Jack Layton Captures Youth Vote And The Province Of Quebec With Big Promises He Can’t Deliver

Pierre Luc Dusseault

I took a couple of days to consider the election and Jack Layton‘s role in it and there is no other way for me to look at it,”Jack Layton has been bitten by the power bug”.  Students and young people may have seemed like  an easy target to get votes quickly with promises to force changes in, education funding, environmental issues, social issues and peace initiative, because at this point in their lives they are very social motivated and engaged, but they can also be explosive, bursting with energy, unpredictable and very hard to control.

Ruth Ellen Brosseau

Young people say what is on their minds and that is a great thing, but once they start down the path of changing the world they are all most unstoppable.  They have been given a voice in the government and they will play it by their rules and I do not think the old fogies in parliament are ready for them.

Tyrone Benskin no kid but is a rookie

Honesty is not a strong suit in parliament and I wonder how they will react to an unbridled abundance of it? They will not be Jacks obedient little children and follow the party line, unless the party line follows what they perceive was promised to them.

Mylene Freeman

I can only hope for Jack Layton and his political advisors that they have not just used these young people to get the quick vote with intentions of burying them in the back, powerless and feeling used, because this could cause great unrest and mistrust and set a line between the old guard and the new of the NDP. Will they agree to wait 4 years before being able to attempt to make changes?  Will they demand that Jack make good on his promises of change today not later?

Unknown who unseated Duceppe

When they realize that they had more power before the election and that a vote for Jack Layton was not a vote for immediate change, but a vote to wait with little, or no change for the issues that concern them will they get angry and turn on him and his party?  I wonder if any of this young blood that he keeps saying needs a voice will actually get  into his cabinet, or was his speech just smoke and mirrors and the same old caucus will emerge to sit in the front seats?  I for one welcome the change and hope that the hill can adapt to these young people, or that these young people roll right over them and go after the change that they know this country needs.  They now have a long-awaited foot in the door of the House of Commons and I eagerly await to see what they do with it.

Isabelle Maguire

Jack Layton has indeed pulled of a small miracle and captured the young peoples vote, but I think he has underestimated their wish for immediate change and how much he will be able to draw them into the way things are done on the hill.

Jack Layton has made some promises to the people of this country that I feel he will be unable to keep.  You would never know listening to him the other day that he did not win the election and does not hold the majority of seats in parliament. To hear him go on and on about what he is going to do and how is  he going to work toward doing this, or that, is just too funny to me and a bit ingenuous. When you consider that he has no power to speak of, no leverage, one would have to ask themselves, with what does he intend to use as his club to get the Tories to take his advice?  Please somebody tell me how Layton expects to get Harper to work with him now that he has a majority when they would not work with anyone when the Conservative had a minority.

Matthew Dube

Harper hated everything that the Liberal’s stood for and his agenda was to destroy this political party and he used Jack Layton in my humble opinion to do it. He took out his strongest political rival using his weakest to do the dirty work and now for the next four years he will sit back and make Jack Layton look useless. With one very well planned strategy his has eliminated all of his political enemies and gotten the majority of seats.  It is indeed a time of reflection for the parties who have been so easily out maneuvered, about their choices when it comes to leadership of their parties and I hope they choose wisely and make the changes necessary to their very survival before the next election.

Laurin Liu

Stephen Harper has been using Jack Layton to keep him in power since day one. Jack has been given crumbs and made to feel like he accomplished great things from the start and Jack just kept lending his support to things that went against everything that he is supposed to believe in like bettering the living conditions of our First Nations People.  Jack Layton has not worked hard for Canadians he has worked hard to get where he is right now, leader of  the Official Opposition. I like to think of him as “Back Room Jack”, always ready to get political mileage out of a bad deal, but he is right about one thing with the influx of young blood times are definitely changing and one of the biggest changes could be very well how long the new blood in the party will allow him to conduct himself in the back door secretive style.

Jack and his crew

My predictions for Jack are unfortunately grim. I predict with his hands tied by a Conservative Party majority and no chance of seeing any of his lofty promises delivered to Quebec, he will lose his popularity in the province.  That most of is party does not speak French will definitely cause some problems for him. An MP of his was on tv saying that you had to talk to people in their ridings in their first language and she spoke English, Chinese, Mandarin and Japanese, that may work out west, but what of Quebec where French is one of the official languages of this country how will the NDP handle this barrier, or does Jack Layton intend to be the only spoke person for his party?

Four years is too long for change for the students of today, they will have already amassed large debts caused by student loans from the government and I think they want the change now, like he promised to get for them.  I think that after the budget is fixed is to long for those needing medical solutions now and they will want to see the changes that Layton promised them now like he said all through his campaign.  I think that Jack Layton himself is about to be held accountable for the first time to the Canadian people for the words and promises that have spewed from his mouth over and over again and he does not have a snowball in hells chance of keeping.

I think that in this instance the immediate victory will result in Jack Layton’s ultimate defeat. Taking into consideration his failing health this is not that bad for Jack, as I see retirement as a possibility in his near future. This having been said however I see his party having to bear the hardship and decline in popularity that comes from people losing faith in its promises and the parties integrity.  I do not like the arrogance of Stephen Harper and his party and I do not like their position on where they think Canada should be, but in this election they told Canadians how what and when they will implement their strategies and even I must say Canadians ae getting and going to get what they  have asked for by giving Harper a majority government.  If I were Jack Layton I would have given a thank you speech reflecting the hard work and the support I had been given by the Canadian people and at the same time accurately described the political reality, that Canada is in with the Conservatives holding a majority in the house and in the senate.

 I would have told Canadians that although I would have loved to give them what they need they have given the power solely to Mr. Harper to decide what is best for Canada and them for the next four years. I would continue to bring and make your concerns known to this government, so that they could not at the end of the day say if they had only known.  The next four years should be interesting indeed, and I hope out of it all we all will have learnt what is important to Canada and to our sense of well-being.  my mother told me every time she got a chance that all things in moderation are good for you and so it is with politics, but the saying that comes to mind right away when I think of politicians and the choices that they make and this includes Mr. Layton is,”God forgive them they know not what they do”.

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