The Hunting The Killing And Disposal Of Osama Bin Laden’s Body


It is this gloating that makes people seek revenge and keeps you on constant alert and in fear.

What exactly did his death do to make you feel safer, or does it?

Osama Bin Ladin is dead and the Americans have thrown his body into the sea and my  question now is do any of you feel any safer?  For ten years you have persecuted every Muslim that came into contact with you, be they born in America Muslims, new Muslim citizens, or Muslims in other countries. What will you do with the void that was once filled with the hunt, capture, or kill that has been the number one security issue of both the Republican Party and Democratic Party, two presidents as well as all branches of the military and secret service?  Will it be safe for example to be a Muslim in the States. Up to now it seemed that if President Barack Obama was a an American Muslim that he had no right being president of the United States of America, has the killing of this Osama Bin Ladin going to change that in America?

senseless act of violence and wasting of too many innocent lives, but the USA is guilty of doing this and worse every day right now

America cries about the cowardly attacks that killed 3000 American civilians on American soil and uses it to justifies all of the killing and the wars it is now engaged in all over the globe. The USA is claiming it is seeking justice and that the killing of Bin Laden finally after 10 years, billions of dollars and countless lives on all sides that killing this one man was worth it and some how represents justice and not revenge. What of the nuclear bomb dropped on Japan at the end of the 2nd world war? Were these people warned? Did they have any chance of escaping? What is the death toll and when do they see justice? How does the USA justify this action and compare the deaths it caused to hundreds of thousands and perhaps millions of people, civilians without warning and they are still reporting medical problems directly related to that brave attack from America, to just 3000 dead of its own on 9/11? I abhor all violence of this nature, but one should not throw stones when they live in a glass house.  Do onto others as you would have them do onto you America.  You can rewrite history to suit yourselves and forget the parts that do not serve your agenda, but it does not change what was and what is happening right now.

The USA has learnt nothing from this and until it does nothing will change for it.

This ia a picture of Hiroshima and a passage from an article I read about the devastation that the USA caused. The first bomb was obviously not enough death and taking of innocent civilian lives for the USA and to further make their point they dropped a 2nd bomb three days later on Nagasaki. A link to that article is below. 

For ten years the USA have hunted one man and had a contract of murder placed on his head like they were the mafia, or something, all the while expecting no counter attacks from any other country the USA assaults.  This seems naive at best and hopefully other countries around the world including those named terrorists do not decide to follow this example of meting out justice.

Forget all of that, because I already know the answer to these questions, because the USA only does what is good for the people of the world and they can not be held to the same legal, or moral standard of the rest of the world.(lol)  What I would like to know though is what the stealing a dead mans body and not allowing his family to give him a decent burial has to do with national security?

Let us hope that the other side still returns our dead to us

 Am I to understand that the USA is no longer expecting to get back the bodies of their fallen dead to be buried back home, or is this simply another rule of war that applies to the rest of the lowly world with the USA being the only exception to the rule?  We are all aware what you have done by not allowing Osama bin Laden a proper burial within his religious beliefs and most Americans will say they do not care, but this is so wrong. I think that if  your enemies follow your lead and start burning the bodies of your dead, or burying them in the sand without markers the out crying of their families back home will show you the errors of your ways.

Bin Laden’s “Islamic” burial — A divided reaction 

My God was revenge that important, that the leadership of the most powerful nation in the world would stoop to denying the dead a burial we would wish for our own fallen?  Once again the need to punish has taken priority over common sense and a chance to lead by example and show  our enemy the way life and living is supposed to be.  If you say that Osama Bin Laden was evil, then pray tell what is the west.  So for now the USA has given the last slap and again must sit in fear and wait for retaliation and the war goes on.   I ask you again what is the point of all of this warfare if no one feels safer and the USA becomes who they hate? Why can’t the USA just pack up go home now and leave this part of the world to their own devices? Please before you write to me think about what you are going to say and take into consideration your countries own sorry history, both at home and world-wide. 

USA showing off their military muscle in the Korean dispute

Do I sound pissed off, well I am. I feel that if the USA would spend a little less time swaggering, puffed out in its military might, arrogantly and relentlessly interfering in the affairs of sovereign states all over the world, they would have less need to hunt people and feel threatened by those that they hunt. The USA might then be able to spend a lot more time building relationships based on trust and respect  throughout the world. It may cost them their title of the most hated country in the world bar none, but I think that is a title they could well afford to lose.

Osama bin Laden was but one man who was responsible for taking the fight to the United States on its own soil and gave United States a bloody nose and the United States did not like it and I can understand that. The Unites States of America has been hitting first since Pearl Harbor with the dropping of the atom bomb  on Hiroshima and Nagasaki and has not stopped since 9/11.  This is the truth about USA justice as I see it; it is a hit first,  hit harder and deal with the consequences later policy and it uses it around the world. I believe that until the USA changes ways of dealing with its international neighbors it will always be worrying about where their enemies will strike them next.  I ask again would it not be a better way to have friends?  I know USA has convinced itself that it is not on a mission to dominate and control the world, but that is  how your constant interference and manipulation in sovereign states is perceived by the leaders of these nations and often its people.

never-ending bombing of Libya

This is simply an observation and the telling  to neighbor and friend something they need to hear, but refuse to listen to,” It is time to bring your soldiers home, remove your planes from the air, dry dock your warships and stop the killing and the suffering of your own people and that of other nations.  What you are doing around the world is ineffective and has been tried before without success. The time has come for the USA to rethink its foreign-policy position and fix what is broken in its own country. Maybe if you are not killing, you will not always think that some one wants to kill you.

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2 Responses to The Hunting The Killing And Disposal Of Osama Bin Laden’s Body

  1. D.I.D. says:

    There are many good points here, but I hope you can see that had bin Laden not been hunted then it would have merely emboldened his followers to continue to plan attacks. Remember that bin Laden has even more Muslim blood on his hands than he does Western. As cold-blooded as his execution was, the world is a better place without him.

    I have said before that I was in favour of the invasion of Afghanistan and the destruction of the Taliban but I vehemently disagree with the subsequent (and foolhardy) occupation of a nation in a vain attempt to impose our culture on a society that will not and does not want to accept it.

    Iraq was neocon nonsense. Were there justice in the world, every member of the Bush administration would have been arrested for war crimes when the magnitude of their deception came to light on the destruction that they caused. As the days go by, Libya is also starting to look similar. No disagreement on these.

    Interestingly, it looks almost like USA was roped into the Libyan quagmire by its so-called “allies”, and is in no position to benifit one way or the other. I guess the Americans now know what it is like to be fighting someone else’s war for the first time in half a century. Maybe its time to have a chat with our southern friends on cutting loose the Europeans? Looks to me like we have both been used.


    • archemdis says:

      Well said and yes I do know that he had to be stopped and he was a killer of Muslims. Iit is all of the other crap that the USA engages in that bothers me. I think as you, that the European nations, like to start trouble, but are not very good at the finish. The USA and Canada both would do good to cut the Europeans off and let them fight their own battles. I think it is time to stop fighting and start to do god things for our own people, like rebuilding trust between our citizens and close the devide between Canadians that this never ending war has caused.


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