Government Sponsership Of Bigotry And Prejudice Does Not Stop The Hurting Or Pain Their Actions Cause

With the worlds leaders saying it is okay to hate again based on color, place of birth, religion practiced and such it is not hard to understand that the population of the world is very confused as to what is prejudice and what is freedom choice.  The isolation and the intolerance that is being generated through out the world under the guise of a war against terrorism has thrown the world back to the days when slavery was an acceptable practice and civil rights were non-existent. We are living back in a world that we thought ourselves to be free of; a world where to be different is a crime, to practice another religion is offence punishable by death; a world where if you have something another nation wants they simply march in with a superior force and take it, we have regressed instead of progressed and it is costing lives. We have gone back to a time when superior might ruled the day and diplomacy was non-existent.  how then can we say with a straight face that we have a charter of rights and freedoms, or quote the passage that all men are equal to us under the law? How do we tell our people, our children to respect all people.  How do we even find the brass to call ourselves Christians. If prejudice is the less then bigotry then I contend that bigotry is the end result of prejudice and so if we do not get rid of the every day prejudices we will always end up with bigots and they will rip us apart as a people, as a nation and as a world that must live together if we are to survive and not wipe each other out. Quebec has adopted a strategy to rid the English language, culture and if possible the English Quebecer, out of Quebec , and has stated openly that there is no room for multiculturalism in the province of Quebec.  This is not bigotry says The whole National Assembly of Quebec with a 100%  vote against the rights of Muslims to freedom of religion and religious practices in the Province of Quebec a move by the way that the Harper government endorsed with their silence an in action.  It would seem that being a Canadian citizen does not mean very much these days, because it would seem that the government of Canada’s charter of rights, only comes into play for companies, banks and federal institutions, but the Canadian people are actually governed and the responsibility of the province they live in and subject to the law of the province no matter how deep the laws are based in bigotry.  All over Canada and in all political parties candidates running in this federal election have been caught using racial slurs and promoting down right views with only one party denouncing the action and the rest making excuses for it but running the candidate anyway.   Racism that was shunned in the past is now considered a necessary evil if we are to keep Canada safe from terrorists.  Canada has made prejudice choices simply a matter of personal choice. Canada has decided to join with other nations in the exporting new acceptance of religious, racial  and cultural intolerance throughout the world calling it a war against terrorism and a fight for survival of all the west believes in and stands for.  tell me how in the world are minorities of Canada supposed to feel safe and equal when the governments very own position says that they do not see the refusal to give certain people their rights under the law as something wrong but rather see it as a regrettable choice that has to be made to keep Canada for real Canadians.

There seems to be some confusion out there about prejudice and bigotry and the whole nasty business. Is there an okay form of prejudice? Say it is being done to save a culture like Judaism and revamp the numbers of pure Jews by forbidding marriage outside of the race is this okay? Or say because mixed children have a hard time on both sides of the race issue is it okay to adopt the stance of marrying in once own race for compassionate reasons?  Where is the line between bigotry and wanting what is best for everyone?  Is it the words prejudice, bigotry that need to be redefined , or is it us as human beings that need to redefine ourselves and how important racial purity is to us.  

I have pure bloods and mixed bloods all through my family and I do not see the problem and for years have asked all nationalities of people what is the big deal. I was surprised to find out how many people did not thing that it was an act of prejudice to tell their children not to date outside of their races and definitely not to marry outside of their own race and the usual reason given for why was that the pressures and the differences in cultures, religion and others prejudice would be to large an obstacle for any marriage and family to bear.

Greeks , Italians, Jews, East Indians, Muslims, Orientals all practice this and I would bet you a dollar to a donut Prime Minister Harper practices this form of prejudice as well, do you? some may call it a choice but does it being a choice necessarily make it less prejudice.  I am reminded that Hitler wanted purity for the german race as well and we know where that went, so I wonder how all who belive in not mixing in marriage justify it.

I remember a woman telling me in Toronto sitting in a bar that she would love to go to bed with a Black man, but she found that they had a musky odor. When I told her that she was not my type she slapped my face and told me not to get too smart. I had helped load furniture with this woman and her husband for many a year and never had the slightest idea that she was prejudice. then there was another couple that use to hire me to help them load and unload their truck and they thought that they were not prejudice either, but would make remarks about their daughters being involved with a sand nigger and a rag head,referring of course to the daughters living with an East Indian fellow.  The first day I met them the wife saw me eating water melon and there after said allowed that she would get me water melon all the time, because she knew how much my people liked the fruit. I ignored her but eventually came the day of a really hard job and at the end of it she exclaimed how we had all worked like niggers. I asked her to kindly refrain from using that word in my presence and she said,” I don’t consider you a nigger, you are white inside like us.  she went on to say that she knew I did not enjoy that rap music, the music of niggers anymore than she did and that she considered me white. Finally her husband told her to be quiet, but we would never be quite the same. Now these examples are examples of prejudice of the worst kind, because they do not think they are prejudice at all.

We think like this in religion, language place of origin color of skin and we have redefined prejudice and made it freedom of choice, the right to not mix and keep our children from mixing. You will never hear anyone come out and say you can’t marry that Black guy because he is beneath you, because that would not be nice even if you did feel that way. You will never hear a Jewish person say out loud that they expect their children to marry a Jew, but everyone knows that is what is expected. A lot of Asians and Arabs pre arrange who their children will marry. 

I do not know what the answer is to make haters love, but I do think that we need to stop being hypocritical about what ever it is we decide. What is more important though is that when your action is to hate for no reason the reaction you will get will mirror yours in severity, ugliness and strength.  I believe the road to trust will be found with every step we take to eliminate prejudice and bigotry from our every day lives and in the recognition that purity of race is not important. Let us redefine ourselves instead of redefining the word.

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