Helena Geurgis / Jaffer… A Story of Wrongful Dismissal, Or A Case Of The Conservative Who Me Syndrome?

I have written about this Conservative MP and her husband, that were once the inner Harper circle at a time when then conservatives were running around destroying careers of politicians, public servants, just to send a message that if you speak out against the Conservatives you will be made to pay. 

It was a time when the Tories thought that they could do no wrong and were fat headed with the thrill of victory. Then the reports started to come in about this MP’s not to nice behavior.  Seems she had a nasty temper and did not like to wait her turn for anything. this lady also thought that her position in public office gave her the rights of the Prime Minister, although I have never heard of him being rude to any of his constituents at anytime for any reason.

Even with this being said Mr. Harper did defend her actions and accepted her apology on the floor of the House of Commons and allowed her to stay on despite the call for her resignation by the opposition parties so the answer still that he refuses to answer is why did he fire her when he did and why?  I feel that even if he felt no obligation to tell the public that voted for her he would have the professionalism and the leadership ability of meeting with the MP and telling her exactly why he had to remove her. something she claims that neither Stephen Harper or any other member of the inner sanctum has done up to this point in time. Then today I open up the computer and conveniently for Mr. Harper and the other Conservative hopeful running in  Helena Guergis‘s riding with Mr. Harper’s blessing we have yet another leak that seems to try to discredit Helena Guergis’s bid to get herself re-elected. All of a sudden there are reports from private investigator, complete with pictures of Helena doing not so nice things and innuendo about them sharing prostitutes, but apparently the pictures are not available and no one is willing to make a public statement at this time and I think that this is just another smear campaign by Mr. Harper and his henchman.

Harper ‘tossed me under a bus’: Guergis

Missing is where this private detective came from, who hired him and why was he spying on the Helena Guergis in the first place. Who was investigating her with a private detective? I am no fan of Helena and her husband Rahim Jaffer, but I do believe that a boss no matter how up the chain of command he is has an obligation to at the very least say why he is firing some one and that when there is a denial of the charges a closer look at the evidence should be automatic and then the accused should be given the whole case evidence and all against her or him.   I believe Helena Guergis when she says that she was never told specifically why she was removed from cabinet, because by all accounts from everyone involved one thing comes through clearly,’ their was no proof, their was no witnesses, there was only a desire to be rid of her.  the evidence in this case is clear they enforced harper law instead of Canadian law once again.

CBC News  obtained the letter sent by Harper’s principal secretary, Ray Novak, to RCMP Commissioner William Elliott regarding Guergis and her husband, former Tory MP Rahim Jaffer. I have attempted to give you some of the key points from the beginning of the investigation to the end, but I have also included a link so that you can read the report by the CBC in its entirety below this portion of this post.

 “The allegations are numerous and include fraud, extortion, obtaining benefits by false pretences and involvement in prostitution,” Novak wrote in a letter dated April 9, 2010.  Hamilton raised allegations of “Jaffer and Guergis on tape, partying with hookers and doing cocaine” and that “not only does Helena tolerate Jaffer hanging out with, with escorts, and prostitutes, but there’s apparently video of her snorting cocaine off the breasts of a prostitute.”  “I’ve made no verification of that,” Hamilton added during the interview, citing newspaper articles as an additional potential source of information. At that point in the interview, the RCMP asked Hamilton if he was aware of anybody who could back up his claims.  “I am not,” he said.  When contacted by CBC News, Hamilton refused to comment.  A month after Hamilton spoke to the RCMP, Snowdy, appearing before a parliamentary committee, said under oath that he had “no evidence or information with respect to the conduct of Ms. Guergis in my possession or knowledge.”  After a three-month investigation, the RCMP, in a reply to Novak, said in July 2010 they had concluded there was no “evidence to support a charge under the Criminal Code.” Guergis is currently running as an Independent MP candidate.

This is what scares the hell out of me with this man and his party. They will use anything and anybody to get where he and they need to go.  They will twist and spin the truth and straight out lie about any one and anything to achieve their goals. They have smeared this woman and her husband with no proof and are continuing to do so. 

Follow this link and see the story behind the picture above

Stephen Harper and the Fallen Women

I think that even if they did not return her to caucus they had the responsibility to admit that they were not able to prove anything and based on the evidence, or the lack of it, that Helena Guergis was indeed wrongfully accused and was vindicated by the findings of the RCMP. Funny thing her husband has not been found guilty of anything criminal either by the legal code of the country, but both have been found guilty by  Stephen Harper law.  Stephen Harper has shown this type of disregard for the law and this type of cruel career ending type of justice without proof I might add over and over again since becoming Prime Minister.

There are allegations that Harper’s jail house buddy brought prostitutes to Harper events all the time.  There are pictures supposedly of them supposedly posing with Harper and Bruce Carson. I have never seen any, but should I conclude that the gossip is true without even taking the time to see for myself? This is after all Tory justice and their sense of fair play.  What has happened to Helena Guergis has nothing to do with whether or not she and her husband actually did anything wrong, but in the manner that this government and the leader of this country decided to handle the case. What proof  did the Tories have to take the actions it did? Why are they releasing this via leak instead of right out there.  If they mete out this kind of heavy-handed justice without benefit of explanation to their own with a minority government, what do you think they will be capable of doing to the rest of us, with a majority? I sure do not want to find out, do you?

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