911, (Emergency) Dispatcher In Montreal Says, “Our Officers No Longer Investigate Petty Crimes, Do It Yourself”

 This story starts out innocent enough with a friend going home parking her car in her spot in her apartment  complexes garage  and going to her apartment to sleep after a hard days work in the hospital emergency room and this is where the normal part of the story ends. Waking up going down to her paid parking spot she sees the glass on the ground and follows it to her car, where she finds the passenger window has been pried with a bar causing the window casing to be bent and the window completely destroyed.




Now it is time to call the police and get them to come to the scene and do an investigation like take pictures, dust for prints, advise building about security, maybe search apartments for your missing stuff, but what you do not expect to hear from 911 dispatch is that no one will be coming from the police, that you have to go to a local station to fill out a police report and that they only open a 9am and close at 7pm. In other words they are not interested in trying to solve the case at all and you are on your own. This meant that the crimes being committed in that garage by some one living in the building would not be caught unless we living there did the work of the police and caught them ourselves.   To me the police are asking us to get into vigilante justice.  this type of justice can be very violent and often leaves on of the parties very badly hurt. We are advised by the police to not confront criminals and let the police handle such things, but when the police refuse to investigate or do their jobs what is an honest law-abiding citizen to do? Just last week another car was broken into in the same garage and nothing was done.  Crooks removed the automatic door opener sensor and still the building di not put in cameras.   

The building management smiles says it understands, but is very quick to point out that waiver was in the contract signed for the rental of the garage stating that we parked in the garage at our own risk and that the management could not be held responsible for theft, damage or vandalism. No one wants to blame the building, but all who pay to park think that the management when taking your money to park should provide the minimal of security.  Doors that lock and that can only be accessed by those paying for parking would be nice. Security cameras taking pictures of what is going on would help to catch the vandals and crooks and once it was known that there was surveillance might even act as a deterrent to crime.  

I guess I can understand why this type of petty crime happens at night because our police force in Lasalle goes off duty at 7pm until 9am the next morning unless you are considered and emergency and I do not even know what that is anymore.  I remember when police responded to every crime and tried its best to solve every crime and crime fighting was a 24 hour a day job, because criminals never slept, or took a day off.  I wonder how many other crimes are considered not worth investigating and are not considered important enough for police  even to show up?

Pictures are taken of the scene,  the  damage to the car for insurance purposes, but we can not take prints, or  are we knowledgable in how to gather other clues that might help determine who is doing this damage, catch them and bring them to justice.   The garage does have a door that can only be opened if you have a door opener ands only the renters of garage spaces are supposed to have them, but all security is taken away by the fact that all tenants and visitors can enter the garage via the building to put the garbage in the bins in the garage. This alone I feel violates our contract of private parking and makes the building once again liable for theft, vandalism and any damages not related to driving accidents. 

Passenger window totally broken out and with the police refusing to come, we are forced to drive down to the local police station 13 and wait in the parking lot  until the station opens at 9 am.  This means missing work for the day and on top of the cost of repairs to the vehicle, another loss of revenue and of course an increase in  insurance coverage next year is automatic.  You can’t get the window fixed without the police report and they are not willing to help you untill over 2 hours after you called 911.  At 9am you will be buzzed into the station given a report form and told to go fill it out the best that you can and then the officer will help you with the rest.  If you have missed something the officer thinks should be on there he will ask you the question and fill in the blanks. The report is then rubber stamped and the policeman has not even taken a walk outside to see if you are indeed telling the truth.  Not a picture is taken of the damage except for the ones I have taken with my cell phone.

I know the police in Lasalle work at night because they arrested a Black school teacher for driving late at night to a restaurant with a transit sticker on the car. I know that they work during the night because for the 4th time they have kicked down my neighbor’s door between midnight and 4 in the morning insisting that they have it on good authority that his live in girlfriend is either dead, or dying and they need to make sure it isn’t so.

The problem with this kind of police action is that now the people of the building want to take the law into our own hands and catch who ever is doing this crime ourselves. People are angry at the building and at the police for their lack of action. Cars no longer cost a couple hundred dollars anymore and often the money from this type of petty crime is used to by drugs, so why the lack of interest from the police? What will happen when we catch the person responsible, with no officially taken  evidence linking the person  to past crimes, like a print on a car, or missing items found on his person, or house where is the case that should have been building with the investigation?  It is nowhere, because our police are at home sleeping, waiting until crime fighting time to begin, between 9am and 7pm.

With the city falling literally apart and killing people. Bridges ready to collapse, overpasses already guilty of collapsing and killing people and roads that are causing major damage to cars because they are being poorly maintained by the city and now the police working banking hours, I have to ask what does your ever-increasing taxes go for, or should I say pay for?

Maybe the police need to bring their butts out of the metros and get back to the job they were meant to do. Forget about harassing  people for proof of passage and do some crime investigating, some report writing and some criminal catching. When I feel the need to call for help from a policeman the next time I am rob, or my possessions are vandalized, I would hope that I can get a response from the police other than you come to us we are not in the investigation business anymore and our hours are from 7am until 9pm, as you the public have been informed, the other hours belong to the criminal, the petty thief and the street. 

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  1. The problem is Humans act like they are immortal with no one to answer to, and do bad thinking there is no repercussion for doing bad, and there is a repercussion for doing bad, and it is missing the best gift anyone could ever get. When humans grasp the fact that to get along now means whoever will getting along with whoever forever. In that forever there will be no pain sorrow, crying or death. That should be insensitive to forgive whoever for whatever, and have humans want to love their neighbor as themselves to obtain that gift ,and thank the Lord for them to be able to do good when they do good. Then humans will end up being bettor to whoever..


    • archemdis says:

      The world would certainly be a better place if the people in it practiced the rule of do onto others as you would have done onto you. Have a good night Jonathan. It has been nice talking to you.


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