Canada USA Relationship More Like An Abusive Marriage Than Friendship

I know what it is like to be afraid and to do things because you are, because I was and I believe that Prime Minister Harper and his Conservative party is just that, frightened.  George W. Bush put the fear of losing the United States as a trading partner and friend when Jean Chretien told him Canada would not go to war with any nation that did not attack it first without the consent or direction of the United Nations Security Council‘s approval.  When the other politicians came worrying about the affect Chretien’s decision would make on the economy if the USA made good on their threats Chretien ask them to make a list of all of the things that Canada exports to the USA that the USA does not need and will not keep right on buying because of my decision; they could not.  they could not come up with the list because the USA does not trade with us out of some favour, they trade with us because they need what we are selling.  they sit and laugh behind closed doors at how ignorant we are  and how little we know about business.

  President Bush once likened us to a little cousin, who most of the time was okay and well-behaved doing what his elders and superiors told them, but every once in a while had to be spanked and brought back in line when they failed to obey.  He was talking about wanting our fresh water and ended the conversation by saying America wanted our water and intended to get it one way, or another.  Under the Conservative party the USA has put a leash on its wondering toddler and has yanked and pulled us into one bad decision after another.

When it came to the defense system in the sky they came as close to threatening our sovereignty and the right to defend our own air space the way we wanted as two countries who are supposed to be on friendly terms and allies can get short of declaring war.  We are offering you a choice he said to Canada and that is to participate and know when we are going to blow up missiles over your air space from outer space and get on board, or we will do it without you knowing and there will be absolutely nothing you can do about it.  Now I understand that a lot of people thought that this type of defense system was a good thing for Canada to be a part of, but it was a Canadian choice and to be made by Canadians and respected by the USA whether we complied with their plans, or not, but a choice to agree to it, or have it done anyway is no choice at all and signaled how the USA really feels about Canada’s sovereignty. It would appear that we are entitled to our sovereignty as long as our policies reflect and abide by American priorities no matter what the issue.
“The US ambassador to Canada doesn’t understand why Canadians don’t support Bush’s missile defense scheme.
“We don’t get it,” Paul Cellucci said in Toronto. “If there’s a missile incoming, and it’s heading toward Canada, you are going to leave it up to the United States to determine what to do about that missile. We don’t think that is in Canada’s sovereign interest.”
If you don’t understand why most Canadians don’t support missile defense, you are seriously unqualified to be anybody’s ambassador to Canada. “

The settling of the soft wood lumber dispute should have alerted Canadians that the USA respect nothing, or no one.  Here we had won at the world court and the USA refused to repay Canada what it was due.  This was our friend, a country that is supposed to respect us and we caved in. Prime Minister Harper’s first-order of business in the first 100 days of power was to agree to a settlement of the soft wood lumber dispute for far less money that we were awarded by the world court. This for me is  Harper’s  first step in apologising to the Americans for the past transgressions of previous governments and his way of seeking forgiveness and promising never to step out of line again. It is at this time he puts Canada firmly under the thumb of the USA and he gives up the control of our destiny as a country and no longer doing what is in the best interest of Canada.  When Canada elected Stephen Harper, the USA finally got what they had been waiting for since Canada came into being, a leader that thought that Canada needed the USA more than the USA needed Canada and was ready to anything not to lose his hero and pal “Spike”.

 “One of Harper’s more public pro-American moves was to settle the long-running softwood lumber dispute in a deal that was a major capitulation to U.S. demands. Although the Canadian forest industry had won virtually all the softwood lumber disputes with the U.S. before NAFTA and WTO tribunals, the Harper government settled for a deal that implicitly accepted the specious U.S. argument that Canada was subsidizing its producers and which allowed the U.S. to keep 80% of the $5.2 billion in duties that U.S. authorities had illegally collected in tariffs from the Canadian forest industry. Most producers were unhappy with the settlement, which didn’t really prevent further U.S. harassment of our softwood exports, but were bullied into accepting it under threat by the Harper government to withhold future finance or support. 

Other economic initiatives taken by Harper to please the U.S. include his attack on the Canadian Wheat Board, which helps our growers sell their grain at a fair market price, but which the U.S. wants dismantled. So far, Harper’s attempts to get rid of the CWB have been unsuccessful, but with a majority government he would undoubtedly be free to do so. Harper has also moved to harmonize Canada’s testing and regulation of food, drugs and chemicals with the less rigorous U.S. standards; to allow a massive wave of foreign (mostly U.S.) takeovers of Canadian business firms; and to continue having 60% of our natural gas and two-thirds of our oil exported to the U.S.”  This information was taken from a portion of this writing on the subject and are author’s own words. To read article in its entirety follow the link below. 

 In my opinion Brian Mulroney started selling out to Ronald Regan and in doing so turned the final corner for the Conservatives and made possible for  the Canada, USA  marriage that we have today. The toning down of our way of life, a way of life that the USA could not afford to offer to their people and stay competitive on the world market.  The USA was finally going to get Canadian spending on Canadians brought under control, by a Canadian leader who was afraid of losing USA favor.  In Stephen Harper, for the first time in Canadian history the Canadian people had elected a leader that was willing to sacrifice the lifestyle and way of life of Canadians for the right to be called a friend of the USA.  Canada would be allowed to appear sovereign and continue to have elections, but for this privilege Canada under Harper, must work diligently to change in ways that would not be easily changed back, by say a not too friendly to the USA agenda political party, should one happen to get elected.  This has been happening in all things from social service to immigration; from crime prevention and rehabilitation to longer jail sentences and mandatory jail terms; from universal medicare to an only the rich don’t wait.  These were all of the things that the USA has tried to force Canada to change to fall in line with their ability to compete o the world market and Canada has always had the sense to tell them no, before Harper.

 Everything to the USA gets priority based on how best it can be used to further their agenda.  When they talk about war it is about the money to be made off of it and of the oil that can be siphoned away.  We are not a friend to the United States of America, we are just another asset to be used in any way the USA sees fit to further their agenda.  We have never had a friend in the United States of America, because they do not need friends, they are a business and they only do what will enhance the business of the United States of America.  I do not blame our neighbors to the south for not respecting us, I blame leaders like Mulroney and Harper and their loyal subjects. I wonder about these two Conservative leaders that have come from rather modest, or even humble beginnings what affect their need to survive and their need to succeed and do better has influenced their decision-making when it comes to boot licking and feeling not as good as the USA? Just a thought.

One last thought, if this was your personal relationship would you have a friend, or a partner that treats you the way the United States of America treats Canada?  We have names for one-sided relationships where all of the decision-making power rest in the hands of only one party.  We have laws to protect people from overly dominant, aggressive, abusive relationships and partners. We have also come to understand that once a person accepts the fact that they are inferior to another person and allows themselves to be abused, or led around by the nose, that they can no longer be considered responsible for making the right decisions to protect themselves anymore and the law must step in and do this for them.

I suggest that this is what has become of the relationship that Canada has with the United States of America today.  Our leaders have let this country feel that it is less and therefore dependent on the mercies and good will of the USA for everything and the USA has  become an abusive spouse, not a good neighbor and friend.  We must practice a word that every child learns first thing growing up and that word is, “No”.   We must as a country say,  we refuse to be taken advantage of anymore. In a personal relationship their would be no reason good enough for a person to remain in a clearly abusive relationship and the advice is always to get out of the relationship and if it is to be fixed do it from a safe place, a place that you are not considered a subordinate, a place of  equality, a place of mutual respect. I would suggest to our leaders that this is what is needed in this relationship and it was needed yesterday!

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