Jason Kenney and Stephen Harper = Fear, Mistrust For Canadians And A Death Sentence For Refugees

 Shame on Minister of immigration Jason Kenney for being a gutless coward and the people of Canada for allowing this shameless bigot to send people to their possible deaths, because of a callous need to act tough for the USA. Mexicans, Muslims, Syr Lankins are all going to die, so that he and the Conservative members of parliament can kiss the butt of our neighbors to the south.  The fact that he claims to be trying to help refugees waiting for over ten years in camps waiting to enter into Canada the legal way would be laughable if the tragedy and the danger to those waiting in these camps were not so real.   

 This country and its people have a choice to make and it needs to make it today.  Canada used to be a proud country and an honorable country that knew what a coward was and Canadians were respected around the world for being brave enough to stand up for what it believed ( justice, equality, human rights, etc.) and not to just follow blindly the wrong doings of other nations. Canadians did not live in fear of terrorist attack, fear of the United States not trading with us, fear of the economy, fear of unarmed refugees, fear of the unknown, or even fear of what people wear in the streets; we used to be the fearless Canucks. Now it would seem that the power grid going down would send us scurrying and looking for terrorists, when before this Harper government we would have went in search of an electrician,

 It would seem that since our government started throwing its military might around that it has become like our neighbor to the south, unable to stop quaking in their boots.  The present government, sees any ideology that is different to theirs as a breeding ground for terrorism. They see religious symbols and dress  as anti Canadian. Jason Kenney and the Conservative caucus, see freedom fighters as terrorists.  Our government has decided to take part in the crazy, dangerous and unsuccessful practice of putting into power regimes that are to our liking and the removal of those that are not.

The USA is the most hated country in the world because it has interfered in the internal politics of sovereign nations for a very long time now. They are not a democracy, they are a republic, but try to push a democracy that the do not practice on the rest of the world. Kenney and Harper along with the Conservative Party of Canada have committed Canada to an unholy, destructive alliance.  Canada is not stronger for it we are weaker for it and now must look into the bedrooms and changing closets of their citizens, imprison refugees and restrict visa applications.  We have become cowards, unable to function in the world without our gang. We are now engaged in the bombing of sleeping men, women and children. This is not liberating, this is not war, this is murder plain and simple. 

 This government has turned this country into a coward. Anytime your policies, your laws and your day-to-day life is ruled by fear and is the sole reason that you do everything in your life and the lives of your citizens, then you are a cowardly country. When you cease to stand up for what is right and start to follow the pack for  fear that they will not be your friends, or may take negative  actions  against you, then you have become a cowardly country. When you find that you are only feeling safe when you are in the company of your gang doing the bullying thing, than you are a cowardly country and this is what the Conservative government of Canada has turned Canada and Canadians into. 

People who stand by and do nothing, or participate in this fear mongering are just as big a coward as the government is. This is something that happened during the 2nd world war and we gathered together and fought for its end, and now we are doing basically the same thing. This is a government that promotes fear about the loss  of our culture, our purity of race, religion, language and culture. This is a government that promotes and practices the fear of Muslims and characterizes all of muslims as terrorists without any proof.   This type of double standard and out right disrespect is directed not only at one type of person. It is directed at all immigrants, refugees and non christian, judeao faiths. It is directed against the poor, the needy and the aged. I do not care what political party you vote for, but if you vote Conservative than I think it is your duty and responsibility to be aware and stop this crazy policy and any other crimes against humanity your choice of leader has made possible. People like me will not allow you to get away with the if only I had known excuse used by people in the past.

Jason Kenney in my book is a coward and a hypocrite. I find him to be genuinely afraid of certain immigrants contaminating a certain type of Canadian values, that in the past the rest of Canadians were very ashamed of . Prejudice is okay in Canada now a necessary evil to keep Canada for the real Canadians. The Canadians the same color and mentality of Jason Kenney.  The Arian Nation, The Ku Klux Klan, The White supremacists movement are alive and kicking and are feeling emboldened by having a government of a supposedly democratic country saying it is okay to protect the purity of your race, culture and religion, by any means necessary. When a government talks down the benefits of multiculturalism and equal rights for all, then it opens the door to groups like these to flourish and plant the seeds of hatred, bigotry and division. As Canadians do we really want toi go back to a time of lynching, force relocations and internment camps, because this is where we are being led by Jason Kenny and his boss Stephen Harper.

