Thank You Mom For Making This Day Possible

First let me say Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mothers everywhere.

It is safe and deep within you that we get our start in life. For nine months we are totally dependent on you for everything and it is here that we will share everything that is you. How you are feeling, happy, or sad we will have no secrets. When you are feeling sick we will go through it together, because  I am you and you are me. No matter what happens after I am born for the time I am within you neither you or will know anything that comes closer to being one with some one or something than we will for this nine months. 

They say that a mother only imagines communicating with her unborn baby and that the connection is only made after the birth , but I disagree.  Do I not tell you when I am not comfortable with a little nudge. When I am restless does not a gentle rub from you calm me down and put me back to sleep. Do not believe the non believers, I do hear you when you talk to me; it does comfort me. You Mother right now are all I have, all I need and all that I want and this journey that we are taking for these few months will only be shared by the two of us, in this way.

On this Mother’s Day I would like to say thank you for hanging in there and not quitting when the going got tough. I would like to say thank you allowing your body to get stretched and pulled out of shape to make space for me to live and grow, until it was time for me to come out into the world. I would like to also say thank you for sacrificing some of the things that you enjoyed before I took up residence, like smoking and drinking and certain foods; I know it hasn’t always been easy, but you did it all for me and I am grateful. Mom, thank you for all of your sleepless nights, the worrying and preparing things for my arrival in my new space when I am born; I loved my room.

On this Mother’s Day dear Mom I would just like to really say thank you for enduring the pain of child-birth. I am so big now and you are so small, but if I was to live I had to be born. You bore the pain and I was born and you never complained and I thank you for giving me life. When they laid me on your chest I knew you  at once;  when you said hello I knew your voice, because I had heard your voice before, when you talked to me while I was in your  womb; when it was time to eat I ate like I was at my favorite restaurant because your milk had all of the good things in it that was in your life’s blood, that had sustained me in your womb. When I looked upon your face and into your eyes for the first time, I was finally able to see who had given me all that love and made me feel so safe for all of those months. I was able to put a face to your soul and I said thank you the only way I knew how that first mother’s day, with a big toothless grin, a gurgle and went back to sleep, so you could get some much deserved rest.

We will share many things with the passage of time some good and some not, but you will always be my Mother, my Mom the one who carried me in her womb, fed me with her life’s blood, sacrificed doing what was not good for me and finally endured the pain of child-birth so that I might live. I will never have another mother and I just want to say thank you for giving me a chance to live, on that first Mother’s Day, the day you gave birth to me.  Happy Mother’s Day Mom!

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