When It Comes To Crimes Against Humanity Does The Jewish Race Come To The Table With Clean Hands

J.P. Benjamin’s Confederate money. He arranged for major loans to keep the Southerners in their battle to maintain slavery killing tens of thousands.

I sit here looking out my window into the rain and my head is full of thought of the Holocaust of all things.  I guess it all has to do with then hunting and capturing of the 90-year-old man, once a Nazi under orders captured, put on trial  and sentenced to 5 years in prison, for crimes against humanity for being a participant in the killings for being there and following orders.  The fact is he was a guard at the camp and it can not be proved that he did anything beside guard.

I guess my question is when will the Jewish people have enough retribution for the Holocaust? When will the hunting stop; when will the hunting itself be seen as a crime and the tactics used in this vigilante justice be seen for what it is, or do the Nazi hunters intend to start arresting their families and their loved ones?  How many can there be left and what will the Jewish, Nazi hunters do next? 

The Indians, or Natives of North America were all but  wiped off the face of the earth and are still living under deplorable conditions yet not one person to date has stood before the world court, or any other court and held accountable for these acts of genocide.  Why is it that the only people doing any hunting out there still for these type of crimes are the Nazi hunters? Is their hunt justified, or warranted considering all that is going on in the world and with the State of Israel‘s participating in some of its own crimes against humanity with all of  the   arrogance of a nation and people who think that they are above the law, of man?

How many of the South African Apartheid regime were put on trial for war crimes and acts against humanity? How many are being tracked and hunted and brought to justice?  I do not recall any organization going into their homes, or places of business and dragging them out and forcing them to stand trial. I was wondering if any of you out there can tell me why only the Holocaust is considered to be so heinous that the Jewish people may break all laws, cross any borders when it comes to bringing a suspected Nazi thought to be a participator in this horrible action, to so-called justice. Considering the Talmud and its teachings I begin to wonder is it only what is being taught in the mosques that warrants watching, or should what is being  taught in those Jewish private schools be checked out a little better?

I guess there are no more of the order writers, or high-profile Nazis to hunt and imprison, or kill, so now the Nazi hunters look to who was ordered to work in the death camps, the common soldier following orders, the cooks and the like.  The hunt must go on and continue to produce war criminals and some one must be made to pay, lest the Holocaust  be forgotten the way other tragedies of war and human rights violations have.

The African slave trade would not have been possible without Jewish money, Jewish ships and the Talmud version of the Hamitic Myth.  How many Africans died at sea, housed in deplorable conditions, or were tossed into the oceans to avoid detection by ruthless captains, so that a Jewish ship owner, or backer could make a dollar.  The average life span of a African slave brought to Haiti was only 6 years.  It was easier and cheaper for the plantation owners to work them to death then deal with an aging non productive slave population.   The Jewish  sponsorship, ownership of the ships and their sharing in the profits made from the slave trade, are well documented, yet no one has sought to punish them for the pain and anguish they caused, or to have ancestors compensated for these vile acts and crimes against humanity they were part of just for profit.  Jewish Slave ship owners often tried to hide their ethnicity by changing their last names to sound like the names given to the people of the country they were operating out of, like the list of slave ships and their registered owners you see at the top of this paragraph.


Confessions of Harold Brackman


Harold Brackman

Would some brave person be they Jewish, or not like to take a stab at trying to explain The Hamitic Myth to the rest of the world as it is found in the Talmud, in a way that  does not  seem to be justification for enslaving Blacks; the  Africans, the people they claim are a sub species of human being somewhere between a monkey and a human and a total nation cursed by God through Noah on his son.  The unsubstantiated numbers of Blacks that died by the effects of going through slavery is between 6 million by the non Black count and 60 million by the Black count, but we as a race have been asked to move on. Does anyone have the answer to why everyone else who has been violated in this manner has to forgive and forget and move on with the exception of the Jewish people.

Why  is it for example that to say the Holocaust did not happen, is considered a crime against humanity, but to say that slavery was not that bad is not?  What of the modern-day war crimes that are going on right now;  the Guantanamo Bay type crimes, the child soldier imprisonments, the torturing of prisoners of war, the endless bombing of civilian targets, the illegal occupation of whole countries and the systematic bleeding of their resources, who will be held accountable for these crimes against humanity and when will the hunt begin?

I do no think that the hunting is ever part of the healing process  I think that it is just plain and simple revenge and if on is allowed to do this  all will seek their pound of flesh. If there is justification in the hunt, then should I the ancestor of those who were enslaved be hunting the Jewish people that made it possible?  I do not deny that the Holocaust was horrific, but it was neither the worst, or the only case of this sort of cruelty and to treat it as such is to deny the equal right of others the same retribution.  If we all go for generations at a time seeking out any and all that may have been guilty committing horrific acts against us, all people, in all nations will start to drop like flies.  If the Jewish people can ask me as a Black man to forget their role in the enslavement of my ancestors, so that we can all move on to a better place, than they should by now be moving on from the tragedy which was the Holocaust.  Not to forget the history of it of course, but to stop the hunt and the seeking of revenge for it, lest they become the hunted for their crimes both past and present.  They, the Jewish race do not come to the table with clean hands as they would have us believe and with their treatment of the Palestinians their hands get dirtier by the minute.

Perhaps it is time for the hunting to stop and let the world begin to heal.  There is a lot to ask forgiveness for from all sides and no matter how well a people, or a nation tries bury their wrong doing, or change  history and the role that they have played in the hurting and mistreatment of others, the truth has a way of coming back to haunt us.  I will not start a hunt for justice due my people  and will forgive you your part in the African Slave Trade if you will stop your hunt and let these 90-year-old soldiers die in their own beds from old age.

Isaac Mayer Wise was the founder of Reform Judaism—the branch practiced by most Jews today. He disparaged Native Americans and Blacks. Rabbi Isaac Mayer Wise supported slavery and cited the Talmud as his main source.

I will be looking deeper into this, because this knowledge has the potential of turning everything that I believed on its head. I knew of course that every race has had a part in the slavery of some one since time began, but these were instances where the conqueror made slaves out of their captives.  ” The version of the ” The Hamitic Myth”, found in the Talmud is quite something else and I find that the further I research, the darker and the greater the role of the Jewish people becomes when it came to making the justification for this chattel type of slavery, the Africans, my ancestors, only 2 generations ago, found themselves the victims of.




Judah P. Benjamin was the vice president of the Confederacy and financed the KKK. His face is printed on Confederate currency—not Robert E. Lee’

There are suggestions in my reading that the Jewish nation has been making a profit off of slavery from the beginning of time; brokering the sale of slaves, selling the chains needed to bind them, owning  the ships needed to transport them and the financing of missions to acquire them.  I will wait and study further and let you know what I find out so that you can decide for yourselves if the Jewish race comes to the table with clean hands, when it comes to crimes against humanity and war crimes.





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