Conservatives And Liberals Trying To Make A Scapegoat Out Of Ruth Ellen Brosseau

Ruth Ellen Brosseau

What is wrong with people and our politicians in Canada and especially in Quebec? It would seem that all of you who are now complaining about this one particular young lady who won her riding in Quebec. All of a sudden you seem concerned that she does not even live near, has never visited, did not campaign in, does not speak French,  the language of 90% of the people who live there. You seem to be trying to figure out how this could have happened to all of you and how she won the election? To see the person, or persons responsible for her run away victory may I suggest that you march yourselves over to the mirror and take a good look and blame the first person you see.  Have you all gone temporarily insane, or something, or just looking for some one to lay the blame on for your momentary lapse of good judgement and temporary election day insanity and the need to punish another more well established politician for the crimes of his party a long time ago?

This young lady did what all parties have done in the past and stood in a riding for her party just to say that they had all of the ridings covered. Obviously she did not lie about where she lived and her application was okayed by whoever is in charge of such things, so what is the sour grapes about now?

The press who is now calling her school and launching all manner of investigations into every facet of her life after the fact, makes them look a little silly if you ask me. They the other candidates and all who would now question her right to the job, are a day late and a dollar short  The time to investigate a potential MP and inform the public of their credentials is before the election before the choice is made by thew electorate, not after when the candidate has already won.  I guess now they are just doing what they do the best, trying to at least make a buck out of the story. I think that what has happened in this riding shows that the press and the news coverage is at best shoddy and no one really covers all of the candidates and limits their coverage to only those they consider have a shot at winning the whole ball of wax.  I think this shows just how hard it is if you are  anew arrival on the scene that no one cares who you are or what you have to say and you could have the most brilliant plans for Canada, but they will never see the light of day because not one reporter or news agency can be bothered to cover your campaign, or lack of one.

Then we have our politicians, who by virtue of their egos probably thought that these rookies had no chance of beating them so they were virtually ignored and never tested, their experience questioned or what they brought to the table challenged  in any meaningful way and by the end of election night learned that no election is won or lost until the final ballot is counted and the poling office is closed.  to the lady that did not campaign and took a vacation instead her adversaries probably saw that as being to their advantage at the time and were probably licking their lips and keeping it quiet hoping none in the NDP noticed that she was not there and did something about it.  The joke was on them though, because the people of the riding would have voted for Mickey Mouse it would seem before sending them back to Ottawa.  Stop being poor losers she won fair and square. Follow the link below and find out that the arrogance of the other parties considering themselves the only contenders did not take the opportunity to check out this candidate and if anyone is responsible for these flood victims not getting the proper representation other than the voters themselves, it is them.

Globe and Mail

To the voters you will get exactly what you deserve. I can only guess that you voted to change the flavor of your local government and to continue to punish the Liberals for an old scandal and what you perceived to be betrayal.  By voting for the NDP in Quebec, you handed Harper and his crew a majority government and good or bad you will have to live with it for the next four years.  You showed that you do not care who your candidates were, or what your candidates stood for and you really did not care if they knew what your local concerns, or needs were.  You look as embarrassed as two people who had too much to drink the night before, go to bed with each other in a drunken state, fall asleep and wonder who it is you are in bed with and what exactly you did when you wake up undressed and not alone in the morning? You do not even know the person’s name, or anything about the person you are in bed with and now you are embarrassed and swear to yourself never to get that drunk again. 

Too late for recriminations, what is done is done and you will have to learn and make the best of your actions.  If the young lady learns to speak French good for her, but maybe you good people of this riding should learn to speak English, as a French-speaking MP did not seem to be one of your primary concerns when you voted her into office.  Don’t look around and try top place the blame on her, or some one else for your choice for MP, because it is too late for that. Work with her and try to communicate your needs and concerns to her in any language that she understands, because the loss will be yours if you do not and you probably know how to speak English right now better than she knows how to speak French.  This young MP lives 300 kilometers away, she could not possibly know what the riding needs, or is all about.  If I were you I would try to make her feel very welcome and hope that she feels compelled to represent you, as one of you in Ottawa, otherwise you will not have a voice that represents your needs for next 4 years and it will be your own fault.  Grow up learn from your mistakes, stop whining and take your vote and responsibilities a little more seriously in the future.

Lucky for the next four years the rookies of the NDP, will have time to learn and grow into their jobs, because the Conservative government has a majority.   I would like to say that I think that Canada by the end of this four years will have learnt a valuable lesson no matter who you voted for, because I think that Canada as a whole for the first time in a long time got what they expected and wanted, but does not quite understand the price it will have to pay.  Let the chips fall where they may we as Canadians will survive and now it is time to move on. With no one left to blame for its failures it will be interesting to see how Prime Minister Harper and the Conservative Party of Canada proceed.

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