20 summits in Canada” so please enough of we are stopping them from killing their own. We in Canada are living under one of the worst regimes in Canadian history. The Harper government, has been found in contempt of parliament by the Speaker of the house and by the MPs. They have multiple members either under investigation by the RCMP for wrong doing, or in court facing prison time for wrong doing and we are flying and bombing another leader for doing the same thing?  Harper has allowed a known criminal into his inner circle and allowed him to make 80 million dollars off of insider information and the list just goes on and on and we are telling some one else tobe more fair to their people?  This government does not have the right morally, or legally to take these heavy-handed actions against anyone, or any country when they are as guilty of mistreating and ignoring the rights of its own people.

Our governments are truly cowards trying to put on a brave face to a cowardly way of fighting. America as well as its allies have become warriors that are afraid to die, but not afraid to kill, as long as it is at a distance and they do not have to hear the screams coming from the women and children we maim with our so-called smart bombs and precision missiles.  Everything and every country that the Western Alliance has touched in terms of world security, world peace, nation building for example has been a colossal failure and left the world in chaos. The coalition can not do good things because they operate from a lie and secrecy. Toni Blairs testimony tells exactly how when the west wants something done it twists and perverts the law until it justifies its actions, or intentions. This is indeed a show of power, even will, but it is neither just or righteous and will always be met by resistance wherever man wishes to be free to pursue their own goals culture and way of life.

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