Jewish People This African Descendant Forgives You Anyway

"Talmud" Is this a real version, or a nazi created one? It would seem no one can be sure until what is in it comes under fire

I do not get it, but I guess it is a Jewish thing steeped deep in the secrets between God and the Jewish people. Every other people on this planet has admitted to and apologized for their part in the selling and profiting off of the black chattel slavery trade, except one and I do not quite understand the logic behind the Jewish races denial. I understand being ashamed of ones actions, but trying to further inflict hurt and call the person you violated a liar does not help the situation and makes you as a people seem either very naive, or ignorant of your own history.  I am no Anti Semite, but your actions throughout history and your continued behavior of superiority over all other races on this planet, almost makes other nations hatred of you and fear of you understandable and for that I pity you.

It would appear that any version of the Talmud that has anything derogatory about the Blacks or non-Jew was written by the Nazis, no matter what the proof to the contrary. No matter how many plantations were owned by Jews and how much money was made by virtue of the slave trade by Jews, it becomes a lie if it is told, or written about; no matter the proof it is said to be just Anti Semitic garbage.  It would appear that all through history no matter what was written about Jewish involvement in the business of slavery, Jewish people always answered by saying that this was Anti Semitic propaganda, spread by Christians, skinheads, Muslims, or white supremacists, to make the Jewish people look bad.

Rabbi Israel I. Jones of Mobile, makes his money on slavery.

That the Jewish race blames the African race for slavery and all that happened because of it, is the vilest and most insulting thing of this whole business to my people.  It is tantamount to saying that Jewish people brought the Holocaust on themselves and were therefore deserving of all that happened to them because of it.  To keep insisting that the Jewish race has nothing to be sorry for and that no apology is due the African slave‘s descendants by them, is to say that no apology was due them after the Second World War, that there is no justification for the State of Israel being created and now supported and that all of this Nazi hunting business should not be.  Even the Jewish peoples own historians are wrong, say the Jewish people.  You are listening to the wrong person, or reading the wrong version, or the wrong translation was used say the Jewish people when defending their position of innocence.  Would not a simple admission and a promise not to go there again that was made to you by the world be a better solution for your people then to foolishly continue this indefensible position?

New York Rabbi Morris J. Raphall, the most prominent Jewish clergyman in the Civil War era, wrote passionately that “God Supports Slavery.”

What of all of your plantations, your slaves, are all of the records wrong everywhere, “I ask you”?  You who scream for closure by demanding the lives of the people who were responsible for the Holocaust, but find yourselves not capable of admitting your wrong doing in the African slave trade, are denying the ancestors of these people the closure that an apology would give. Instead like a rapist you deny any wrong doing and say that we wanted it, that we are responsible for what happened to us and try to make us the evil doer and you the victim and that is shameful and almost unforgivable.  I say almost, because my God teaches that through him nothing is unforgivable if we first admit what we have done, apologise for the act, or acts, promise not to do it again, and finally ask for forgiveness.

 When you look at the evidence and listen to the words of your own people how is it that you can still maintain that it did not happen?  Are we to believe that you do really think that we Blacks are stupid and a species of animal just above the ape, but below the Jew or White man on the evolutionary scale and too stupid to be believed and therefore do not require any apology? When as a people and a nation, you are  not denying your participation in the slave trade totally,  you are  seeking  to marginalize your impact on the African slave trade.  I say to you if your impact was marginal then that old man’s impact was miniscule in terms of the Holocaust.  Tell me again so I understand why did that old man go to trial for being a guard at a concentration camp, if you seek a pass, because you say your contribution to the suffering of my ancestors by your ancestors was marginal at best?

Fairfield, Illinois businessman Emanuel Steiner receives fifty roses from the Ku Klux Klan in 1924. They were honoring his “golden anniversary” in business.

Jewish people and the Jewish race took an active role in the support of the Confederacy bankrolling the southern states right to own slaves, while at the same time professing to be abolitionists, this is well documented too and there is not a Nazi, or a skin head in sight to lay the blame on. That you allowed your people to support the KKK was something that I did not know until I started to dig and that was a shocker.  I am now starting to understand what went on and the role that your ancestors played throughout history and in the shaping of the world as we live in it today and it was not nice part at all.

The Jewish people have always played both ends against the middle and have made money off of the suffering of others and this can not be denied, the evidence is over whelming. All that you did was  legal and God approved as long as no Jewish person  suffered from your duplicity.  As long as it was the gentiles, “the animals that wore clothing” that were suffering, there was nothing to stop you in your religion, or culture from doing these things and in fact you were considered by your faith to be doing your race a favor and you got away with it.  So good was your ability to hide within the cultures and the people, of other nations that you got away with your wrong doings and would have probably got away with it still today, if you were able to give up your own hunt for vengeance on the people responsible for the Holocaust and now anyone who was anywhere near the concentration camps.

Revered rabbi Moses Maimonides reinforced the racism by instructing his people that Black Africans were “lower than the rank of man but higher than the rank of the apes.”

I would have never known that Jewish people were involved in the slave trade at least 1000 years before the first slave landed in the Americas, because it is not taught.  It is always the Englishman, the Dutchman, the Spaniard who were the slaver, the plantation owners. I had forgotten that you were all of these people choosing which nationality to use based on what you were up to at the time. I must admit that the taking for yourselves last names that were not typically Jewish sounding gave you some, “It isn’t me ability”, but the other countries who were getting the blame for your covert crimes soon gave you up and were quick to point out the Jewish people from their own and so you have been found out and yet you still refuse to accept culpability and refuse to apologize.

