David and Goliath / Install then Make Fall The Way Of The Western Alliance

David vs Goliath in modern times

Watching CPAC and rereading what I have written on the Western Alliance‘s and the State of Israel‘s actions of late, I realised that I did not have very much good to say about Canada’s role in the aiding and abetting of the Western Alliance’s and Israel insatiable appetite for violence and mayhem. This government right along with the others seem to have never-ending budgets for wars all over the world, but cry poor when it comes to spending money at home on social programming and on foreign aid abroad. If we say that life is supposed to balance out, the good versus bad, the yin and the yang, I do not see it in this instance. There is definitely a David and a Goliath in this new war on Muslims and in my opinion the Muslim nations are the David and the Western Alliance and the State Of Israel are the Goliath.

Targeting the capital

I was listening and watching a tour of the facility that builds the F-35 Fighter Jet and listening to the test pilot for that aircraft giving the tour and I realized just how one-sided this military assault is on these Muslim nations. How we know exactly how much damage we are doing to unsuspecting civilians. How we little we are sorry for our actions. How little we try to avoid killing and causing mass destruction when intervening supposedly to help oppressed people and how smug and full of self-righteous indignation we have become at being the cause of hundreds of human lives with the launching of on missile far out to sea, or the dropping of one bomb from thousands of feet in the air, on a sleeping civilian population, or a working civilian population going to work in a plant, or airfield trying to put food on the table for their families, just like our factory and plant workers. The pilot giving the tour explained just how stealthy the air craft is and how deadly the weaponry is and closed by saying,”We are only throwing sucker punches now (big toothy smile) and we like it that way.”

How many civilians have the west killed?

It has become the greatest lie ever told that we are doing what is right in these situations and if we do not step in and bomb the hell out of these nations we would fall under criticism for our inaction. Fall under criticism from whom I would dare to ask. Russia, China, who? I think this is an excuse to use the already oppressed people of these nations as pawns in our chess match and as pawns the people of these Muslim nations are as expendable to us as the pawns on a chess board; they are considered, collateral damage and if we manage to help them in the process of getting what we want even better, but that is not the primary mission, that is the cover story to justify unprovoked attacks on sovereign governments to our citizens back home, whose children will die in our constant quest to dominate the world, or at the very least police it.

Italy doing some bombing

It is crystal clear to me that these dictators should not be in power, but who is responsible for putting most of them in power, with either military support, or monetary support when they took over the  government of their countries? Every deposed dictator to date has gotten into power with the help of the west in one form or another and only remains in power until their policies become anti west. It is naive to believe that the governments of the  have not put in the very leaders they say must go now and that by some wave of the wand they now care about the oppressed people they allowed to be oppressed in the first place in the need for cooperation in the region. I call it the west’s install then make fall approach to global peace via world  dominance approach. Look to modern history as far back as you wish to go and tell me wich leader that the USA has been  part of bringing down did they not first befriend and in fact install into power. give me one example where the once friend now enemy of the USA did not have a policy change that was unacceptable to the USA  interests and shortly after find itself under attack by rebels supported by foreign aid. 

French Jets Bombing Libya Were Recently on Sale There – Yahoo!

USA still bombing

Here they go again in true American / Coalition,  bombing of a country for weeks at a time without let up and Canada is right there with them taking part in this madness. What of the civilians who live next to the targets? What  affect does this brave liberating force think that its never-ending bombing run has on the people of this country? Does the Alliance think that the people feel safer now that they are doing the bombing instead of Omar Kadafi. Could say St Hubert Air Force base in Quebec, be bombed night and day and not negatively impact the people living near and around the city of St Hubert? I think not and this is a sore spot with this sort of thing for me. I think that the Alliance knows the damage and the pain its military mission is having on the civilian populations and just does not care and for the first time Canada is right in there with them. 

Will the Prime Minister consider these people refugees, or jail for them too?

For the first time since World War Two, Canada has elected a government and a Prime Minister without the courage to stick to the promise that all leaders of the world made to the people of the world after Word War two, that we would never enter into a world war again.  Canada now joins the France and Britain, Norway and Denmark, Belgium and the USA, just to name a few countries in this unholy alliance. How can it be said that this is not a David versus Goliath scenario.

The west profits big time selling weapons to this kind of regime and this is the end result

We went in and started bombing to get rid of the planes and armaments that we sold to Omar Kadafi and he had turned on a civilian uprising to oust him from power.  This was supposed to be quick and clean, surgical type operation  and Omar Kadafi was supposed to  fall like the others, but like the all the roads leading to hell, American led liberation operations are lined with civilian bodies; a direct result of Alliance’s good intentions.  Who are we kidding look around your cities how many army bases are right across the street from civilian communities? How many armories and troop recruitment centers and training facilities are right in the middle of civilian communities, sharing the same street, surrounded by civilian businesses, houses, schools, nursing home etc.?  How could we not know the impact on civilians of these countries from this kind of never-ending bombing? Tell me again how and why   this make us better than Omar Kadafi?

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