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I must say that I am stunned and disappointed at the lack of respect that was shown for the loss of a  human life that the world witnessed after the death of Osama bin Laden. The chanting, the dancing and the festive mood  that was displayed in the USA, by the good people of New York City and Washington sent a message to Osama bin Laden‘s followers and I hope for America’s sake it is ignored.  What is on your minds, or since 9/11 have you some how lost all of your humanity.  Why is it that you think that they flew those jets into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon? Do you think upon waking up one morning in a bad mood, Osama Bin Laden said, “Let us just go to the strongest most militarily advanced country in the world and kill a few thousand of their people?  Is your patriotism based in naivety, or do you honestly think that you as a country and as  people  can do anything you like in the world, to anyone and no one will seek what they consider justice on you?  It is not nice to kick a man when he is down and this guy was as down as you get.  Once again the USA has proven that it is arrogant and holds nothing sacred, except that it is above the law and reproach, leading to the conclusion that any attack on you in any way is unprovoked and should be dealt with all the force and military might that it can muster.  How superior  as people and as a nation, you must feel, to never be wrong, to never make a mistake and even if you did, to be powerful enough to never have to say I am wrong, or I am sorry. 

Every war has been fought on other peoples soil and those countries have had to bury their dead civilians; dead at the hands of American soldiers, pilots and navy.  War is  supposed to be a dirty business, so that it becomes unbearable and is forced to an end just by the sight of its ugliness, but that only works when both sides are fairly equal in strength.  When ones side can make it so its casualties are three soldiers a month, it is way too clinical and sterile for one side and the need to end the war is lost in its cleanliness. For a long time the United States has not had to live with the fear and knowledge that at anytime during the day, or night a foreign force could drop bombs and missiles on us and so war became sanitized where it was supposed to be dirty, brutal with losses on both sides only happening on one.  Unless America sent civilians overseas into a battle, we only lost soldiers. While the USA destroyed whole cities and villages full of innocent civilians (men, women and children),   to protect an ally, Americans back home could be seen across the world laughing and celebrating and calling it a victory for the USA, each time a town was  completely destroyed by the American armed forces, while you as a people and as a nation went untouched and  bloodied.  

When the world cried out and told America that it was breaking the law you as a country simply changed the law to suit your own purposes and labelled all of the people, terrorists and all fair game as far as being military targets was concerned.  It was the United States of America that said,” That the USA would not be held accountable to the World Court and that not one United States citizen would ever have to go before it no matter how grave the crime against humanity, because you and your mission could not be impeded by the slow pace of the United Nations, or following the law”. The USA was no longer following the law; it was making it and ordering the whole world to obey them. 

The USA rewrote the rules of war to suit your own agenda and mission after 9/11, got away with it and has been doing it ever since . We seen it in Guantanamo bay, the refusal of the American government to obey its own courts, or the international courts. We see it in everyday that Omar Kadhr rots in jail because the USA refuse to obey the law of the world and your own courts. Until you as a country change this above the law crap you will never be perceived as a just nation or people except in your own eyes.



9/11 should have been a wake up call! Certain countries were tired of  seeing you gloat while their children and loved ones were dying in their beds, schools and even lying injured in the hospitals.  They were tired of watching on tv, listening on the radio and reading on the computer,  how America thought they were fighting a just war and would not stop until the job was done. I guess it was then that a people woke up, not a person and decided that it was time to wipe the smug look of I can not be hit while in America off of your gloating faces and so 9/11 was born and the military strike was ordered. They considered you all terrorist too and following your lead and rules of war they said, “All americans were terrorists and killers of innocent civilians” and for the first time in a long time you were attacked on your own soil.

Did this wake you up and force you to take a look at yourselves and your actions across the globe and change your ways?  I think not, instead of thinking,  your government decided to wipe out a race of people, wherever they could be found, to make an example of them.  Your military kriss crossed the world not seeking justice, but seeking revenge on a foe that had dared to make the mistake of Japan and attack the American people on their home soil.  The killing and subsequent dumping of Osama bin Laden into the sea showed that you have learnt little from 9/11 with the exception of hate. 

Death and destruction of all you care about is what your arrogance has gotten you so far and still persist.  You have bankrupted your economy and almost took the rest of the world down with you in this thirst for vengeance and still you continue to wage war where ever there is a Muslim to fight.  Now you have killed  the leader and hero of mad men and instead of doing the right thing you decided as Americans to gloat to rub a little salt in the wound by laughing at the death and humiliation of their leader.  With your show of contempt, you invite the retaliation of his followers. An enemy tha up to now seems to be an unstoppable foe . A foe that seems willing to sacrifice all and is not afraid to hit you at home.  The logic in your taunting of these people willing to die just to get at you at home where you live escapes me.

If it is true that you will reap what you have sown, then your actions could get you a bumper crop.  Actions such as were seen after the reported death of Osama bin Laden can never be justified and are the actions of self-centered ignorant people.  Death is never a reason to throw a party and no matter how much we hate the one who died we must remember that they too have family and that some times if insulted they may decide to make the insulting party pay for their lack of respect and the loss of honor they feel you have visited on them. This mans death should have been handled like what it was, loss of a human life. It should have caused a time of reflection, instead of another call to war.  You have provided with your spiking of the ball as your own president called it, the seed of hate; with your display of contempt, you have given the extremist something with which to rally the moderate to their cause.  For a few minutes of arrogance gloating you just may have brought on a new attack, or attacks on your soil and made Osama bin Laden the martyr that tossing him into the sea was supposed to stop.

None of us is bigger than death and in today’s world new technology combined with old customs and pride makes diplomacy a must if we are to live together in peace. Leaders of the world are often arrogant, but usually its people of the warring countries that can be counted on to show compassion.  People do not go to war because they agree with each other, but they are people none the less. Death is inevitable in war and whether it comes from a falling bomb, or a roadside bomb, one is no more acceptable than then other.  If the car bomb is murder so is the Cruz missile. There is no such thing as a just war, there is only war.  What USA calls a preemptive strike when it  bombs others, it calls acts terrorism  and unprovoked hostility, when it happens to them, whether it is on their soil, or on that of the country it is occupying at any given time.  Are all the wars around the world that the United States finds itself taking an active role in, all the other guys fault?



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