Extra Extra Read All About It! “Canadians Sell Their Morality, Integrity And Souls And Vote Yes To Harper Promise Of Economic Stability”

I guess the people of Canada have spoken and it is to the extreme right that we go.  Harper, Kenney, Toews, and Baird were right Canadians have changed and they do not care how their government behaves in parliament, or around the world as long as they make us some money doing it.  This Harper victory will turn back the refugee ships, keep Canada in never-ending wars and short of a revolution there is nothing, or no one that can stop them and Canadians have only themselves to blame for it.

 Your neighbors less fortunate than you will suffer, because there is no relief for them in social programs forth coming. The people in the street will have no place to get a bowl of soup and  battered women and children will have to make a new deal with their abusers, because  this victory for Stephen Harper , will see what is left of the funding to groups that help them cut off, because social programming is not a priority to the Conservative government

This is a sad day for Canadians and I guess those who voted for this strong man, this dictator, will not really understand how bad an idea this was until what is inevitable happens.  When   this government in all of its arrogance tells the very people that voted them in to shut up and let them govern and they are getting what they asked for and if they do not like it now too bad, but they will have to take it for four more years and vote them out then; words of a former Conservative Party Leader who went to parliament with a majority. (Brian Mulroney)  With the victory handed to the Conservative party led by Stephen Harper, Canada enters a time of helplessness for its citizens. There is no longer a democratic mechanism of stopping this party from doing anything it likes and now the government serves only itself, its desires for Canada and it is no longer a servant of  all the people and for the next four years there can be no forced accountability.  If tomorrow he decides to pass a law making it illegal to talk bad against the government there is little that can be done until his time runs out in four long years. Now when he goes to sell off our Pot Ash industry there is little that can be done to stop him. When your children start coming back to you in body bags from around the world don’t look to the opposition parties to help you, they do not have the power any longer, you gave that power to Stephen Harper and company. This is what you have done for a few dollars more Canadian people

Canadians have put Canada in the hands of a bunch of intolerant, racists, who openly admit that they do not care what steps they have to take to keep the rich, rich and the poor, poor and the minorities in their place. Today for the first time in my 55 years I am ashamed to be a Canadian and what we as Canadians have said to the world that we stand by and for, by giving this leader and his party an over whelming majority in this election. I used to be ashamed of the leader of a party once in a while, but never at being a Canadian and it is a horrible feeling indeed.

By our own hand we will be in for a rough few years of unbridled conservative power playing and power tripping. We will see the end of the long gun registry and the building of more jails. We will see  the ending of what is medicare as we know it and the creation of a two tier medical system. One for those with money to pay for services right now and another where you wait in line like we do now for those who are less fortunate.  The natives of Canada will get nothing from this government, because there is no one that can force their hand and make this government accountable.  Canada has spoken and Canadians will reap the rewards of what they have sown.

As you eat the bitter fruit of your labor and drink from the never-ending cup of regret, eat hardy my fellow Canadians and drink your fill, because this is the table you have chosen to eat at for the next four long years and there is no changing of tables, or menu as you requested. I weep tonight for the people who will suffer the most. The people that this leader and his party refer to as the not real Canadians. The most vulnerable of Canadians, our homeless our seniors, our children and our first Nations People.  These people will have to endure the hardest times in the history of Canada, because Canadians voted against helping them, in exchange for the possibility of a short-term financial gain for individual Canadian pockets.

Jack Layton should be offering his apologies to the people of Canada today, not giving a victory speech. He has won a victory for himself and his party at the expense of the very people and the social reforms he said he was for.  His victory has allowed a Stephen Harper majority government. Way to go Jack Layton you are now an Official Opposition Party leader with no power.  Oh he will get to voice his discontent, but no one will listen to him.  Jack Layton in his quest for a personal legacy forgot what and who he was fighting for and let himself be seduced into putting personal glory ahead of his values. At the last moment Jack Layton abandoned his dream of doing the most good for the most vulnerable and decided to get himself a second place ribbon instead of taking the first place ribbon away from Stephen Harper and it worked and he won, but Canadians lost and soon all eyes will be looking at him and realizing just who it is that they have to thank.  Canadians will need someone to blame short-term and I have an idea where they will look. 

The sum of seats in the opposition brings it to the status of lame duck and talking to it at all will merely be a courtesy of the Harper government; thanks Jack.  A good part of what has happened tonight lies squarely on the shoulders of Mr. Layton and he will not be able to broker any more deals he has been effectively silenced and out maneuvered; way to go Jack.  Jack Layton won a victory in Quebec with some good old fashion political lying. He knew that he was in no position, nor would he be to ever deliver on the promises he made to Quebecers and with the Harper government sitting with a firm majority he is in the position of lame duck Official Opposition and nothing that happens in parliament can be credited to him, or against him.

 Canadians have rolled the dice and elected to take their chances with a mad man who promised them an economically sound Canada, if they gave him the power to do it by any means necessary and with no interference and we said okay with our vote today.  We said, “No matter the cost in human suffering, no matter how unjust, or non democratic, no matter how no Canadian, we as Canadians will not interfere. We agreed with our vote to turn a blind eye to all of the lies, to all of the scandals, to all of the arrogance, and to the end of democracy in Canada for four more years, to allow Harper and company to get the job done. 

Good evening ladies and gentlemen this is your captain Stephen Harper saying buckle up we are in for a long and bumpy ride. We are flying high and are about to hit turbulence, the like you have never seen before; it is unavoidable and we will just have to ride it out. I would ask you to remain calm, fasten your seat belts and remain seated. It is a good time to pray to your God and in the event of a crash line up according to your financial  status, richest to the front, with the poorest bring up the rear, follow  instructions and remain calm. Thank you for flying Conservative Party of Canada and may God bless us all.

If there is a light at the end of this tunnel I think that whatever happens the Conservatives will not be able to blame it on the other parties. When they do not bring down the senate; when the crime rate does not come down, when the refugees start drowning at sea, this time around they will be held responsible by virtue of their majority. When more and more of our children start returning home from far away lands in body bags, they will have to answer to the Canadian people and will not be able to point the finger and say it was the Liberals fault.  Finally Gilles Duceppe is no more in Ottawa and this is a good thing for Canada and Quebec.  We will survive Stephen Harper and his government and with nothing better to do for the next four years, the two lame duck parties can spend some time building up their parties and think about leadership and what they need to change in order to win the next election. I think with no one to blame the Harper way of bad government will erode its popularity considerably. The Conservatives will finally be shown up for the arrogant, hypocritical, bigots that they are and this majority should spell the end of the teflon Prime Minister. In some things being all-powerful leaves you very vulnerable. With no one else to blame the responsibility for your failures rests solely with you.

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