Parents Killing Their Children, “Economics Versus Humanity”

I think that this is where the government has failed parents and children alike and I do not see and end to it anytime soon. Bravo the guy in Calgary got 3 life sentences and no chance at parole until 18 years from now, but the fact still remains that it is all too late to save his children; it is all too late to stop the anguish and the pain that his wife and his loved ones and all family members must be going through.  It is all too late for him.  I can not imagine killing my children, or grandchildren for any reason, but that the system  has failed  all concerned here once again is  clear. 

Once again a parent is so depressed about life and the  hopelessness of the situation that they are in, that they can see no other alternative then to kill their children and spouse if possible and then themselves and no one sees it and no one does anything about it untill it is too late. Jail sentences  will not bring back the children.  This person getting psychiatric help now that he has no chance of getting out of jail until he is in his 60s, is in my opinion a waste of resources and moot.

If every scenario is different, they are also very much the same. In all cases they the parents think they are acting out of love and that both them and their family would be better off dead then living in this world.  In all cases whether imaginary, or not the parent has been pushed in one way, or another to go to the one place where they feel the suffering will come to an end for all of them.  In all cases this is not an over night decision in so far as the pressure, the fear and the depression has been building up for months in some cases years until finally something like a spouse wanting out, or a loss of work brings about the decision to end it all.

One or the other snaps and in a final act of misguided love and in an effort to  protect the family from further pain and end their family’s suffering as well as their  own,l they try to kill themselves and their children. These deaths and attempts at murder could be avoided if some one out there took this seriously before it happened, instead of after the fact.  Too often we see this happening as a result of a custody decision, where the court has failed to understand the people it is dealing with, or the situation these people find themselves in.  Having been through the divorce courts and watched my daughter go through them it seems to me that the court feels that if it settles the money issue it has solved everything for the couple and the children.

When people feel that they are useless and can’t support their families in the manner that they should they become depressed.  We have been in a pay freeze situation now for some years.  Gas, electricity rent, the cost of taking a bus have all risen during this time of wage freeze and even reduction in pay time period we seem forever stuck in and it has played havoc with family life.  Working people can no longer afford to  take care of their families and they are scared disillusioned and desperate. You would think that if the government imposes pay freezes that it would stop price gouging at the pumps, government-run utility price hikes, the rising costs of food and the constant raising of rents that the landlords take advantage of now on a yearly basis with no regulations to stop them what so ever.

Women are driving their cars with them and their children into rivers to spare their children the pain and the sense of hopelessness that they are feeling and yet we continue to think that putting her in jail forever is the answer.  This is not an isolated incident, it is happening more and more with each coming day, because the reason for this great depression among parents is not being addressed. 

My daughter works, pays child support to a bump who refuses to work, but the court decided that he deserved to raise their older son solely because the son is male and this had her thinking crazy for a long time, but she had family support.  Paying for lawyers, trying to pay rent, eat dress and feed her children on top of the child support found him living with his girlfriend in a nice spacious dwelling, while my daughter lived in an appartement that was too small and had all three children sleeping in the same room.  It almost took her over the edge, but no one would listen to her and no one cared.  She can not afford to move and is often late on paying her rent because the children need something and she is tired of asking for help, but at least these days she is smiling. 

We as a nation have taken the path of economics and profits over the lives of our citizens. We are deaf to the lamenting of parents, children and seniors. We are blind to the people living on the streets and the people lying on stretchers in hospital emergency rooms sometimes for days waiting to be seen.  We feel nothing for those less fortunate than ourselves, or the vulnerable of our society and so mothers will keep loading up their cars with their children and keep driving them into the river and fathers will keep strangling and killing their children in what they think to be a merciful end to the suffering and we will keep putting all of those parents who survive death in jail, not because it solves anything, but because it makes us feel good. 

I see the unbearable suffering, the never-ending pressure to live as the problem. I see the freezing of   salaries and the never-ending increases in all things needed to survive as the problem. I see a government that does not give a crap about its people as being the problem. I see the deaths and the heartache as a final result of people seeking a misguided sense of peace and respite to a situation for them that has become never-ending and hopeless. I do not condone this taking of life, but I know what it is like to feel that death would be a welcome thing and what is to wish for it. 

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  1. Economics are of the devil made by the devil through men that die. and that is why you have the other gruesome things. God is a giver, and have all of us giving , and no money will be needed. Do good to your neighbor, be honest, and loving, and secure a place that is of more value than the wealth of a thousand earths.


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