Map Of Africa Reveals Western Alliances True Agenda In The Politics Of Africa


I must confess to not being good when it comes to maps and geography  and as such could not see the forest for the trees. All this time I have been wondering why the sudden concern for Africa and its peoples well-being  from the west. I mean all through history the western nations only took what they wanted, enslaved the people and on the whole considered them less than themselves, so why the sudden uncharacteristic compassion.  When the non whites of South Africa fought long and hard to free themselves from an oppressive white Christian regime in South Africa, the west refused to offer military support and would only offer moral support for a peaceful resolution to the problems and suffering of these people. People murdered, women being raped, a whole race of people being oppressed and no missiles were launched, not one bomb was dropped, no bank accounts seized, no embargos, or serious sanctions were imposed and all of a sudden the west was worried about Africa and its people and I just could not figure it out; that is until today when I took a good look at a map of Africa and realized for the first time exactly why the west is pushing so hard for regime change and it had nothing to do with the well-being of those oppressed Africans.

Is was then that the light bulb went on and I understood why for example there was no concerted effort to help in the Congo, Uganda, Burundi, Rwanda, Angola, or Zambia. The hypocrisy was as easy to see as the sun in the sky.  All of the suffering in Africa that had been allowed to happen, the dead people literally floating down the river by the hundreds while the world waited and just watched, was because of geography.  The countries left to suffer were not on the right part of the map, in relation to the Middle East initiative. I used to wonder what was Israel and the Judeao Christian world so afraid of until I looked at a map and knew that what has been going on has nothing to do with ending the oppression of millions of people, but just another push to secure the region for Israel and by doing so meeting the agenda of the west in finally being able to control the nations in this part of the world.

All of the countries, that have come under attack from the coalition, both directly with arms fire and indirectly with the coalition offering support to the rebels, are in a very specific area in Africa, they are all Muslim and they all create quite the circle surrounding Israel.  It became very clear to me that Israel could never win a war without the help of its allies. The only hope for Israel without support from its allies would be its nuclear threat, its (Samson Option) and  that  would mean the annihilation of its own people and country and everything in the region. All other nations must lay down and die for the betterment of the world, but Israel must live despite the destruction of all that comes in contact with it; now how arrogant is that. The only other option for Israel and it supporters is to make the surrounding countries friendly through regime changes, which they hoped to accomplish via western backed civil war and unrest and it almost worked until Lybia‘s, Omar Kadaffi. 

This war is not about nuclear weaponry , or weapons of mass destruction like they tried to convince the world was to be found in Iraq; knowing that their was no stock pile of weapons of mass destruction there. It is not about the terrorist threat to the west like when they lied and  tried to say that  Afghanistan terrorist were responsible for 9/11, but  it is an attempt to control the Muslims by getting alliance friendly figure heads in places of power. I am dumb founded at how coldly and systematically this is being carried out right under my nose and I could not see it. When the government of Egypt fell I did not get the attitude.  The attacks on Lybia all of a sudden did not make any sense at all, but now if you can throw in Syria and Jordan, that would be quite the accomplishment for the Alliance and Israel would it not? The hostile circle surrounding Israel is now  no more and Israel, becomes almost defensible with the only real threat to its back being Iran and with no threat directly across the water from it. Next stop is Iran, but America is not ready, or eager to do this war again as is the case with Korea. They have lost this battle before and unless this battle can be won by using the Iranian people against themselves I doubt if you will see any military action that way.

I would have never thought to look at a map because I hated geography, but this will never be the case again, because I now know that where a country is situated geographically, plays a major role in its very existence as does its politics, religion and culture.  The bombings, the missiles all of the senseless killing of innocent people have all been to benefit one nation; the only non-Arab, non-Muslim nation in the region. If Israelis were some how converted to Muslims, they would have been left to perish long ago at the hands of its neighbors.  As a matter of fact if they were Muslim, I think that Hitler would have been allowed to wipe them off the face of the earth. I think  now looking at the map carefully that the State of Israel was a military decision on the part of the Western Alliance and not the compassionate, or religious one that they would have us believe. They needed a friend and an ally in the area, so the State of Israel was born and the people of Palestine displaced and name terrorist became the new name given to freedom fighters who oppose the Western Alliance.  I think that Africa is being punished for its role in the 2nd world war, but that is just my opinion.

 This is indeed a holy war, but it is a Christian driven war.  It is not a war to see peace throughout the region and the world, but a war to unite the world under one rule of law, one religion, one culture and one super power.  There will be no more sovereignty of nations, we see that now.  The laws of your country will be ignored for the laws of the world; we are seeing that now. One governing body consisting of representatives of every nation will make all of the decisions; we are seeing that now.  The only say that you the citizen will have is to choose your representatives. 

 This is not the first time for this to happen either. The Persian Empire, The Geek Empire, The roman Empire, The British Empire, The Soviet Union and now the New World Order.  The weapons are different, the dominating forces are different, but the end result is always the same. Oppression, death, disease; war, civil unrest and protesting in the streets. Then finally the cost and the enormity of the empire becomes too much and the furthest countries break free and then they all want their freedom and the empire falls.    

