The Government of Quebec Is The Mob / Part Two…Liquor Stores

Quebec  having a monopoly on all of that is bad for Quebecers is both hypocritical in my opinion and sends the wrong message to Quebecers. Quebec decided to own and operate all the liquor stores in the province and  it would have its citizens believe that this is the only way for the government to keep the quality good and the price of the product fair. Intelligent Quebecers can tell a ruse from reality and do not buy into this nonsense. The government also claims that this is the only way to keeps organized crime from getting a foothold in the distribution of alcoholic beverages again, but I am seeing the almighty dollar sign as the reason for Quebec’s decision. What about the negative impacts of drinking on its population, how does the government justify being a party to helping in these problems?

The selling of hard liquor from store outlets could easily have been done from the private sector, like it is all over the world. The selling of it in only government approved outlets does nothing to lessen the effects of alcoholism to the public. It spares no lives, prevents none of the diseases related to alcoholism, or stop one alcohol related death, so what exactly does the public gain from this monopoly and what is the gain for the government except the almighty dollar?

Battered wives abused children and all around shattered lives are a direct result of drinking. Liver disease, kidney failure are direct illnesses related to drinking yet the government continues to be in the business of selling death in a bottle. If drinking is bad and causes young children to become alcoholics, why does the government not get out of the liquor business and really begin to help these kids with clean hands?  I have seen native girls do the nastiest of things with the nastiest of men for a drink. I have seen all nationalities of girls sell  their bodies for a good time and a drink, or go home with some one they do not even know for the promise of a continued party and a drink. Children get drunk and sexually molested by adults and the government still insists on being the provider of the alcohol.

 The only difference between whether the mob is involved, or a private citizen owns the outlets, is that the government wants all of the profits not just the taxes. The government  reserves the right to be the only group allowed to own a monopoly. The government has moved out all competition, just like organised crime would do, with the added capability of making its actions legal.  It bothers me, that the Quebec government feels that only it has the right to make a dollar off a vice, or a bad habit and it is also the entity that is supposed to make sure that no one is taking advantage of us in any way.  One would think that a government would see past the money and put itself truly in a position to help its people, but it would appear not and so the dance of death and destruction goes on.

Children are getting involved with drinking at an earlier age  then they used to and I know that having picked my 15-year-old grand-daughter up drunk from a birthday party she went too on the sneak. Having alcohol sold by private owners in stores would not help curb the drinking problems in children, or adults, but at least the government would not be abettors in this tragedy. To own a business like a liquor store you must advertise  and this is where my problem begins with this government. In one set of advertising  the government of Quebec  makes shopping at the government-run liquor stores attractive and easy to do and tries to get you to buy and of course drink and make others drink with you. Then out of the other side of their face they try to convince you that drinking is bad for your health and should be avoided and certainly not over done. The worse effect that this has on our young people is that  the government is seen by our youngsters as giving the blessing to drinking  and this to me is criminal.

Finally we have the government putting people in jail for driving drunk. Driving while under the influence of what the government sells to them. Not that they should be driving under the influence, or that this should be an excuse for the driver to do so, but at the very least this would not be an argument. Drinking is a problem not an asset, it hurts people not helps them, so why good lord is the government of Quebec taking part in this problem.   The government wants to end medic care, is always cutting back on social programs that help people with addictions and their families, yet they are continuing to be enablers and profiteers of addictive behavior.

By now you must be saying yes but why compare the Quebec government to the mob in this situation and I say to you why not?  The mob does not care if the families of the persons they sell addictive things to suffer and neither does the Quebec government. The mob could careless if your drinking causes you to lose all that you hold close to your heart because you become a drunk and neither does the government of Quebec.  The mob would try to get a monopoly and encourage everyone to drink and drink some more and so does the government of Quebec. The Quebec government in its approach to taking over the liquor distribution and selling in Quebec, to its marketing strategy has proven to be as ruthless and heartless in its targeting of our youth and alcoholics as the mob.

 The government of Quebec is guilty of making the drinking of  alcoholic beverages to look as sexy and appealing as possible. You  won’t find pictures of alcoholics on the bottles of alcohol, or pictures of a sick liver, or any other this product can be hazardous to your health warnings on the bottles of liquor that they sell, like the negative ads they force onto the cigarette packages that they only receive taxes for.

Thank the good Lord for places like the Welcome Hall Mission and the Old Brewery Mission, who have had some limited success in turning a few alcoholic mens lives around, have saved a few from starving, freezing to death in the winter. These special people and organizations are always there to give the alcoholics a kind word and a place to rest, when the government of Quebec turns their backs on these guys and gals, unless of course they want another drink and are willing to purchase their choice of poison in one of their government of Quebec owned and operated liquor stores.

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  2. Alcohol is bad , and alcoholics are made when humans drink when pregnant. Not a wise thing to do at all. The devil is doing all he can to keep whoever out of heaven. An inebriated, stammering, stumbling pickle brained humans bombed out of his mind human will want to do the same in my fathers house, and as a result will not be allowed in my fathers house. Read my words, and learn.


    • archemdis says:

      I too believe religion can be a great source of strength, but the government needs to get out of the selling of this poison and the killing of dreams. Have a great night Artie!


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