Is Canada Getting Rid Of An Egomaniac (Harper) And A Totalitarian Regime (The Conservative Party Of Canada)?

What a time we live in, when doing what is right is made to look like it is wrong. We live in a time when if you ask, or demand your most basic of rights you are branded trouble maker.  For 5 long years now we have went from a democratic country led by a Prime Minister, to a country led by an egomaniac and a totalitarian regime. Well at the very least this government got to see this week that they can be brought down and the Canadian people will be given another chance to exercise their will at the polls. At the most we will remove this would be God and his minions from office for good and for the good of this country and Canada.

I have heard many people refer to this election as the Conservatives economic plan versus the country’s need to return to democracy and the democratic way of doing things. I say that it has nothing to do with the Conservative Party of Canada‘s economic recovery plan , because  in my opinion they do not have one and I do not understand why Harper thinks that you can not have government and democracy.  I believe this election is about a political party and a party leader who have gone over the top with their arrogance, their deceit and their total lack of respect for democratic process. I believe that all political parties are the same when it comes to what they promise and what they do not deliver, but none to this point in my opinion have so openly laughed in the face of the law, promoted racism, made a mockery out of  the democratic process  and ruined the reputations of so many for no other  reason than this government led by Stephen Harper‘s desire to remain in power and to govern like they have a majority government

This election will be about the fact that Mr. Harper has no respect for public servants, or anyone else who does not agree with him, or his policies and has the nerve to say so in public.  He has fired so many good public servants for standing up for the Canadians that they were charged to look after that he looks and acts like a king to be obeyed without question. He has fired the heads of  arms length institutions for speaking up for the interests of Canadians and Canada, even when it meant standing up to him. He has diverted monies and spent it on weapons to kill with. The monies that could have went to help seniors,  support child care, reduce tuition, hire more doctors, nurses and support staff, or aided in the fixing of more roads bridges. All of these things that did not and still do not seem important to this government.

This election will be about Stephen Harper and his government’s track record.  Their inability to admit to wrong doing and their rather childish way of pointing the finger at others when caught doing something wrong; as if reminding us that in the past another government got away with something and some how this fact makes it ok for them to do it now in the present time.  All this is bad and should keep Harper from winning this next election but if it is not enough for you, consider this. Have you ever heard any member of this government say they were sorry for anything that they have done wrong?  Have you ever heard this government ever admit they were guilty of wrong doing? The answer to both of these questions is that this government thinks that they have done nothing wrong at anytime in their 5 years of governing  to warrant any apology to Canadians, parliament, the House of Commons, any committees be they Senate or otherwise.   It is in keeping with  this belief  that they now blame everyone but themselves for their downfall. I think that it is time to send these governmental pre schoolers back to kindergarten to learn how to play and get along with others without fighting and how to share.

This election will be about  this government’s inability and unwillingness to work with the opposition parties who were also elected to do more than blindly agree to the governments every whim without the proper paper work. The opposition was elected by Canadians to hold the government of the day accountable whether the Prime Minister and his cabinet like it or not. Their refusal to hand over the monetary cost of their plans and other documentation requested by members of the house, I think speaks volumes about who is not cooperating with whom and which of the parties has forced this election. I believe that Mr. Harper and his government are going to be taught that Canadians are not as dumb as he thinks we are and we can tell the difference between the truth and a lie.  This kind of everyone else is wrong and we need not work with others is one of the things I think this election should be about.

This election will be about a political party and a Prime Minister, who thought that they could do no wrong, or at least thought that they could hide their wrong doing forever. They got away with it for 5 years using the fact that everyone was mad at the Liberals for the sponsorship scandal and the climate for another election was so negative. Well like always the truth has a way of showing itself and then it is time for the wrong doers to finally gets exposed and have to pay the price for the harm, or crimes they have committed. I believe that this is what the election will be about.

This election will prove to th Conservative Party of Canada that they have never been perfect in the eyes of Canadians. Canadians knew that they were lying about everything all along, but instead of trying to drag them physically from their seats in the House of Commons like they advocate that the citizens of other countries do when faced with a regime that they do not like, the Canadian voters  allowed the democratic process to bring them down. I think that this political party  has displayed through its arrogance, that it feels that it has accomplished the impossible and has achieved a perfect record and has made no mistakes and therefore needs to change nothing in the way that it governs. 

 What we as Canadians do  hear from this government though, is how nothing is the fault of this government and the fault lies with the oppositions parties on the other side of the house. Instead of doing things different the Conservative’s  have claimed the right to be as wrong as the political party that led the country before them .  I think that this Harper led government can not change for the better, because they feel they have nothing to change. 

 This election will bring into the light of day how this government has changed us from a country that was loved and trusted respected and envied, to a country that is feared, loathed and no longer trusted in just 5 years of Harper power.   The Harper government  has rewritten who Canadians are and what we stand for on the international level and I think it is deplorable.  As a country we have left diplomacy behind in favor of bombing, embargos and sanctions.  We have begun to encourage civil disobedience in other countries that we would not tolerate in our own county by our own citizens, as we have proved over and over and time after time, the latest at our G8 and G20 summits that saw almost a 1,000 people arrested illegally for simply demonstrating, let alone trying to topple the Harper regime.