Maybe Jason Kenney  should go down and spend a week in one of these camps living as these people do and get the feeling of just what it is he asks of these people.  I doubt if he could last one day without getting enough food, or water to drink, let alone make it ten years, living in fear and under the worst possible conditions.  This smug little man is trying to hoodwink the Canadian people again. His new law does not seek to help the people waiting in Canada for asylum, it is a law to make it quicker and easier to deport them, by government appointed and government sympathetic appointees.

 This is just another end run around our established norms in a very sneaky under handed way.  It is just another way to get the bigots in Canada to rally around his cause. It is not hard to bring out the worst in your people if you make them afraid of the people that you want to remove from your society and this is what Kenney, Harper and the Conservative government of Canada has done. People are starting to view other Canadians and races of people that are different to themselves as no Canadians; the poor and the needy as less of Canadians and the unemployed, handicapped and the welfare recipients as unimportant, a strain and a burden on the rest of the working, tax paying  real Canadians. I happen to be a Canadian that thinks that this type of governing is wrong.  

I think that the choices are clear and it is time to make one.  We either will stand up for what is right no matter what , or we will remain cowards and be dragged into something that is wrong. I think if Canadians remember how and what they try to instill in their children, they will know what to do. The world is not much different from your home and the values that you try to instill in your children should be practiced by those who govern you. Your government is just a mirror image of you and your values. 

 Just about everyone in Canada knows that Jason Kenney cut the members of the board so that he could hire his own people and influence how the hearings were going to be handled. That the back log in processing claims has tripled since the Tories took power should tell Canadians something. This is just another example of when a Tory can not get their way, they just change the law to suit themselves, no mater the consequences, or the body count.

This type of practice in my opinion shows exactly why the Conservative Party of Canada needs to lose the election. I feel they do not think they just do. It does no one any good to say sorry after a whole family is wiped out, because we deported them back to be killed. Saying we are mad at the murders will not save all of the others we seek to deport without due process, or with Kenney / Harper justice.

This safe country list to me suggest that the only life threatening danger being considered when a claimant is saying his life is in danger, is what kind of government is in power as though   democratic countries are incapable of abusing their people.   We know just watching this government in action how non democratic a democratic government can be. We are one of the countries that imprison a certain type of refugee without due process of law for up to a year. We put women and children in jail for coming here and seeking sanctuary.  We are a country whose government allows the persecution of Muslims and takes away their basic civil right guaranteed them under the Canadian Charter Of Rights.  We are an example of a broken democracy. We are an example of a country with a government that does not obey the rule of law.  Mexico is going to be on the safe list; if it is so safe what is the need for the wall again?

Let me be the first to say it clearly,” I think that a vote for Harper and Kenney and the Conservative party of Canada is a vote for continuing fear and insecurity. It is a vote for racial, religious and democratic intolerance. A vote for Harper is a vote to go back to a time when we treated certain people as less than others. A time of forced relocations, internment camps and mass deportations based on color of skin, language and religious differences. A vote for Harper is a vote for cowardice and a life of fearing everything all of the time.

Stephen Harper and his government, has in every case of a trade deal sold out Canada to a foreign entity and has only been stopped because he had a minority government. From his bad decision on the soft wood lumber dispute where he accepted less of a deal than we won in the world court, to the pot ash incident, the non tendered jet deal, and to finally trying to sell our stock exchange this man is trying to force Canadians to stop thinking of themselves as Canadians and instead think of themselves as citizens of the New World Order, where national pride ,self-determination and rights are frowned upon. 

In Stephen Harper’s New World Order there are no Canadians, Americans, or Britons there is only the group, the alliance and everyone else must either join on their own and submit to the will of the alliance, or be wiped out and replaced with a more modern democratic alliance way of thinking form of government. Mr. Harper and his Conservative government have bought into this and you see it happening now right before your eyes, with these immigration laws and other things that are not Canadian in ideology or,  historical practice.

They do need a majority government all right this part of their campaign is true, because without it Canadians and the opposition parties will never allow him and his party to abuse the system and sell us out.  We were never scared of our own shadow, it is not Canadian to be cowardly. Any one who took the oath used to be a Canadian. We have had Canadians throughout history that have done bad things and were punished for them it, but we did not try to wipe stop every countrymen of these bad people from trying to come here. I am tired of all the lies and wish Jason Kenney and Stephen Harper would just tell Canadian people the truth.

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      It has everything to do with my topic Tony. there has been a disturbing trend, from all levels of government to allow certain types opf racism, or to just say that it is not really racism, but an act of protecting ones own customs and beliefs. I think that they all need to get back on the right foot. Have a great evening!


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