I truly understand the desperation of Israel now, if not its cockiness.  This has got to be one of the worst decisions that the allies could have made after the war, as well as one of the most arrogant. To give the homeland of the Palestinians to the displaced Jews of the 2nd world war under the guise that it was a  fulfilment of a promise made by God in the bible was just unbelievable and wrong. These two people do not even share the same religion, or holy book, so the promise the Jews talk about meant and means nothing to the people of Palestine, but I guess if you say something long enough and pretend to believe it long enough, eventually you can say it with a straight face.

  If I were Israel I would try to be a little more humble and not so aggressive.  I would be  remembering right about now just how fickle my allies can be. They change sides according to their agenda, ask the president of Egypt.

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8 Responses to Map Of Africa Reveals Western Alliances True Agenda In The Politics Of Africa

  1. There is no Christian in this war at all. They are all seeking a vain thing. A vain thing Jesus would never seek, and have he sought it would have taken the offer of Satan on the high placer when Satan showed him the glory of the wold , and Jesus would have bowed to him, But Jesus did not bow to Satan, and all that war for whatever reason are bowing to Satan.,


    • archemdis says:

      In this I agree, but the bible says quite another thing. What are your views o the bible? The word of God as it is written has and still does inspire and provide justification for war does it not?


  2. Dong Sohrabi says:

    I was examining some of your posts on this internet site and I believe this web site is really instructive! Keep posting .


  3. D.I.D. says:


    Yikes, man!

    On the surface, I would agree with you, but we must remember that the apparent wish of many of these people in the Arab world who have overthrown their governments (especially in Egypt) is democracy or at least populism, and if this comes to pass due to the very negative opinion of Israel this would likely produce regional governments very hostile to the state of Israel.

    Remember that the Mubarak dictatorship of Egypt had signed a widely-opposed peace agreement with Israel, and the West did not move to save Mubarak when the army and many of the Egyptians turned against him. Also, many of the regimes that are faultering are bought and paid for supporters of Israel, especially the House of Saud. Why has the West not labelled the opponents of these regimes ‘terrorists’ and helped the pro-Israel dictators crush them, if the true objective was creating Israeli-friendly regimes?

    Also, you have left out the UN (largely French) contribution to the recent fall of Laurent Gbagbo of Ivory Coast. How is this connected to Israel in any way, shape, or form? Perhaps there are less-than noble intentions afoot (especially given France’s history in that particular region) but this doesn’t mean that Israel is behind it all or even poised to benifit from it.

    Furthermore, how about the West’s lack of action against the embattled regime of Syria, which is evidently hostile to Israel? Shouldn’t they be next on the list?

    Sorry to say this, but your argument lacks coherence, methinks.


    • archemdis says:

      The people may want, but I am talking about the reason for. I am saying that the Alliance is using the want of these to further its own agenda. I never said Israel was or was not involved, but what is being done, I feel is being done on their behalf and that they can only benefit from these actions. I am saying that the west if not dropping bombs is acting and supporting the rebels of these as you call them embattled nations covertly, Egyt, Syria etc.. Let us speak plainly and honestly, I think the west is up to their old tricks and you obviously do not. People are always discontent with their political leaders, but does this give another counrty, or another group opf countries the right to force the governments hand through military means? Why now, why these particular countries, or do you think the west is incapable of starting the unrest in these countries to achieve a different agenda. I think that if you are honest you will have to admit that history is on my side in this debate. I think you need to look deeper. We are not the guys in the white hats riding in to save the day. We are invaders out to control the world and bring the peace that comes with sameness. I do not want to live in a world where everyting is the same do you? Good talking to you as always have a great night?


      • D.I.D. says:

        History is definately on your side in this one, and believe it or not, I agree with you that Western governments and nations have committed atrocities, and often the altrustic exterior merely masks immoral special interests that are the true motivations.

        My point is that the collapse of many of these dictators is in fact harmful to Western interests, whether those interests be good or bad, so this removes the likelihood that their demise was covertly orchestrated. Even Gaddafi, although he has a past of hostility towards the West, has in recent years tried reconciliation… until now.

        The Libyan problem was a moral quagmire: had the West done nothing, we would have been condemned for standing idly by while allowing Gaddafi to remorselessly butcher his opponents (like the ethnic genocides in Rwanda), and now that we have intervened, we have enabled a civil war and all the horrors that it entails, and are equally condemned. I don’t think there was a “right” move in this, only different degrees of “wrong”.

        My worry is the dreaded “mission creep”, where the scenario gets bad enough our fearless leaders decide to militarily invade Libya to “stabilize” the country in full defiance of the UN and common sense. But if what you say is true, then this was likely the intention in the first place and is merely according to plan. I would hope such an evil scheme is not playing out, but, like you said, history (even recent history – Iraq) does support your argument here…

        What I do not get is why Canada is part of this at all. Even if we had some evil intent and grand geopolitical scheme in the world at large, the fact is that we have zero ‘interests’ in Libya, or Afghanistan for that matter, and yet our people – not to mention the local people – are fighting and dying to the benifit of foreign powers while we and those we supposedly are trying to “help” gain absolutely nil and every political faction in Ottawa gives full endorsement to this horrible foreign policy.

        Once a Dominion, always a Dominion, methinks.


      • archemdis says:

        I think that your last paragragh sums up it all perfectly and makes our point. Canada has no reason to be there. I think also that we do tread a very thin line, when we take it upon ourselves to use force instead of diplomacy and I wonder what we would do if someone, or another nation decided to save us from a Harper say with intervention as we do to others? Would we be thanking them, or fighting them? Have a great night friend!


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