An Election To Define Who Canadians Are And What We Want

Here we go again getting ready for the election that in my opinion needed to happen 4 years ago. Yes the Liberals were embroiled in a scandal with their attempt to buy votes in Quebec with their sponsorship scandal and yes it was not right to do legally, or ethically, but it is nothing when you compare it to the history of this Harper led Conservative government.  I would like to say from the start that this election is one of the most important elections probably in the history of modern Canada. This election will define us as a people and put to rest once and for all, for Canadians and for the rest of the world what type of people we are, by who we choose to represent us and speak on our behalf.

 Stephen Harper and the Conservatives contend that in voting for him in the last election in which he won a minority government that we the Canadian people gave  him the right to govern without the hinderance of:

  • Being accountable to Canadians about the decisions he and his party take, be it buying jets and awarding of contracts without tender, giving gifts of cash  to certain ridings where his MPs victory was weak in the last election like Toni Clements. Is this what you want from your government?
  • Providing the necessary information and documentation to allow parliamentary committees and Senate committees the opportunity to make informed decisions. (They are now in contempt of parliament by parliamentary committee as well as been found in contempt by the Speaker of the House of Commons). Is this what you want from your government?
  • Obeying the courts of Canada when the remedies that they themselves seek in the courts do not go in their favor, or  are to their liking. ( the Omar Khadr case, the handling of the Shri Lankan refugees case in the courts by government lawyers and the  negative opinion of the courts concerning the false and immoral imprisoning of the refugees. Is this what you want from your government?
  • Explaining why Bev Oda  for example committed fraud when she changed the wording on an official document to allow it to read like it was in the favor of her political party line when in fact in its orignal form before her alterations said they were against her parties actions. This was a deliberate attempt by this member of the Harper team to both mislead the house and the public, but she still sits and holds onto her ministry, in fact the Harper government stated that she did the right thing and was within her rights as a Minister to do what she did. Is this what you want from you government?
  • Explaining why they chose to try to sell out every industry in this country to foreign interest, Pot Ash, Stock Exchange.  Explaining why they accepted a deal less than the world court ordered paid to us from the Americans in the soft lumber dispute.  Is this what you want from your government?
  • Explaining how a known ex-convict and disbarred lawyer got into the inner circle of the Prime Minister and manged to profit from his insider knowledge through a company run by his girlfriend a profit of over 80 million dollars in water filtration. Their explanation is it did not matter and we decided to leave the past in the past. Is this what you want from your government?
  • Explaining why he prorogued parliament to avoid answering tough questions and to avoid votes of non confidence. Although this appears to be a legal way to deal with holding onto power when you are a minority government at odds with the opposition parties representing more of Canada then you. It is  also called doing and end run around democracy and he did it more than once, in fact almost once for every year he has been in power. Is this what you want from your government?

I have named a few things that this government stands for and is guilty of doing, some from the distant past, some from the not too distant past and some from yesterday and I am sure that by morning something else will surface about this non democratic, despotic, lying and totally off the wall government and its leader Stephen Harper. All of these things are bad enough to see this government go, but his insistence that we agree and follow everything that the United States of America does, really sticks in my craw. I have never  known, or heard of a Canadian Prime Minister, or political party in the history of Canada, that has shown domestically and internationally that it has a puppy dog hero-worship of another nation. Harper’s love of the Americans and their way of doing things has led his party and the Canadian people into a blind rush to be a state without statehood. In just 5 years we have totally given up or sovereignty quietly and in secret to the USA; we have and given up our morality and our  Canadian sense of fair play; we have become a country that laughs in the face of democracy and a country that spits in the face of justice.  We have become all of this in just 5 short years under the governance of Stephen Harper and his Conservative Party of Canada and he and his government are promising to hold the course and give us more of the same. Is this what you want from your government?

In my opinion I think that he and his party need to be removed to the person from government. This government led by Stephen Harper has deliberately divided Canadian people one against the other for personal gain, just to stay in power. They have played on the prejudices and fears that are inside of all of us and that for the most part we know to be wrong and so do our best not allow them control our lives and stop us from working, living and interacting with the other Canadians different from ourselves.  Most governments work to encourage its people to learn about the differences in its people and try to remove the fear of the unknown through education, cooperation and understanding, but not the Harper government, they have used every racial, religious, economical, political and cultural difference to divide the people of this country. They have promoted, supported and tolerated an acceptable form of prejudice against Muslims  in this country that is scary and very non Canadian.

They have tried to buy the Jewish vote by following the American lead that the State of Israel can do no wrong and although I believe that the State of Israel has the right to exist they must also be held accountable if they commit atrocities and crimes against humanity against their neighbors, just as we would expect of all others found guilty of the same crimes. The law whether it be international, or domestic must be the same for all if it is to be respected and have any validity. Right now we have joined in an alliance, a coalition that respects no rule of law and that simply changes laws to suit what they need to do and wonders why no one trusts them.  Canada is in rough shape right now and our government continues to lie, or simply withhold the truth from parliament and the people of its country. If this is what you want for your government vote for the Conservative Government of Canada and get more of the same.

If Steven Harper wins again make no mistake Canadians are getting what they have voted for. If the one thing that he was clear about is that you will not see a change in the way he or his government operates. So if he wins please keep the how could he do this and the how could this be happening, and who does he thing he is, to a minimum, because I will be telling you it is your fault for voting him in, or not doing enough to see that he gets voted out.  This government has broken its word and abused the trust of all Canadians and it is time to put and end finally to its reign of terror. I would like Canada to go back to being Canadian and not have to be angry all of the time at everyone. I would like Canada to go back to the role we enjoyed as humanitarian before we became warrior. I would  like Canada to show love again instead of hatred. I would like Canada to be loved again instead of feared. This is what I want from my government and this is why I will not be able to vote in good conscience for a Conservative Government led by Stephen Harper with any of his cabinet Ministers in it.

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5 Responses to An Election To Define Who Canadians Are And What We Want

  1. D.I.D. says:

    I must admit, however, how eerily the CPoC seems to use campaign tactics that nearly mirror those of the United States’ Republicans.

    The funniest one is the whole “Ignatieff Citizenship Debate”. The Republicans liked to abuse the whole “Obama is not an American citizen” nonsense, wheras our Conservatives have turned this notion on its head in an eerie way:

    GOP: “Barak Obama is NOT an American!”
    CPC: “Michael Ignatieff IS an American!”



    • archemdis says:

      I think they are all full of you know what, but alas what are we to do. Stupid debates that take us all for fools. If anyone or any political party has proved top be pro USA to a fault it is Harper’s, but he talks to all Canadians like we are children and I think it is time he learnt that we are not. All I can say is that with all of the scandals and court cases and criminal stuff going on this whole election is going to paly out like a bad movie. lol


      • D.I.D. says:

        Oh, without a doubt. This is going to be full of low-blows. It’s what our career politician scum do best.


  2. D.I.D. says:

    But, I have this terrible feeling that any of the other cabals would ultimately make a no better government.

    I wrote a rant earlier about how I think this election will play out;

    The only way the syetem will get any better is if we put our politicians in the hot seat and force them to change their ways. Partisanship will get us nowhere.


    • archemdis says:

      It is their arrogance though that take this Concervative party to a new level and it is what irks me the most. No one is perfect, but they seem to think that they are. To me they have taken a path that I find puts them in a place of their own and in a different place than most Canadioans and makes them dangerous to Canadians and the Canadian way of life. I will settle for a government that has the heart to admit when they have done wrong and try to change.


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