GAL, My Appolgies I Forgot The Rules Of Canadian Conservatism

I really feel rotten for my behavior of late for ruffling the feathers of a certain, gal. This gal has a WordPress blog and so I went there and made a comment on one of her posts. I was not in agreement with her and her ideology, or her choice for Prime Minister and I made the  mistake of saying so in her comment box.  I had no way of knowing at the time that this was a Conservative only supporter comment box. There were no warning posters, no RCMP warnings and no pre registry needed, so I just went right in that comment box and said what I felt and it even got posted.

I was happy to see that this gal actually took the time to respond to my comments. This gal said she felt sorry for me and how much I misunderstood Mr. Harper and the Conservative Party of Canada. I was further advised not to believe everything I read in the press and seek reprogramming at a Tory help center. (only kidding).  I was told to talk to some one in a Tory office and that she was saddened by the fact that I said I could not vote for Mr. Harper and how I viewed he Conservative party, but she said that she could respect that who I voted for was my choice to make.

This was now all happening on her page and up to this point all of the comments were showing below the article that we had been discussing, that she wrote and I read and responded to. Well a little disturbed at her seemingly condescending tone and her suggestion that I may be just following others propaganda rather than just making an informed decision, I decided to respond to her comments and explain that I am capable of coming to my own conclusions and that our opinions were just different and this is what I said from memory, because they were erased before I could retrieve them. 

Thank you for taking the time to respond to my comment. My ears, eyes mind, heart and guts are all working just fine and I trust what they tell me completely. It is not the taxes to big business that bother, it is that there is nothing left for our seniors, our veterans, medic care, or education and the less fortunate that bothers. What bothers me is the Oda scandal, the handling of the Guergis case, the G8 summit scandal, that bothers me. What bothers me is that the Prime minister can not admit that he has made even though you yourself has admitted, that bothers me. Women and children refugees sitting in prison bothers me. The Prime Minister’s  involvement with Bruce Carson bothers me and the shutting down of parliament twice to avoid answering questions, bothers me. money for jets and nothing for social programs bothered me; but I would not say that the big  tax breaks for big businesses was the only thing that bothered me.

Well I guess that type of comment could not be allowed on a page dedicated to pro Harper propaganda and  other candidate bashing, and my comment was not allowed and our orignal conversation taken down as well.  There it was where our comments used to be read 1 comment only and it was a pro Conservative one at that; not even a note that the comment had been removed for whatever reason was posted.  I knew what was so hard to take with  this party and its supporters for sure now. I had ceased to exist and my opinion would no longer matter, I was to be ignored.

That was okay and I wrote the gal to tell her so and tell her that she was following in the way of  her leader and that maybe she should say what kind of comments her comment box was open to, so that in the future, people would not waste their time and hers, contaminating her page.  I told her that I would steer clear of her page now that I knew what it is all about. I thought that her page was very funny and I told her so. I think she missed an opportunity to get me to see her point of view and that translates into one less vote for her candidate for Prime Minister at election time and that was not her goal.

  Her  page does state that she wants Stephen Harper  re-elected and is doing  everything in her power to see that this is done. I guess I could use her name, but I think we know who we are and my goal is not to cause trouble for anyone, but to make a point about comment boxes. I wish this gal every success, but not for the mission she is on to get Mr. Harper re-elected. I hold to the view that everyone is entitled to their opinion, no matter who agrees, or disagrees with you about it. Stifling the opinion of others on the other hand, never gains supporters, it just makes you look scared of the truth. 

Update: Got a rather nasty letter from a Crippin, I will call him, or her  a person for the lack of a better word. This person  explains to me why my comments were taken down from their site and here it is just the way I got it last night.  Crippin says, “I took your comments down because this isn’t a discussion..this is you vomiting out all your perceived truths.  The Liberals did everything they could to make one of their mudballs stick…when it didnt really stick they got the rest of the guys to go along with they dont give us what we need…we need to find them in contempt of parliament..they had the majority in the committee and their deed was done….I have no time for you to expect my site to be open to you so you can throw out slings and arrows…to me you are just another kool aid drinker who does not appreciate that it was not the liberals, not the ndp nor the bloc that kept this country afloat…it was despite them… you would not take off your rose coloured glasses because you enjoy your role.   Not sorry at all..we have endured all the slings and arrows since 2006..why should I listen to it all again on my blog.   Goodbye…closed ears and closed mind…but enjoy the country that is still standing because of stephen harper and his caucus”.  I wonder how many converts they got with this type of salesman? I do not know about you but if this is the salesman I am not buying any of it.

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I try to say what is on my mind and not hurt others, but some things need to be said whether they hurt or not and I do just that. I try to listen as well as talk, but my opinion is just that mine. You need not take it as your own, just respect the fact that I am entitled to it, as you are yours. I do read all comments, but will only answer, or allow to be displayed those which adress me by name, refer to the post by name in the comment, or that have been sent through the proper channels. In this manner I can tell whether the comment was meant for me and that it is not just spam.
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