The Government Of Quebec Is The Mob / Part One… Gambling

Why has the government of Quebec taken over all that is bad for its citizens and even legalised the ones that were  illegal.  On one hand we have one department of the Quebec government promoting gambling and another ministry of the government warning against it. Who are we to believe and why do we have this conflicting actions from the same government?

Gambling: When I was a young man the numbers racket was just coming to an end. My grandmother played the daily numbers from the neighborhood numbers runner. It was illegal to play and it was illegal to run, because it was gambling and gambling was illegal. There was no Lottery Quebec, or any form of legalised gambling with the exception of horse racing. 

As a young man I remember poker games between friends on Saturday night being raided by the police, who got wind that a game was going on. It was illegal to play dice, or craps on the street, or in the privacy of your house, because all gambling was illegal in Quebec. Pinball Machines privately owned were seized and made illegal to have or to be used in Quebec when it was found out that despite them not paying off in bars officially that people were still using them to gamble making side bets on the scores and such, but this was okay because there was no gambling in Quebec and the government was just doing their job, or so the population thought at the time.  

No one argued because gambling was addictive and often hurt families and ruined lives. there was no denying that the government was doing what was right for  its citizens from all walks of life.  People who gamble often lost homes, businesses, rent money school funding to gambling and it was thought that all gambling was linked to organised crime and therefore not going to be tolerated.  Then Quebec took a step in the wrong direction. Quebec decided to take advantage of its addicted citizens and become the sole source of legalized gambling and lottery Quebec was born.

At 1st the government was content to just operate their version of the numbers racket selling the number that was worth a million dollars if won and the game was on. then realising that it had a cash cow scratch and win games started showing up on store counters where for a couple of bucks you could take your chance while you were buying a quart of milk and play the government’s version of just about any gambling game you can out on a card. How many of you have seen house wives with their milk and their scratch tickets. It looks innocent enough, but these ladies can no longer go into these stores without wasting money on gambling, that is sponsored and run by the government of Quebec. 

The government realised just as the mob did that people loved to gamble and that some people could not help themselves and that this was a great source of money so they decided to get involved in all factions of gambling and make it not a crime to gamble as long as it was gambling promoted and ran by the government itself. they had their own versions of every game the mob did and a few more, they put their version of the slots and pinball machines in any bar, or restaurant that wanted them and all bets were off for the families of the addicted gamblers.  People going to get a pizza could put money into one of these machines with the hope of winning. Seniors with time on their hands sit all day at these machines in neighbourhood bars spending money in these machines put their for them by the government of Quebec.

Still not satisfied the government of Quebec decided that it should open up Casinos and try to attract the higher rollers and so the casino in Montreal came to be and the people and the money rolled in and the last straw was broken over the backs of the chronic gamblers back.  Now they would not have to travel for hundreds or even thousands of miles to gamble, or save to do it; now they could go on payday to a place that allowed them to gamble at any game they chose legally and it was only minutes away.

With legalised gambling at every turn the problems associated with gambling started to recur, but there was no one left to stop it, because the government was now the mob and the government was making money. No longer did the government take the position that the people who made games of chance available were responsible for the suffering that gambling addiction causes. All of a sudden the government was backing the right of the responsible citizen to gamble,  making it the addicted chronic gambler’s responsibility to seek help and quit. The people had found a new champion in the government of Quebec that would insure that no one would stand in the way of its citizens from enjoying themselves gambling responsibly.

People losing their houses and businesses and families to gambling addiction started jumping from buildings and committing other forms of suicide, but the government did not slowdown one iota. Woman sold their bodies, children went hungry and the people committing crimes to either pay off gambling debts, or get money to gamble shot up, but the government refused to stop offering gambling to its people. In fact despite the damage that gambling was doing and is doing to its people the government of Quebec, puts out new and more attractive lotteries all of the time, trying to attract the sane people who are still not gambling, offering more and more ways to win and higher cash pay outs as incentives to try the game if you have not already.  Is this not one of their promotions,” You can not win if you haven’t got a ticket?”

There is in my opinion no difference in my opinion between the government of Quebec and the mob in this situation. The government of Quebec has become just another faction, or crime syndicate  participating in organized crime. They the politicians have chosen to ignore the suffering, the medical facts, the suicides and the negative side effects brought on by gambling, because gambling is profitable. Your loved ones addiction or sickness, or your own addiction equals profits  for the government and they are incapable of letting go of the cash cow.

What irritates me the most tough is that they have decided to put ou a disclaimer by virtue of ads on the radio and television reminding us that gambling is just a game and that we should take it as such and anyone that can not should seek professional help. I know that in a politicians mind that this absolves them of any wrong doing and they consider us fore warned, but in reality this is a hypocritical crock. they are playing Russian roulette with the lives of their citizens for cash money and the house is winning and its citizens are literally dying, and yet they continue to put the gun with the bullet in the hands of your love ones a dare them to spin and pull the trigger.

Gambling | Creative Criminals


The Quebec Health Ministry released these 2 cool print ads to show the dangers of gambling. The slogan says: “You have too much to lose.


The Quebec coroner’s office has released new statistics showing that a problem gambler commits suicide every two weeks in the province. This was taken from the article below and was written in 2003 about statistics compiled for years before that so just what is the government thinking and now I understand they have taken their act on-line.

 CTV Montreal – Quebec’s gambling-related

The Quebec government and organised crime share the same philosophy and principles when it comes to  on how to make money, the methods they use and about hurting the population. For the love of money they both will watch your love ones suffer and die and continue to sell death. They will not take responsibility for their actions. The only difference between the two is that one pretends to care, or is supposed to care and the one is not the mob.  The mob makes no promise of caring about you, or your family and is under no obligation to do so, that is why we pass laws to stop them from engaging in this type of activity. Your government however  is supposed to care about you, but the Quebec government would see you and your whole family dead before it gives up the money it makes from gambling and other addictions it has made illegal for others to operate, so that it has no competition in the promoting of, the running of and the profiting from an activity that kills and causes pain to its population.  Why does the government of Quebec take the position that it is okay for it to knowing sell death and destruction? What would they do to get money next if they were a nation, prostitute its children after all that is another thing that is illegal for everyone else, but could bring in untold wealth for this province, that would be a country? It would only take the stroke of a pen like it has in the gambling laws and we already know that like the mob, the Quebec government does not care about you as people, it simply wishes to go on making money.

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    • archemdis says:

      This being said what is your point? Are you suggesting for one moment that this makes it okay for the govenrnment to benifit off of an addiction, a sickness, of its own people? Okay it is your opinion and I do not agree, but I respect it as yours and your right to it. Have a great day and do ot fall into the gambling trap!


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