Sooner Or Later One Must Pay For Their Actions Republican Party Of America


Gun toting Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin and her Tea Party burst onto the scene full of attitude, but little else in the way of serious suggestions, or plans to make this a better country for all Americans. Ms. Palin was very popular with a certain ilk who like to tote firearms, promote America for the true Americans and for the most part everyone with an iota of sense took her for entertainment value, a spectacle and a curiosity. That is until she took it too far and posted her bullseye poster with the names of Democratic politicians in the target areas and posted it on the internet.  What happened next when a lunatic shot all of those democrats was Sarah’s and the Republican Party,s price to pay for the political game of divide and conquer that they play with American citizens.  All of a sudden the Mama Grizzly was a political leper and she was being blamed for the deaths and injuries to all of those Democrats.  The Cheesy Princess of Sleaze, was now on the receiving end of the wrath of most decent, law-abiding Americans of all political ties and nobody found her funny any more. The world turned its back on her and she was discarded like a used kleenex. 

 I do not think that it was her fault, but it is hard to stop a feeding frenzy when there is blood in the water. This time her reputation and tactics would make her the prey and the sharks were hungry.  All of that publicity and gun waving and calling for the American people to rise up and take action anyway they had to, to get America back for Americans came back to bite her in the butt.  The Tea Party and Ms. Palin have become silent, where they were once a deafening noise; they have become a political trickle where once they were like a tsunami, but this guy still wants to know how so many Americans and a political party were willing to follow this woman to hell and back? Is the USA so frightened of everything that it will follow anyone, anywhere? 

Trash radio at its best

Then we have trash radio personalities like Rush Limbaugh  and Doctor Laura Schlesinger and countless others, who spew their hate for anything decent across the American airways and Republicans shout great they are   exercising their Constitutional rights; they are defending the rights of real Americans.   Dr. Schlesinger used the word nigger countless times on the open air, defended her right to do it and the USA was split down the middle questioning whether the use of the word nigger was really racist, since black people call themselves nigger all of the time.  The good doctor was defended all across America and hailed as a defender of freedom of speech.  As the rest of trash radio joined in to defend her, she evoked her status as a God-fearing Tea party supporter and as being a Republican party member; not one Tea Party member denounced her actions and not one Republican leader of note denounced her actions. Is this truly what the Republican Party has come to be? Have they become so desperate for a cause that they are ready to fight the American Revolution all over again.

This woman hates everything and everybody equally

 Is this really the Republican platform?  I hope not, because I think that there is no longer room in the world for a political party whose fundamental strategy for winning is racist, polarizing and devoid of truth and honor.  If you do not speak up and denounce the behavior and antics of  people like Dr. Schlesinger, than you condone their actions with your silence.  The crazies and the extreme right have taken over the Republican Party and are getting all of the press these days and they grow bolder every day. These crazies are doing more damage to the Republican Party’s hopes of winning the next elections that the Democrats could have ever hoped to do to the Republicans themselves.  This is the price  that must be paid by the Republican Party for riding the ratings that these nuts generated.  Having said nothing, or done nothing to stop these nuts, the Republican Party now finds that it’s hands are tied and they are unable to control these nuts. One of these nuts could win the presidential nomination and lose the presidency for the Republican Party.


Hope Trump is just off his medication

Donald Trump the man who once had the respect of America, has lost his mind temporarily. I hope and I wish him a speedy recovery.  This fool first decides to push the birth certificate issue that the Republican Party chose to utilize to remove and question a sitting  president of the United States of America.  All the checking of his credentials and right to hold his office by the agencies trusted to do these checks, was not good enough for the Republican Party and now is not good enough for the Donald Trumps of  America.  Never before has a president been forced to publicly show his birth certificate to the people of USA after an election.  I think that him having to do so, said whole lot about the confidence and faith that the Republican party has in the ability of the agencies whose task it is to see that indeed the persons running for the office of president are in fact who they claim to be. Trump says he was honored no less to be the person who made the president of the USA acquiesce to his demands; I guess the saying small things amuse small minds still applies in this day and age and to him. I wonder when the Republican leadership is going to put and end to Trump, or do they intend for him to really be their candidate for the presidency of the United States.

Republican ladies and gentlemen, if we can still call you that after you clapped and cheered  for Mr. Trump, as he called all of your countries leaders idiots and threatened just about all non Alliance member countries with either violence, or sanctions if they did not do as the USA wished. Mr. Trump used language and profanity in your presence and in the presence of your wives; language that should have been offensive and insulting to both men and women and you laughed and cheered. this kind of language up to now was  not used in public speeches of people running or wishing to run for public office and certainly considered bad form to use in the presence of ladies and you ate it up.  Is this what the new republican gentlemen and  ladies looks like these days? Is what he said really what you believe in? Is his language and are his methods those that you ladies and gentlemen really understand and  relate to?  Trump threatened, mocked and promised to do things if elected akin to any dictator out there and you gave him a standing ovation.

Videos for Donald trump’s profanity speech

 Have  Republican Party women and men given up on self-respect and  decency?  This could not have been the Christian faction of the Republican party, or has Christianity change that much in so little time?  A man with more money than brains stands up in front of you and uses the word “Mother Fucker”, profanity  usually thought of to be insulting to most women multiple times along with other curse words and you cheered him on. Republican men you allowed your ladies to be insulted  by this carnival side-show promoter and you cheered and laughed.  Where was the respect for your wives that most men demand and defend?  He promises repeatedly to kill your children by getting them into senseless wars and you cheer him on; what were you ladies and gentlemen thinking? I am hoping that you were caught up in the moment of being in the presence of Donald, or that it was shock that made you react poorly, but for the people watching, you looked like a bunch of racist, war mongering broads and men, not God-fearing  ladies and gentlemen.

You have them speak for you and you speak for them

I know people will say that you can’t paint the whole Republican party and all of its other members with the same brush, but I say why not? When these idiots are riding high in the polls you rode right along with them.  You allow them to campaign for your party, you campaign for them and you do nothing to distance yourself from them until something tragic happens, like at that Democratic rally, or they become too dangerous to the bigger picture.  These nuts like I have said before have come to symbolize what the Republican Party stands for.  Racists like to attend rallies and scream really loud, spit on people and cause riots; that is what they do,”hate”.   I do not think that you can convince the rest of non racist America to vote for that though.

  It is time to smarten up and stand up for what is right and denounce these clowns for what they are and take your political party back, before you as a political entity, become silent where you were once a deafening noise; become a political trickle where once you were like a tsunami; become the butt end of jokes where once you were once  taken seriously.  I watched on television as a reporter said The GOP and the American voter will accept bigotry, but they will not tolerate their leaders using profanity and I thought to myself how sad that this is a true statement. When people no longer take a political party seriously, it is dead; do you want dead?

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