This election should be about why we have stopped being humanitarians and the voice of reason in these war-torn areas like we used to be instead of following other countries and their foreign policies. This election should be about why we are now lending our military support in the overthrowing of a sovereign government. We are knocking out the defenses of a government so that its home-grown terrorist can,  overtake the these leaders illegally and by force.(that is how that government perceives our actions and in my opinion quite rightly so). I think that this is wrong no matter what we think is going on and is a very dangerous practice that could come back and bite the west in the butt.

I think that this election is about whether or not we should be aiding in the bringing down of governments and altering the definition of a sovereign state to suit our purposes and ideals.  No matter why we think we are going after the leader of another country and how justified we think our reasoning is, the truth of the matter is that they are under no obligation to take our advice, or orders.  Harper refused to listen to the opposition parties elected by his people, so why does he think foreign leaders are obligated to do as someone else tells them that can not lay claim to having been elected to represent the interest of anyone in their country? 

By bombing of people in the night that have not taken a violent action against us we invite the same on our land, we have said to the world that only situations like 9/11 are acts of terrorism and the bombs falling on you without provocation are acts of heroism and it will not fly.   The equation (1+1=2) must mean the same for everyone or we will have the chaos we see now   Anyone who stands against the government of “Canada and decided to take the law into their own hands in a violent nature would not be cheered by the government but would be called a home-grown terrorist and put down by whatever forces needed and we would not welcome the interference of an outside government especially in the manner that we are doing all over the world.

 Finally I listened to ex  Prime Minister Harper giving his after the fall of government speech to the press and he gave more of the same over the top talk and rhetoric,”The only political party in Canada that was in the position to  form a stable government is the Conservative Government of Canada” said Harper.  Mr. Layton was not capable of winning a majority and neither was Mr. Ignatieff capable of getting a majority of Canadians to vote for him so switch and vote for him, or be forced to deal with a government that would form a coalition with the Bloc. More fear mongering and razzle dazzle.

 Just to set the record straight on the lying ex Prime minister, Gilles Duceppe has a signed letter where Harper was willing to make a coalition with him and Jack Layton. This is taken from an article and I have posted the link to it  below the borrowed passage…

[Stephen Harper clearly tried to seize power through a coalition agreement after coming second to Paul Martin‘s Liberals in 2004, Bloc Québécois Leader Gilles Duceppe charged Saturday at the start of Canada’s 41st federal election campaign.Duceppe held up the letter to the Governor General he said Harper signed as Official Opposition leader to Martin’s government.]

Duceppe slams Harper over 2004 coalition letter (

 Not once did he apologize to Canadians for him and his government being found in contempt of parliament, or for any of the other scandals that have plagued his government, but instead tried to marginalize his governments being found in  contempt of parliament and accuse the opposition parties of ganging up on him for selfish reasons; what a crock. 

Ex Prime Minister Harper had the unmitigated gall to suggest that the only Canadians that count are the Canadians that he and his political party refer to as the real Canadians. These Canadians he was referring to were the ones who had jobs and businesses and were happy with his priorities and did not want this election. Harper said and I quote,”These are the Canadians that have been our priority and shall remain our governments priority.” Harper went on to say that Canadians did not care about the lying, the scandals, or any of the nasty little things he and his Conservative Party had to do to get his agenda through parliament and that the average  Canadian is really ill-equipped to understand the little nuances of getting things done on the Hill and are just interested in the final outcome. This is what is called dishonesty in government and we need to show him and his party in the coming election that we as a people do have morals and a code of ethics as Canadians and we expect and demand to be governed by them.

 Harper asked that English Canada stand together against the French in Quebec and give him a majority, doing once again what the Conservatives do best divide the country to hold onto power. Harper also said to hell with the poor and the unemployed, his government will take care of people who are working contributing members of Canadian society, own businesses and have made the right decisions in life. All others are not the priority of his government and are the reasons for his downfall.  With this statement he further tried to divide Canadians across the lines of  those who have and those who don’t.

I think that this election should  and will be based on who the government has stepped on, forgotten and  showed that they thought less of and about while they were in power.  I think those people who Harper calls the not important, not real Canadians will get to weigh, measure and judge him and he will be found wanting. If Stephen Harper could have  admitted to his and his party’s errors in judgement and actions, he might have looked a little better, but it is time for him to answer the tough questions and stop hiding behind what the opposition parties are up to.  Harper needs to explain to Canada and the Canadian people how he came to the conclusion that he could laugh in the face of democracy and spit in the eyes of justice, ignore the poor, show contempt for seniors and veterans, trample on the civil servants  and possibly hope to get away with it for another 5 years.


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