How And What Can A Politician Teach Their Children About Morality With A Straight Face

What is it that politicians teach their children about lying, cheating, or upholding the law and how do they do it? We know that it is not by example for most of them, because most of them do at least one of the above on a daily basis. Do they teach their children that what politicians(they) do is a necessary evil and so they the politician then can be forgiven? Do they teach do what I say not what I do? Just how do you break all of the moral and legal rules as a living and teach your children to do the opposite?

I used to think that it was the wives who stayed home and taught their kids to do the right thing, but this can not be said in today’s world where a lot of the women are no longer staying at home and more and more of them are entering politics.  It just struck me as a question, because I know it is our own values that we instill in our children and that our children often adopt. I know that other children can be cruel and political conversations in most families happen around the supper table with mom and dad often discussing what they like, or do not like in politicians and why and often their children sit at the same table and I wonder do the children of politicians get bullied, or made to feel ashamed for their parents actions as politicians by other students whose parents have been adversely affected by the policies of that political parent.

It is a question that has plagued me for years, because I have always felt that these children are vulnerable to ill feelings of many, because government policy is so far-reaching and the media is quick and as far-reaching now a days. Do political parents try to say that the media is false and try to explain that they are doing what they think is best for the country, or the world. For example when the press and the world is accusing a politician of being a racist because of unpopular laws they are passing, how does the politician teach their children that all people are equal. I guess the question really is how does a politician teach his children not to be racist when they pass and uphold racist laws and how does the passing of those laws affect their children and how do they see racism?

I know that other children of celebrities go to special schools, or are home schooled, because their parents do not want the children to suffer because of their antics, but they often grow up with as many problems as those who do not, because these days it is impossible to shield your children from who you are and how you are perceived and received by the public.  Since just about everybody has an opinion about politicians these days and the computers are full of blogs like mine how does one convince their children that what they are doing is just and right for people and that the children should be proud of mom or dad. Being proud of your parents is an important thing for children and I wonder just how many of these children of politics can make that claim?

I do not think I would like to be the child of a politician these days. I think that it is like saying my father is the head of the mob, my mother is a scam artist, or my parents run murder incorporated. I mean politicians are throwing refugees in jail, responsible for wars all over the world, killing hundreds of people a day to promote democracy, stealing fresh water, allowing people to starve and go without medical attention; what do the children of the politicians find in these actions to feel proud about.  Politicians are perceived as the innovators of ways to keep the poor, poor and the suffering of people going and they are rated as the most untrustworthy people in the world, so how do they explain to their children why they chose such a job in the first place?.

In todays political world the emphasis seems to be about making a better life for some instead of improving life for all and I just wondered how this impacted the children of the politicians, who must hear the voices of discontent coming from the population of the oppressed, or read about the bombs falling on innocent women and children, knowing that their parent, or parents are responsible, or at the very least being held responsible for those peoples deaths?  How do you teach your children that killing for money, or power, is not a good thing when you kill hundreds and thousands with the stroke of a pen for power, oil, water, land and religion? How do you teach compassion to your children when you do not show any towards others yourself, because doing more than talking about helping the aged, the poor and the vulnerable, could cost the country money that could be used for bombs and fighter jets for example?

These are just a few of the things I wonder about when it comes to raising a child in a politicians world, or being a child growing up in the world of politics. I wonder because I know that it gets tough to face yourself in the mirror when it is only you and the people in your immediate circle who know what you do, or who your parent is, or what he or she does for a living. I can not imagine the challenges of daily seeing your parents being called murders, racists, liars and cheats, or how they are hurting the country, or how it must hurt the child on the receiving end.  How does one justify and perhaps try to explain that the whole country and sometimes the whole world is wrong and that your vision is right? Do the children buy into this and what does that say about the next generation of politicians?

When your children walk by, or see pictures of children their age living in and dying literally on the street, do they realise that it is you the politician who is responsible for this? Do they know that it is your inability, or  your unwillingness to help that is causing this, or do you simply tell them another lie? I often wonder do the politicians sit and eat with their children and discuss politics, or is this an avoided conversation, or even a shunned one. Are the tough questions avoided all day answered any better at home, or do they go unanswered at home too?

The skin of children born and raised by politicians must indeed be thick and I do not envy them. I hope that they grow up to know that they can be different from that of their parents and that they do not have to bear the shame that their parents should be feeling for doing the things that they do. I hope that the sins of the father are not born by their children and that the child is not made to suffer in any way.  I hope that they have indeed found away to shield their children from who and what they are, or have become since they got elected, because no child should have to be ashamed of what their parents are, or do for a living. Lastly I hope that in spite of who their parents are and what they stand for that these children will find out how to be decent, law-abiding children and adults, if only by outside influences.

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