So let us take yet another  look at your position shall we?  When accused of dealing in slave trading in the middle ages you say that this is not true and that you were under persecution and the rulers of the time wanted you to look bad.  When accused of being involved in the African slave trade at a later date in history,  you say not me show me proof.   When shown the proof in the form of ship ownership papers you claim that the people shown you are of another ethnicity then Jewish.  When you are shown the words of Jewish historians, writings acknowledging Jewish involvement in and the profiting from slavery, you say that they are forgeries, or the people doing the writings are Anti Semitic.  The whole world from the beginning of civilization has it all wrong.  Everyone else is crazy and out to get you.  With just a little digging it has been made clear to me that the Jewish nation feels that black people sold themselves into slavery and if the truth be really told the only apology needed and that should be forthcoming is one from black people to you for falsely accusing the Jewish people of crimes against humanity. This is and has been your position since slavery became illegal and you are sticking to it. You categorically deny that you were the middle men when it came to buying and reselling of black African men women and children through auctions held in your auction houses and the use of such labor on your sugar and cotton plantations, all this you deny in the face of overwhelming evidence and so can never be forgiven and the descendants of these slaves forever will be denied closure.

Eminent Jewish historian Jacob Rader Marcus confirms Jewish investments in Black slavery.

I would suggest that denial at this point of the game just adds liar to your resume and a cowardice stripe down your spine. It makes you un-remorseful and a people most likely to commit the same crimes all over again, if given the chance.  It puts into question all that you do as a nation and as a people.  Every king and queen in Europe turned you from their land at the same time and you claimed persecution. Evidence proves that you sold Christian slaves to Muslims and Muslim slaves to Christians, but you deny this too.  For you as a people there is only the Holocaust that is true.  That you are the chosen people of God that is true.  That whatever the accusation, you do can never be wrong, because you do as God himself has commanded you to do, is the only truth you must live with.  Everything else is a lie, no matter who says it, no matter what the proof.  The accounts of black slaves and recorded history itself are all wrong and the devils work and you are always right, because the laws of man are not for you, because you are God’s chosen people and as such you follow a higher law. Even being the chosen people of God is not your fault because God held a mountain over your heads after the rest of humanity refused his offer of being his chosen people, leaving you no choice but to accept.

Samuel Gompers was a labor leader who rivaled Hitler himself in his hatred of Blacks and Asians

 I forgive you anyway and leave you to the mercy of your God on the final judgement day. Enjoy your wealth, political power and position, it came at a high price to my people, paid for with the blood, suffering and deaths of so many of my ancestors. The effects of what you have helped to do is still being felt to this day, by my people.  I feel sorry for you as a race, because you will never know the peace of forgiveness, or the freedom that comes with the admission of wrong doing and the promise of not doing the same thing over again. I feel sorry for you as a race, because you will never be free of the lie, or the vicious circle that it has you forever running in.  You as  people now reside in “The Land Of Real Life Fantasy”, but you are not alone and I do believe here you will remain and that is truly sad.

 It almost seems that it was easier for us to be slaves and to have suffered all that we have, then to be you, who the world is coming to mistrust and turn their backs on once again.  I refuse to be dragged into the game of hate and revenge, because I am nothing like you, so instead I will I will pray for you as a people that has lost God’s way and needs God’s help to find your way back to Godliness.

Sales of slave-picked cotton was THE commodity from which immigrant Jews obtained unprecedented wealth.

In closing I ask my God to forgive you and to help you as people to find the courage to at the very least admit what you know to be true to yourselves. I would ask God to show you mercy and open up your hearts, so that you can see past riches, power and foolish pride.  Finally I would ask God to grant you the wisdom to see the errors of your ways, so that you may change and once again walk in the way of God.  May God keep you and be merciful onto you and may you in the near future walk in his path and footsteps once again.

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7 Responses to Jewish People This African Descendant Forgives You Anyway

  1. Cindy says:

    I googled into your site looking for Fairfield, Illinois pictures. The photo of Steiner the Clothier may not be as interesting as you think. The 1920s Midwest version of the Klan certainly hated African Americans, the few descendents of servants in Fairfield, but they were more focused on Catholics and new immigrants and anyone non-American. Most small towns in Illinois had some Jewish businessman who had migrated in the 1870’s, and even if they retained their religion they joined business organizations and were generally accepted into the community. The KKK wasn’t seen for the evil-hearted organization we know they were, at least until their big Midwest organizer, D. C Stephenson, was convicted of rape and murder. The KKK was able to morph into a group which tapped into the hate and fear of the post WWI period.


    • archemdis says:

      I hate to diagree with you Cindy, but are you for one minute trying to say that it is okay that Jewish businesses profited off of the slave trade and dealt with the KKK? I think all Nazi’s were bad and all who abetted them in any way bad as well. Wow even today it shocks me to hear someone refer to the KKK as not so evil. We know the KKK hated just about everybody, but you make it sound as if that some how makes them not racist bunch of creeps then as well as now. I guess if you have not lost anyone to these types you just can’t see. He was wrong is all and I have moved on. Denial never makes a wrong a right! Back in the day Jewish people profited off of slavery, they were not alone, but they remain the only people to deny it in the face of over whelming evidence to this day. How interesting does the picture have to be to get an I am sorry from the Jewish race?


  2. Beneath The Tin Foil Hat says:

    As a history geek, I love coming across posts like this. It was as informative as it was riveting. I hope you don’t mind me reposting it this morning!


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    • archemdis says:

      As I said in your blog thank you for allowing me a forum to get the word out even further. History is always written from the perspective of the victor and the truth is often burried. Writing this article may not change much, but in the years to come it will be there and someone will be able to say, ” A guy named archemdis in the year 2011 wrote….” . Have a great night!


    • archemdis says:



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